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90201Univ.-ind. pH 1-11, rolls1ST8.00
90202Univ.-ind. pH 1-11, refill1PK12.60
90203Univ.-ind. pH 1-11, Heft, 100 pcs1ST7.40
90204Univ.-ind. pH 1-14, rolls1ST8.00
90205spec.-Ind. pH 0,5 - 5,5, rolls1ST8.00
90206spec.-Ind. pH 3,8 - 5,81ST8.00
90207spec.-Ind. pH 4,0 - 7,01ST8.00
90208spec.-Ind. pH 5,4 - 7,01ST8.00
90209spec.-Ind. pH 5,5 - 9,0, rolls1ST8.00
90210spec.-Ind. pH 6,4 - 8,0, rolls1ST8.00
90211spec.-Ind. pH 7.2 - 9.7, rolls1ST8.00
90212spec.-Ind. pH 8,0 - 10,0, rolls1ST8.00
90213spec.-Ind. pH 9,0 - 13,0, rolls1ST8.00
90214spec.-Ind. pH 12,0 - 14,0 rolls1ST8.00
90218TRI-BOX pH 0,5 - 13,0, box1PK24.30
90219pH-Set U 101PK71.00
90224Univ.-ind. pH 1-14, refill1PK12.60
90225spec.-Ind. pH 0,5 - 5,5, refill1PK12.60
90226spec.-Ind. pH 3,8 - 5,8, refill1PK12.60
90227spec.-Ind. pH 4,0 - 7,0, refill1PK12.60
90228spec.-Ind. pH 5,4 - 7,0, refill1PK12.60
90229spec.-Ind. pH 5,5 - 9,0, refill1PK12.60
90230spec.-Ind. pH 6,4 - 8,0, refill1PK12.60
90231spec.-Ind. pH 7,2 - 9,7, refill1PK12.60
90232spec.-Ind. pH 8,0 - 10,0, refill1PK12.60
90233spec.-Ind. pH 9,0 - 13,0, refill1PK12.60
90234spec.-Ind. pH 12,0 - 14,0, refill1PK12.60
90301DUOTEST pH 1 - 121ST14.20
90302DUOTEST pH 1,0 - 4,31ST14.20
90303DUOTEST pH 3,5 - 6,81ST14.20
90304DUOTEST pH 5,0 - 8,01ST14.20
90305DUOTEST pH 7,0 - 10,01ST14.20
90306DUOTEST pH 9,5 - 14,01ST14.20
90311DUOTEST pH 1 - 12 refill1PK30.70
90312DUOTEST pH 1,0 - 4,3 refill1PK30.70
90313DUOTEST pH 3,5 - 6,8 refill1PK30.70
90314DUOTEST pH 5,0 - 8,0 refill1PK30.70
90315DUOTEST pH 7,0 - 10,0 refill1PK30.70
90316DUOTEST pH 9,5 - 14,0 refill1PK30.70
90319DUOTEST pH-Set D 101ST124.90
90401PEHANON pH 1,0 - 12,01PK13.00
90411PEHANON pH 0,0 - 1,81PK11.30
90412PEHANON pH 1,0 - 2,81PK11.30
90413PEHANON pH 1,8 - 3,81PK11.30
90414PEHANON pH 2,8 - 4,61PK11.30
90415PEHANON pH 3,8 - 5,51PK11.30
90416PEHANON pH 5,2 - 6,81PK11.30
90417PEHANON pH 6,0 - 8,11PK11.30
90419PEHANON pH 7,2 - 8,81PK11.30
90420PEHANON pH 8,0 - 9,71PK11.30
90421PEHANON pH 9,5 - 12,01PK11.30
90422PEHANON pH 10,5 - 13,01PK11.30
90423PEHANON pH 12,0 - 14,01PK11.30
90424PEHANON pH 4,0 - 9,01PK11.30
90501TRITEST pH 1 - 11, rolls1ST10.10
90502TRITEST pH 1 - 11 refill1PK22.10
90510TRITEST L pH 1 - 11, rolls1ST13.90
90511TRITEST L pH 1 - 11 refill1PK27.00
90601Cuprotesmo (40 sheets)1PK36.10
90602Plumbtesmo (40 sheets)1PK43.00
90603Chlortesmo (200 strips)1PK36.10
90604Cyantesmo (5m reel)1ST36.10
90605Peroxtesmo KM (25 test papers)1PK97.70
90606PEROXTESMO KO (100 sheets)1PK65.60
90608SALTESMO (30 test discs)1PK61.10
90609WATESMO (5m reel)1ST29.30
90610WATOR (50 sheets)1PK33.40
90611Nitratesmo (5m reel)1ST36.10
90612Phosphatesmo MI (50 test sticks)1PK24.70
90627Peroxtesmo MI1PK19.70
90630Waterfinder test paper (7mm reel)1PK40.60
90701Brillant yellow paper (200 strips)1PK16.10
90702Congo paper MN 816 N (5m reel)1ST8.00
90703Congo paper MN 816 N (3 reel refill pack1PK10.70
90704Congo paper MN 616 T (200 strips)1PK15.30
90705Congo paper MN 260 HE (200 strips)1PK15.30
90709Chlorine Test1ST8.00
90710Cyanuric Acid Test1PK8.30
90711Nitrazine yellow paper (200 strips)1PK16.10
90712Phenolphthalein paper reel (5m reel)1ST8.00
90713Phenolphthalein paper (3 reel refill pac1PK10.70
90714Ammonia Test1PK15.00
90721Aluminium (Zirconium) test paper (100)1PK21.30
90722Ammonium test paper (200 strips)1PK35.70
90723Antimony test paper (200 strips)1PK29.00
90724CHROMIUM test paper (200 strips)1PK21.30
90725Dipyridyl paper (200 strips)1PK29.00
90726Iron test paper (100 strips)1PK21.30
90727Potassium test paper (200 strips)1PK35.70
90728Cobalt test paper (100 strips)1PK21.30
90729Copper test paper (200 strips)1PK29.00
90730Nickel test paper (200 strips)1PK29.00
90732SILVER test paper (200 strips)1PK29.00
90733BISMUTH test paper (200 strips)1PK29.00
90734Fluoride test1PK60.40
90736OZON test sticks (12 sticks)1PK14.00
90741Ag-Fix test sticks gradation silver (1001PK21.20
90742AQUATEC test sticks (100 sticks)1PK29.00
90744Lead acetate paper dispenser (5m reel)1ST9.50
90745Lead acetate paper (3 reel refill pack)1PK10.70
90746Lead acetate paper (100 strip booklet)1ST4.80
90747Turmeric paper (200 strips)1PK16.70
90750Fluoride test paper (200 strips)1PK29.30
90751Indanthrene yellow paper (200 strips)1PK16.70
90752Swimming pool test (50 strips)1PK16.10
90753Potassium iodate starch paper (5m reel)1ST10.20
90754Potassium iodide starch paper MN 816 N (1ST10.20
90755Potassium iodide starch paper MN 816 N1PK11.30
90756Potassium iodide starch paper MN 816 N (1ST6.10
90758Potassium iodide starch paper MN 616 T (1PK16.70
90759Swimming pool test 5 in 1 (50 strips)1PK20.30
90760OIL test paper (100 strips)1PK27.90
90761Sulfide test paper1PK9.50
90762Arsenic (mercury(II)bromide) test paper1PK29.00
90763SULPHITE test paper (100 strips)1PK29.00
90765INDIPRO (60 strips)1PK78.40
90801Moisture indicator papers (pack 12)1PK53.90
908901Humidity indicator 8 %, 60x35 mm / 10001000ST143.50
908903Humidity 8 %, 60x35 mm, n. CoCl2 / 10001000ST149.90
91002UNISOL 410 pH 4-10 (100ml)1PK23.20
91031UNISOL 113 pH 1-13 (100ml)1PK23.20
91039UNISOL Plastic cells MN 13/72 (5 cells)1PK22.20
91106Litmus paper blue (5m reel)1ST8.00
91107Litmus paper neutral (5m reel)1ST8.00
91108Litmus paper red (5m reel)1ST8.00
91116Litmus paper blue (3 reel refill pack)1PK10.70
91117Litmus paper neutral (3 reel refill pack1PK10.70
91118Litmus paper red (3 reel refill pack)1PK10.70
91126Litmus paper blue ( booklet)1ST5.30
91127Litmus paper neutral (booklet)1ST5.30
91128Litmus paper red (booklet)1ST5.30
91201AQUADUR 5-25/ 100 pcs1PK21.00
91210AQUADUR Sensitive1PK22.80
91220AQUADUR 4-21/100 pcs1PK21.00
91221AQUADUR 5-25 / 5000 pcs1PK358.70
91222AQUADUR 4-21 / 5000 pcs1PK358.70
91223AQUADUR 5-25, single sealed / 1000 pcs1PK189.20
91224AQUADUR 4-21, single sealed, 1000 pcs1PK189.20
91239AQUADUR 4-14/100 pcs1PK21.00
91240AQUADUR 4-8.4-14-21, single sealed /10001PK189.20
912902AQUADUR 5-25 set of 3 single sealed sti1PK66.30
91301QUANTOFIX Chromate1PK27.40
91303QUANTOFIX Cobalt1PK25.30
91304QUANTOFIX Copper1PK17.80
91305QUANTOFIX Nickel1PK21.30
91306QUANTOFIX Sulphite1PK21.30
91307QUANTOFIX Aluminium1PK35.10
91309QUANTOFIX Tin1PK31.10
91310QUANTOFIX Zinc1PK32.30
91311QUANTOFIX Nitrite1PK21.30
91312QUANTOFIX Peroxide 1001PK20.50
91313QUANTOFIX Nitrate/Nitrite1PK22.10
91314QUANTOFIX Ascorbic acid1PK23.60
91315QUANTOFIX Ammonium1PK35.90
91316QUANTOFIX Potassium1PK34.40
91317QUANTOFIX Chlorine1PK43.00
91318QUANTOFIX Cyanide1PK42.70
91319QUANTOFIX Peroxide 251PK20.50
91320QUANTOFIX Phosphate1PK32.10
91321QUANTOFIX Chloride1PK25.60
91322QUANTOFIX Nitrite 30001PK21.30
91323QUANTOFIX Carbonate alkalinity1PK21.50
91324QUANTOFIX Calcium1PK43.50
91325QUANTOFIX Molybdate1PK48.00
91326QUANTOFIX Multi stick for aquarium1PK30.70
91327QUANTOFIX Multistick for Aquarianer1PK15.20
91328QUANTOFIX Formaldehyde1PK37.50
91329QUANTOFIX Sulphate1PK22.60
91330QUANTOFIX Total iron 10001PK18.20
91332QUANTOFIX Arsenic 501PK55.30
91333QUANTOFIX Peroxide 10001PK20.60
91334QUANTOFIX Arsenic 101PK58.00
91336QUANTOFIX LubriCheck1PK24.70
91338QUANTOFIX Nitrite/pH1PK26.60
91339QUANTOFIX Chlorine Sensitive1PK20.50
91340QUANTOFIX Peracetic acid 501PK25.60
91341QUANTOFIX Peracetic acid 5001PK25.60
91342QUANTOFIX Peracetic acid 20001PK27.90
91343QUANTOFIX Glutaraldehyde1PK29.20
91344QUANTOFIX Total iron 1001PK18.20
91345QUANTOFIX Arsenic Sensitive1PK130.00
91346QUANTOFIX Relax / single device1ST775.00
91348QUANTOFIX Glucose1PK21.20
91349QUANTOFIX Active oxygen (PMPS)1PK24.70
91350QUANTOFIX Silver1PK18.10
91351QUANTOFIX Nitrate 1001PK25.60
91352QUANTOFIX Total Sugar1PK130.00
913918QUANTOFIX Nitrate set1PK69.00
913990TPreagent case, empty1ST29.20
914300VISO Fish-booklet1ST7.90
914351VISO reagent case, empty with PF-12 Plus1ST1029.00
914353VISO case Environm.analyses w.PF-12 Plus1PK1687.70
914444VISO Potassium measuring tube 2-15 mg/l1ST14.40
914492VISO Measuring spoon, black, 70 mm1PK6.00
914495VISO Sulphate measuring tube 25-200 mg/l1ST14.40
914496VISO Sample tube 10/20mL1ST10.90
914497VISO Thermometer -10 В°C - +60 В°C1ST16.40
914498VISO Sample beaker 25mL1ST6.00
914499VISO Glass cell, 10mL1ST60.20
914602VISO B-case Manual1ST12.50
914611VISO B-case Pyrophosphate sol., 3x30mL1PK14.40
914612VISO B-case CaCl2, 3x100mL1PK17.00
914614VISO B-case CAL-Refill, 4x100mL1PK33.80
914650VISO B-case Soil sieve, mesh 2mm1ST33.00
914651VISO B-case Balance 250 g1ST35.20
914652VISO B-case Sample beaker 250mL, 5 p.1PK15.20
914653VISO B-case Wide neck bottle 500mL, 5p1PK19.00
914654VISO B-case Shaking bottle 300mL, 5 p.1PK17.00
914655VISO B-case Measuring cylinder 100mL,2p1PK25.60
914657VISO B-case Funnel 80mm dia, 3 p.1PK14.10
914659VISO B-case Sedimentation tube, 2 p.1PK11.20
914663VISO Measuring spoon, 85 mm1PK6.00
914939VISO Compensation cell1ST5.00
915002VISO HE Total Hardness H 21PK35.40
915003VISO HE Kit Carbonate alkalinity C201PK35.40
915004VISO HE kit Chloride CL 5001PK48.20
915005VISO HE Total Hardness H 20 F1PK35.40
915006VISO HE kit Acidity AC 71PK35.40
915007VISO HE kit Alkalinity AL 71PK35.40
915008VISO HE Sulphite SU 1001PK52.00
915009VISO HE Oxygen SA 101PK67.30
915010VISO HE kit Calcium CA 201PK35.40
915202VISO HE Refill pack Total Hardness H 21PK23.70
915203VISO HE Refill pack Carbonate alkalinity1PK23.70
915204VISO HE Refill pack Chloride CL 5001PK33.50
915205VISO HE Refill pack Total Hardness H 20F1PK23.70
915206VISO HE Refill pack Acidity AC 71PK23.70
915207VISO HE Refill pack Alkalinity AL 71PK23.70
915208VISO HE Refill pack Sulphite SU 1001PK38.80
915209VISO HE Refill pack Oxygen SA 101PK51.30
915210VISO HE Refill pack Calcium CA 201PK23.70
915402VISO Syringe Hardness H 21ST8.40
915404VISO Syringe Chloride CL 5001ST8.40
915405VISO Syringe Hardness H 20 F1ST8.40
915407VISO Syringe AC 7/AL 7/KS 71ST8.40
915408VISO Syringe Sulphite SU 100, 2p.1PK10.00
915409VISO Syringe Oxygen SA 101ST8.40
915417VISO Syringe C 20/SBV1ST8.40
915498VISO Oxygen sample bottle 30mL1ST16.10
915499VISO Titration test tube 5mL1ST4.50
91601NANO Membrane filtration kit GF/PET1PK70.70
91602NANO Membrane filtration kit GF/PET refi1PK124.90
91603NANO syringe adaptor 45 mL1PK32.70
91604NANO Threaded union (pack 2)1PK74.80
91605NANO soxhlet apparatus 30 mL1PK196.00
91606NANO volumetric flask pack 21PK63.90
91608NANO Separation funnel 500ml (pack 2)1PK196.00
91609NANO Plastic syringes (pack 10)1PK30.60
91610NANO sludge analysis starter set1PK595.70
916111NANO AOX starter set1PK128.10
916113NANO cartridge tube adapter AOX pump-set1PK31.40
916115NANO AOX pump-set1PK819.80
916116NANO thermo caps f. TOC1PK35.20
91620NANO sticky tape (50m length)1ST20.40
91621NANO Stop valve for pipette tips (pack 11PK170.40
916211NANO Mini-magnets1ST12.60
916212Erlenmeyer flask, 50 mL1ST14.10
91622NANO test tubes 22 mm OD(pack of 2)1PK60.10
91623NANO holder1ST63.80
91628NANO PTFE boiling chips, 3p1PK11.10
91629NANO Decomposition apparatus1PK294.60
91636NANO holder1ST63.80
91637NANO safety bottle1ST4.20
91638NANO Erlenmeyer flask 100 mL1ST14.10
91639NANO glass rod1ST8.20
91640NANO PTFE pressure vessel 20 mL1ST839.10
91640.1NANO PFA safety expansion reservoir1PK425.30
91642NANO volumetric flask (pack 2)1PK46.80
91643NANO PTFE pressure vessel 20 mL1ST605.90
91644NANO PFA sealing discs (pack 20)1PK40.00
91645NANO PTFE safety diaphragms (pack 10)1PK30.20
91646NANO PFA tubing with fitting1ST29.20
91650NANO Membrane filtration kit 0.45Вµm1PK66.10
916511NANO Membrane filtration kit 1.2Вµm1PK66.10
916513NANO Membrane filtration kit 1.2Вµm refi1PK116.20
91652NANO Membrane filtration kit 0.45Вµm refi1PK116.20
91653NANO Piston pipette 0.5 mL1ST231.90
91658NANO piston pipette 5-50 Вµl1PK356.10
916593Heating bloc Vario 3 a. comp Protective1PK53.70
916598Heating bloc safety cover1PK50.90
91661NANO volumetric flask 25mL (pack 2)1PK45.30
91664NANO separation funnel 100mL (pack 2)1PK127.10
91665NANO 20mm pipette bulb1ST52.80
91666NANO sample decomposition tube (pack 2)1PK51.60
91667NANO condenser 200mm1ST87.00
91668NANO condenser absorption attachment1ST92.90
91671NANO piston pipette 1.0mL1ST231.90
91672NANO piston pipette 200Вµl1ST231.90
91676NANO plastic tips f. 0.1-1.0ml pipettes1PK35.20
91677NANO piston pipette 100-1000Вµl1ST356.10
91679NANO stand for piston pipettes1ST231.90
91680NANO test tubes 16mm OD (pack 20)1PK31.00
91681NANO glass funnel 60mm diameter1ST12.60
91682NANO glass funnel 80mm diameter1ST15.50
91683NANO volumetric flask 100mL1PK55.00
91684NANO measuring cylinder 50mL1ST18.60
91688NANO mortar with pestle1ST70.20
91689NANO wash bottle 500 mL1ST10.00
91690NANO safety kit1ST88.40
916908NANO calibration tube1ST17.40
916909NANO digital piston pipette 1.0-5.0mL1ST356.10
916910NANO reducing adaptor 16-13 mm, 8 pic.1PK147.30
916912Glass cells 50x12 mm/6901PK220.30
916914NANO digital piston pipette 50-200 Вµl1ST356.10
916915NANO plastic tips f. 5-200 Вµl pipettes1PK18.20
916916NANO plastic tips f. 1.0-5.0mL pipettes1PK52.90
916917NANO piston pipette 2.0mL1ST231.90
916918NANO BSB5-W accessories package1PK248.50
916919NANO Oxygen bottles (pack 4)1PK129.40
916920NANO Aerating brick (pack 4)1PK16.70
916925NANO BOD5-TT accessories set1PK87.00
916926Reactions Vessel fГјr BOD51PK61.20
91695NANO stand1ST202.40
91696NANO timer1ST42.50
916990NANO accessory set for TOC (small)1ST558.50
916991NANO accessory set for TOC (big)1ST2049.60
916992NANO beaker 100 mL1PK30.50
916993NANOCOLOR TIC-EX1ST1473.10
916994Manual NANOCOLOR TIC-EX1ST20.90
916995Holder NANOCOLOR TIC-EX1ST63.80
916996Cover NANO VIS for TOC1ST44.50
91802NANO Aluminium1PK76.10
918045NANO Ammonium Comp.reagent1PK24.70
91805NANO Ammonium1PK83.60
918072NANO Supplement kit for AOX1PK28.10
918073NANO Chloride detection set AOX1PK27.10
91808NANO Crack set1PK82.30
918101NANO Lead, without CCl41PK110.70
918131NANO Cadmium, without CCl41PK111.70
918142NANO fluoride1PK52.10
91816NANO Chlorine1PK55.90
918163NANO Chlorine dioxide1PK92.10
91820NANO Chloride1PK65.00
91825NANO Chromate1PK72.80
91830NANO Cyanide1PK147.60
91832NANO Detergents anionic1PK165.00
91834NANO Detergents cationic1PK165.00
91836NANO Iron1PK85.70
91844NANO Hydrazine1PK52.00
91848NANO Silica1PK72.00
91850NANO Sludge1PK135.30
91851NANO Cobalt1PK63.00
91853NANO Copper1PK88.60
918571NANO hydrocarbons extraction from water1PK206.00
918572NANO hydrocarbons extraction from soil1PK250.10
91860NANO Manganese1PK136.30
91862NANO Nickel1PK75.70
91863NANO Nitrate Z1PK82.10
91865NANO Nitrate1PK72.00
91867NANO Nitrite1PK61.90
91872NANO pH 6.5-8.21PK36.40
91875NANO Phenol1PK88.60
91877NANO ortho-Phosphate1PK61.10
91878NANO ortho-Phosphate1PK55.00
91885NANO Ozone1PK71.60
91888NANO Sulphide1PK112.70
918911NANO Chloride complexing agent for COD1PK60.20
918912NANO Silica-free water 1 L1L 16.60
918929NANO Isobutylmethylketone, 100mL1PK13.80
918932NANO Distilled water, 1L1L 11.90
918937NANO Reagent sample prep.b.precipitation1PK50.10
918939NANO Reagent for lime precipitation1PK32.40
91895NANO Zinc1PK112.70
918973NANO Amidosulphuric acid 25 g1PK26.00
918978NANO NanOx Metal1PK50.20
918979NANO NanOx N1PK50.20
918993NANO COD-free Water 50mL1PK17.70
918994NANO BOD5 Nutrient mixture without NATH1PK34.00
918995NANO BOD5 Nutrient mixture PLUS NATH1PK34.00
91902Photometer Software1ST93.30
91906NANO Mains adaptor (100.240 V) f. photom1ST79.30
919101NANO manual UV/VIS a. VIS1ST69.40
919102NANO PC-Software UV/VIS II a. VIS1ST484.20
919103NANO UV/VIS Deuterium lamp1PK890.30
919104NANO UV/VIS Halogen lamp1PK71.50
919105NANO UV/VIS Protective covering1ST38.80
919120NANO Quartz glass cuvette,opt. p.:101PK304.90
919121NANO Quartz glass cuvette,opt. p.:501PK491.90
919122NANO Quartz glass cuvette, opt. path.: 21PK304.90
919123NANO USB-Stick1PK34.50
919124NANO UV/VIS case1ST422.70
919126NANO UV/VIS flow cell, quartz glass,10mm1ST992.80
919127NANO flow cell, quartz glass, 2 mm1ST1249.00
919128NANO UV/VIS flow cell, OG, 10 mm1ST704.60
919129NANO UV/VIS flow cell, quartz glass,50mm1ST1345.10
919132NANO UV/VIS Cover for cuvette slot1ST151.20
919133NANO UV/VIS cable set thermo printer1PK16.00
919134NANO UV/VIS Barcode Scanner1ST616.20
919136NANO UV/VIS II fixing for 10 mm cuv.1PK89.70
919140NANO Sipper pump FP-1001ST1857.50
919141NANO connecting cable f. UV/VIS + Sipper1ST53.20
919142NANO intake needle for Sipper1ST20.80
919143NANO stand for Sipper intake needle1ST192.10
919144NANO pedal for Sipper1ST110.60
919149NANO flow cell, quartz, glass, 50 mm,VIS1ST1345.10
919150NANO Spectrophotometer VIS1ST2997.50
919151NANO VIS case1ST362.50
919152NANO VIS Cover for cuvette slot1ST72.50
919153NANO VIS accu pack with charger1ST424.00
919154NANO VIS Halogen lamp1PK51.80
919155NANO VIS Potective covering1ST37.70
919156NANO VIS Mains adaptor1ST42.90
919158NANO flow cell f. VIS, OG, 10 mm1ST678.90
91916Nano thermo printer1PK416.30
91918NANO Photometer 400 D Protective coverin1ST30.00
919201NANO PF-12 / PF-12 Plus rechargeable bat1ST72.50
919212NANO reagent case PF-3 COD1ST659.70
919213NANO reagent case PF-3 COD, empty case1ST399.70
919214NANO reagent case PF-12 Plus1ST1409.10
919215NANO reagent case PF-12 Plus, empty1ST399.70
919220Photometer PF12/ PF12 Plus USB Mains ada1ST35.20
919221Photometer PF12/ PF12Plus Battery charge1ST98.80
919222Photometer PF-12 manual1ST22.90
919250Photometer PF-12 Plus1ST1140.10
919252Photometer PF-12 Plus manual1ST25.00
919300Heating block Vario 41PK2036.80
919309NANO Protective cover f. VARIO with bore1ST66.70
919310NANO Protective cover for VARIO 4/C21ST53.70
91932NANO Glass cells optical path: 5 mm / 21PK187.00
91933NANO Glass cells optical path: 10 mm / 21PK111.70
919330NANO Heating block VARIO HC1ST3215.30
91934NANO Glass cells optical path: 20 mm/21PK172.90
919340Photometer PF-3 Pool, Box1ST472.70
919341Photometer PF-3 Soil, box1ST472.70
919342Photometer PF-3 COD, box1ST472.70
919343Photometer PF-3 Drinking Water, box1ST472.70
919345Photometer PF-3 Fish, box1ST472.70
91935NANO Glass cell optical path: 50 mm1ST129.40
919350Heating block Vario C21PK1204.10
919350.1Heating block Vario C2 M big bores1ST1293.80
91937NANO Disposable plastic cells 10 mm1PK30.50
919380Heating block Vario Mini1PK472.70
919381NANO Protective cover f. VARIO Mini1ST35.90
919390NANO Mini USB cable, PF-31ST15.50
919391NANO accu pack, PF-31ST87.60
919392Photometer PF-3 manual1ST22.90
91940NANO Lid for 50 mm glass cells / 21PK28.20
91941NANO Lid for 10 mm glass cells / 21PK12.00
91950NANO Half-microcell 50 mm1ST222.90
919500NANOCOLOR Photometer 500 D1ST3240.90
919501NANO Photometer 500 D manual1ST69.40
91957NANO Photometer Linus tungsten lamp1ST174.20
919601NANO UV/VIS II Manual, Quickstart Guide1ST26.90
919602NANO Manual / Software DVD UV/VIS II1ST484.20
919603NANO UV/VIS II Deuterium lamp1PK864.70
919604NANO UV/VIS II Halogen lamp1PK50.20
919605NANO UV/VIS II Protective covering1ST41.80
919606NANO UV/VIS II Cover for cuvette slot1ST77.80
919624NANO UV/VIS II case1ST509.80
919626NANO UV/VIS II flow cell, quartz ,10 mm1ST992.80
919650.1Photometer VIS II without WLAN1ST4547.50
919651NANO VIS II Protective covering1ST40.00
919652NANO VIS II case1ST418.90
919654NANO VIS II Cover for cuvette slot1ST72.50
919655Nano thermo printer UV/VIS II, VIS II1PK416.30
919656Paper roll printer UV/VIS II/VIS II1PK21.50
919680NANO Data trans cable f. PF-11/300D/400D1ST53.20
919681NANO Data cable1ST26.90
919682NANO LAN cable 1,5 m f. UV/VIS II1ST20.20
919686NANO USB cableA/A f. 500D1ST15.50
919687NANO USB cableA/B PF-12/UV/VIS/V4/V2G1ST15.50
919787NANO Photometer 300 D/PT-3 tungsten lamp1ST111.30
919841.2NANO Special-Interference filter 412 nm1ST330.50
919850.1Nano special-I-filter rep1ST330.50
919850.2Nano special-I-filter fact. 300/400/500/1ST330.50
91991NANO Photometer PF-11/PF-10 tungsten poi1ST30.40
919914Photometer 400D/500D Accu (spare part)1ST120.00
919916Nano reducer 22-16 mm/21PK52.90
919917NANO T-Set1ST409.90
919921NANO USB T-Set1ST435.50
919924NANO T-Set adapter 16 mm1ST61.50
919925NANO T-Set adapter 13 mm1ST61.50
919926USB-seriell Adapter heating blocks1ST50.20
919937Adapter USB-T-Set for VARIO Mini1ST23.30
920006VISO HE Ammonium1PK72.90
920015VISO HE Chlorine1PK72.90
920028VISO HE Cyanide1PK71.70
920040VISO HE Iron1PK72.90
920050VISO HE Copper1PK72.90
920055VISO HE Manganese1PK71.70
920063VISO HE Nitrite1PK72.90
920074VISO HE pH 4.0-10.01PK71.70
920080VISO HE Phosphate (DEV)1PK71.70
920082VISO HE Phosphate1PK72.90
920087VISO HE Silicon1PK72.90
920106VISO HE Ammonium Refill pack1PK45.70
920115VISO HE Chlorine Refill pack1PK45.70
920128VISO HE Cyanide Refill pack1PK45.10
920140VISO HE Iron Refill pack1PK45.70
920150VISO HE Refill pack Copper1PK45.70
920155VISO HE Refill pack Manganese1PK45.10
920163VISO HE Refill pack Nitrite1PK45.70
920174VISO HE pH Refill pack 4.0-10.01PK45.10
920180VISO HE Refill pack Phosphate1PK45.10
920182VISO HE Refill pack Phosphate1PK45.70
920183VISO HE Phosphorus in soil, Refill set1PK53.40
920187VISO HE Refill pack Silicon1PK45.70
920374VISO HE Colour comparison disk pH 4-101ST12.20
920383VISO HE Colour comparison diskPhosphorus1ST12.20
920401VISO-HE measuring tubes w. screwcap,10p.1PK35.40
920402VISO HE Comparator1ST7.80
92110pH-Fix indicator sticks pH 0 - 14 /1001PK10.10
92111pH-Fix 0-14 / round tubes1PK10.10
92115pH-Fix indicator sticks pH 0.0 - 6.0 /101PK10.10
92118pH-Fix indicator sticks pH 2.0 - 9.0 /CE1PK10.10
92120pH-Fix indicator sticks pH 4.5 - 10.0 CE1PK10.10
92121pH-Fix 4.5 - 10.0 / round tubes CE1PK10.10
92122pH-Fix 6,0-10,01PK10.10
92125pH-Fix indicator sticks pH 7.0 - 14.0 /11PK10.10
92130pH-Fix indicator sticks pH 3.6 - 6.1CE1PK10.10
92131pH-Fix 3.6-6.1 / round tubes CE1PK10.10
92135pH-Fix indicator sticks pH 3.1-8.3CE1PK10.10
92137pH-Fix indicator sticks pH 4.0 - 7.0/1001PK10.10
92140pH-Fix indicator sticks pH 5.1 - 7.2 /101PK10.10
92150pH-Fix indicator sticks pH 6.0 - 7.7 /101PK10.10
92160pH-Fix indicator sticks pH 7.5 - 9.5 /101PK10.10
92170pH-Fix indicator sticks pH 7.9 - 9.8 /101PK10.10
92180pH-Fix indicator sticks pH 0.3 - 2.3 /101PK10.10
92190pH-Fix indicator sticks pH 1.7 - 3.8 /101PK10.10
925001NANOCONTROL Interlaboratory test1PK214.20
925002NANOCONTROL Interlaboratory trial metals1PK214.20
925010NANOCONTROL Multi Sewage Outflow 21PK51.20
925011NANOCONTROL Multistandard Sewage Outf. 11PK51.20
925012NANOCONTROL Multistandard Sewage Inflow1PK51.20
925013NANOCONTROL Multistandard seepage water1PK51.20
925015NANOCONTROL Multistandard Metals 11PK51.20
925016NANOCONTROL Multistandard Metals 21PK51.20
925018NANOCONTROL Multistandard Drinking water1PK51.20
92507NANOCONTROL Standard AOX1PK42.50
92517NANOCONTROL Standard Chlorine1PK42.50
92522NANOCONTROL Standard COD 601PK23.80
92524NANOCONTROL Standard Chromate1PK42.50
92526NANOCONTROL Standard COD 1601PK23.80
92528NANOCONTROL Standard COD 150001PK23.80
92529NANOCONTROL Standard COD 15001PK23.80
92568NANOCONTROL Standard Nitrite1PK42.50
925702NANOCONTROL turbidity standard1PK135.30
92576NANOCONTROL Standard Phosphate1PK42.50
92582NANOCOLOR Standard BOD51PK42.50
92590NANOCONTROL Standard Sulphite1PK23.80
93001MEDI-TEST Glucose/501PK8.70
93004MEDI-TEST Protein 2/501PK8.30
93005MEDI-TEST Keton/501PK7.60
93006MEDI-TEST Nitrit/501PK8.70
93007MEDI-TEST Combi 3 A/501PK11.30
930080MEDI-TEST URYXXON 5001ST5188.00
93009MEDI-TEST Combi 5/501PK23.30
93010MEDI-TEST Combi 7/501PK26.10
93011MEDI-TEST Combi 9/501PK28.10
93012MEDI-TEST Urbi/501PK21.90
93013MEDI-TEST Combi 6 A/501PK26.10
93015MEDI-TEST Combi 2/501PK10.00
93018MEDI-TEST Combi 6/501PK22.70
93019MEDI-TEST Adulteration Stick1PK47.70
93020MEDI-TEST Glucose/Keton /1001PK16.00
93021MEDI-TEST Combi 8 L/1001PK46.00
93022MEDI-TEST Combi 7/1001PK43.90
93023MEDI-TEST Combi 9/1001PK46.50
93024MEDI-TEST Glucose/1001PK13.30
93025MEDI-TEST Glucose/Keton /501PK10.00
93027MEDI-TEST Protein 2/1001PK12.70
93028MEDI-TEST Keton/1001PK11.70
93029MEDI-TEST Nitrit/1001PK13.30
93030MEDI-TEST Combi 3 A/1001PK18.10
93032MEDI-TEST Combi 5/1001PK37.50
93034MEDI-TEST Combi 6 A/1001PK42.50
93035MEDI-TEST Combi 5 N/501PK24.00
93036MEDI-TEST Combi 5 N/1001PK38.40
93037MEDI-TEST Combi 2/1001PK16.00
93038MEDI-TEST Control1PK65.30
93055MEDI-TEST Combi 5 S/501PK24.00
93056Medi-Test Combi 10/1001PK47.00
93058MEDI-TEST Combi 10 L/1001PK47.70
93065URYXXON/QUANTOFIX 200/Relax Paper f. pr.1PK20.90
93067MEDI-TEST Combi 10 SGL/1001PK47.70
93068MEDI-TEST URYXXON Stick 10/1001PK53.40
93071MEDI-TEST URYXXON 500 (and 300) Paper fo1PK22.30
93074Barcode scanner for the URYXXON/QUANTOFI1ST272.90
93077MEDI-TEST Combi 10 SGL/501PK28.80
93078MEDI-TEST Combi 6/1001PK37.50
93079MEDI-TEST Combi 10 L/501PK27.00
930870MEDI-TEST Combi 10 VET1PK47.70
930874MEDI-TEST Mikroalbumin/241PK45.20
93088MEDI-TEST URYXXON Relax / single device1ST775.00
930889URYXXON/QUANTOFIX Relax case1ST98.00
930897URYXXON 300/500 10er keypad1ST137.10
931006VISO ECO Aluminum1PK49.30
931008VISO ECO Ammonium 31PK38.90
931010VISO ECO Ammonium 151PK39.70
931012VISO ECO Calcium1PK24.40
931014VISO ECO Carbonate hardness1PK31.70
931015VISO ECO Chlorine 21PK34.20
931016VISO ECO free chlorine 21PK35.10
931018VISO ECO Chloride1PK40.10
931020VISO ECO Chromium VI1PK40.80
931021VISO ECO Chlorine dioxide1PK51.70
931022VISO ECO Cyanide1PK52.70
931023VISO ECO Cyanuric acid1PK65.60
931024VISO ECO DEHA1PK65.00
931025VISO ECO Iron 11PK44.50
931026VISO ECO Iron 21PK35.40
931029VISO ECO total hardness1PK31.70
931030VISO ECO Hydrazine1PK58.80
931032VISO ECO Potassium1PK77.40
931033VISO ECO Silica1PK45.60
931035VISO ECO Chlorine 11PK34.20
931037VISO ECO Copper1PK39.00
931038VISO ECO Manganese1PK47.10
931040VISO ECO Nickel1PK59.40
931041VISO ECO Nitrate1PK33.50
931044VISO ECO Nitrit1PK34.20
931050VISO ECO Testkit Anionic detergents1PK83.30
931051VISO ECO Testkit Cationic detergents1PK77.70
931066VISO ECO pH 4.0 - 9.01PK34.20
931084VISO ECO Phosphate Chemical kit1PK33.50
931088VISO ECO Oxygen Chemical kit1PK42.30
931090VISO ECO Swimming pool (pH + free Cl2)1PK46.00
931092VISO ECO Sulphate1PK55.50
931094VISO ECO Sulphide1PK46.10
931095VISO ECO Sulphite1PK34.20
931098VISO ECO Zinc1PK40.70
931151VISOCOLOR ECO measuring tubes1PK35.40
931152VISO ECO slide Comparator, 2 pc.1PK7.80
931204VISO ECO Alkalinity TA1PK31.70
931206VISO ECO Aluminum, Refill set1PK30.50
931208VISO ECO Ammonium 3, Refill set1PK20.90
931210VISO ECO Ammonium 15, Refill set1PK26.40
931211VISO ECO Bromine1PK36.90
931215VISO ECO Chlorine 2, Refill pack1PK20.40
931216VISO ECO free chlorine 2, Refill set1PK23.70
931217VISO ECO chlorine 6, Refill set1PK24.50
931218VISO ECO Chloride, refill pack1PK27.20
931219VISO ECO free chlorine 6, Refill set1PK33.40
931220VISO ECO Chromium VI,Refill pack1PK28.90
931221VISO ECO Chlorine dioxide, refill pack1PK34.80
931222VISO ECO Cyanide, Refill pack1PK33.50
931223VISO ECO Cyanuric acid, Refill pack1PK31.40
931224VISO ECO DEHA, Refill pack1PK39.60
931225VISO ECO Iron 1, Refill pack1PK35.10
931226VISO ECO Iron 2, Refill pack1PK26.70
931227VISO ECO Fluoride1PK24.90
931230VISO ECO Hydrazine, Refill pack1PK42.80
931232VISO ECO Potassium, Refill pack1PK54.00
931233VISO ECO Silica, Refill pack1PK28.00
931234VISO ECO Silica HR 2001PK32.60
931235VISO ECO Chlorine 1, Refill set1PK20.40
931237VISO ECO Copper, Refill pack1PK21.70
931238VISO ECO Manganese, Refill pack1PK30.60
931240VISO ECO Nickel, Refill pack1PK35.50
931241VISO ECO Nitrate, Refill pack1PK16.20
931244VISO ECO Nitrite, Refill pack1PK19.80
931250VISO ECO Refill set Anionic detergents1PK38.50
931251VISO ECO Refill set Cationic deterge1PK35.20
931266VISO ECO pH 4,0 - 9,0, , Refill pack1PK16.00
931270VISO ECO pH 6.0 - 8.21PK42.20
931284VISO ECO Phosphate, Refill set1PK19.20
931288VISO ECO Oxygen, Refill pack1PK30.90
931290VISO ECO Swimming pool, Refill pack1PK25.60
931292VISO ECO Sulphate refill pack1PK25.60
931294VISO ECO Sulphide, refill pack1PK28.70
931298VISO ECO Zinc, Refill pack1PK27.20
931301VISO ECO reagent case new1ST180.20
931303VISO ECO reagent care empty1ST40.40
931304VISO Reagent case, new1ST289.60
931305VISO Reagent case empty, new1ST140.80
931501VISO ECO test instructions PF-121ST14.10
931502VISO ECO test instructions visual1ST14.10
931503VISO ECO test instructions PF-12 Plus1ST14.10
931601VISO soil case,complete -New -1ST493.20
931929VISO ECO total Hardness, suppl. reagent1PK11.30
932001DiaQuant Peracetic acid1PK25.60
932002DiaQuant Peroxide1PK20.50
932003DiaQuant pH 3.6-6.11PK12.10
932004DiaQuant Chlorine1PK20.50
932005DiaQuant Water Hardness1PK22.80
932006DiaQuant Peracetic acid P1PK27.90
932007DiaQuant Peroxide S1PK20.50
933100VISO School reagent case1ST75.00
933101VISO FISH reagent case1ST75.00
933150VISO School reagent case - manual -1ST12.50
933151VISO FISH reagent case - manual -1ST12.50
933200VISO School reagent case Refill set1ST43.40
933201VISO FISH reagent case - refill set -1ST43.40
933300VISO School reagent case- color scale -1ST9.60
933301VISO FISH reagent case- color scale -1ST9.60
934001VISO ECO test instructions for PF-31ST14.10
934102Photometer PF-3 Pool, without reagents1ST441.00
934118Photometer PF-3 Pool1ST497.60
934119Photometer PF-3 Pool1ST497.60
934124Photom.PF-3 Drinking Water1ST508.50
934125Photom.PF-3 Drinking Water1ST508.50
934127Photometer PF-3 Fish, case1ST593.40
934202Photometer PF-3 Soil, case without r.1ST441.00
934210Photom. PF-3 Soil1ST497.60
934220VISO soil case with PF-31ST985.40
934302Photometer PF-3 COD, case without r.1ST441.00
934402Photom.PF-3 Drinking Water,without reage1ST441.00
934602Photometer PF-3 Fish, without reagents1ST441.00
935012VISO alpha Ammonium1PK27.60
935016VISO alpha Carbonate alkalinity1PK14.50
935019VISO alpha Chlorine1PK15.70
935042VISO alpha total Hardness1PK16.00
935065VISO alpha Nitrate1PK26.00
935066VISO alpha Nitrite1PK18.10
935075VISO alpha pH 5-91PK20.50
935079VISO alpha Phosphate1PK25.00
935080VISO alpha Residual hardness1PK28.70
940006Colour-correction-cuvettes,w. Aspirators1PK903.10
940008Lumi 10 instrument1ST5828.50
940009Mains adaptor Lumi 101ST86.50
940014Lumi 10 Handbook /german1ST69.70
940014.ENLumi 10 Handbook /english1ST69.70
940018Lumi 10 Lid1ST242.10
945002Lumin.bacteria, 20x1001PK1159.30
945003Lumin.bacteria, 10x1001PK666.10
945006Lumin.bacteria, 20x201PK530.30
945007Lumin.bacteria, 10x201PK313.80
945013Cuveble rack for glass cuvettes1PK78.70
945021Single Shot bacteria1PK134.50
945022Lumi Multi Shot bacteria1PK166.50
945023Lumin.bacteria, 10x201PK313.80
945024Lumin.bacteria, 20x201PK530.30
945025Lumin.bacteria, 10x101PK166.50
945601BioFix Lumi diluent 1 L1PK76.60
945602BioFix Lumi adj.solution, 1x50 mL1PK76.60
945603BioFix Lumi reconstitution solut.,1 l1PK76.60
945604BioFix Lumi diluent f. Solid Phase,1 l1PK76.60
945608BioFix Lumi f. fr. dried lumi.-bacteria1PK76.60
946001BioFix Lumi ATP 25 regulations1PK123.10
946002BioFix Lumi ATP 50 regulations1PK231.90
946006BioFix Lumi ATP for liquid samples1PK370.20
946011BioFix Lumi ATP f. HY-LiTE 25 reg.1PK123.10
946012BioFix Lumi ATP f. HY-LiTE 50 reg.1PK231.90
951001BioFix Mini-incubator Cultura1ST466.30
951002Test tube rack1ST66.10
963026NANO Barcode test COD 160 Hg-free1PK90.90
963911NANO Cloride-elimination-cartridges1PK35.60
970001Bio Fix nitrification inhib. test A-Tox1PK293.30
970002Bio Fix nitrification inhib. test N-Tox1PK293.30
970101Bio Fix test starter kit1PK340.70
970111BioFix Electrode adapter1PK107.90
970112BioFix Electrode adapter seals1PK20.90
970113BioFix Reaction vessels (pack 50)1PK31.60
970114BioFix Mini-magnets (pack 5)1PK78.40
970115BioFix magnetic-stirrer+C3601PK494.50
970902BioFix nitrific. inhibition test/N-TOX1PK826.20
970903BioFix nitrific. inhibition test/A-TOX1PK826.20
985001NANO Zirconium 1001PK67.90
985002NANO Ammonium 20001PK82.90
985003NANO Ammonium 31PK66.30
985004NANO Ammonium 101PK66.30
985005NANO Ammonium 501PK66.30
985006NANO Ammonium 2001PK66.30
985007NANO AOX 31PK180.40
985008NANO Ammonium 1001PK66.30
985009NANO Lead 51PK66.70
985011NANO COD 40001PK65.60
985012NANO COD 600001PK65.60
985014NANO Cadmium 21PK66.20
985015NANO Carbonate hardness 151PK61.50
985017NANO Chlorine/Ozone 21PK27.50
985018NANO Chlorine dioxide 51PK50.00
985019NANO Chloride 2001PK51.20
985021NANO Chloride 501PK51.20
985022NANO COD 601PK65.60
985023NANO COD 100001PK65.60
985024NANO Chromate 51PK54.00
985026NANO COD 1601PK65.60
985027NANO COD 401PK65.60
985028NANO COD 150001PK65.60
985029NANO COD 15001PK65.60
985030NANO COD 6001PK65.60
985031NANO Cyanide 081PK54.90
985032NANO anionic surfactants 41PK81.80
985033NANO COD 3001PK65.60
985034NANO cationic surfactants 41PK81.80
985035NANO DEHA 11PK69.60
985036NANO COD LR 1501PK65.60
985037NANO Iron 31PK56.10
985038NANO COD HR 15001PK65.60
985040NANO Fluoride 21PK56.10
985041NANO Formaldehyde 81PK58.20
985043NANO Hardness 201PK54.00
985044NANO Hardness Ca/Mg1PK54.00
985045NANO Potassium 501PK56.10
985046NANO Formaldehyde 101PK56.70
985047NANO Nonionic surfactants1PK81.80
985049NANO Silver 31PK59.60
985050NANO organic acids 30001PK72.10
985052NANO org. Complexing agents 101PK45.30
985053NANO Copper 51PK69.30
985054NANO Copper 71PK69.30
985055NANO total Phosphate 451PK71.30
985056NANO Molybdenum 401PK58.40
985057NANO HC 3001PK79.50
985058NANO Barcode test Manganese1PK67.70
985059NANO total Chrome 21PK72.80
985061NANO Nickel 71PK67.10
985064NANO Nitrate 501PK73.60
985065NANO Nitrate 81PK73.60
985066NANO Nitrate 2501PK73.60
985068NANO Nitrite 21PK55.40
985069NANO Nitrite 41PK55.40
985070NANO POC 2001PK63.10
985071NANO Nickel 41PK67.10
985073NANO Sulphide 31PK71.50
985074NANO Phenolic index 51PK59.40
985075NANO TOC 301PK96.20
985076NANO total Phosphate 11PK71.30
985078NANO TOC 3001PK96.20
985079NANO total Phosphate 501PK52.80
985080NANO total Phosphate 151PK71.30
985081NANO total Phosphate 51PK71.30
985082NANO Oxygen 121PK69.00
985083NANO total Nitrogen 221PK82.90
985084NANO Hardness 11PK59.20
985085NANO Starch 1001PK61.50
985086NANO Sulphate 2001PK61.20
985087NANO Sulphate 10001PK61.20
985088NANO total Nitrogen 2201PK82.90
985089NANO Sulphite 101PK67.10
985090NANO Sulphite 1001PK60.00
985091NANO Thiocyanate 501PK45.00
985092NANO Barcode test total Nitrogen 601PK82.90
985093NANO TOC 251PK92.40
985094NANO TOC 601PK92.40
985096NANO Zinc 41PK70.20
985097NANO tin 31PK68.60
985098NANO Aluminium 071PK59.80
985099NANO TOC 6001PK92.40
985822NANO BOD5-W1PK70.90
985825NANO BOD5-TT1PK64.80
985838NANO Ethanol 10001PK113.80
985859NANO Methanol 151PK113.80
985871NANO Peroxide 21PK53.30
985890NANO TTC / Barcode1PK196.80