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JR-SLC-85-10Sample Loop, PEEK, Cheminert, 10 ul28.60
JR-SLC-85-100Sample Loop, PEEK, Cheminert, 100 ul33.80
JR-SLC-85-1000Sample Loop, PEEK, Cheminert, 1 ml49.10
JR-SLC-85-20Sample Loop, PEEK, Cheminert, 20 ul28.60
JR-SLC-85-200Sample Loop, PEEK, Cheminert, 200 ul33.80
JR-SLC-85-250Sample Loop, PEEK, Cheminert, 250 ul33.80
JR-SLC-85-300Sample Loop, PEEK, Cheminert, 300 ul33.80
JR-SLC-85-5Sample Loop, PEEK, Cheminert, 5 ul28.60
JR-SLC-85-50Sample Loop, PEEK, Cheminert, 50 ul28.60
JR-SLC-85-500Sample Loop, PEEK, Cheminert, 500 ul43.00
JR-SLR-2190Sample Loop, PEEK, Rheodyne, 1 uL29.70
JR-SLR-2191Sample Loop, PEEK, Rheodyne, 2 uL29.70
JR-SLR-2192Sample Loop, PEEK, Rheodyne, 3 uL29.70
JR-SLR-2193Sample Loop, PEEK, Rheodyne, 4 uL29.70
JR-SLR-2194Sample Loop, PEEK, Rheodyne, 5 uL29.70
JR-SLR-2195Sample Loop, PEEK, Rheodyne, 20 uL32.70
JR-SLR-2196Sample Loop, PEEK, Rheodyne, 10 uL31.30
JR-SLR-2200Sample Loop, PEEK, Rheodyne, 30 uL32.20
JR-SLR-2201Sample Loop, PEEK, Rheodyne, 40 uL33.80
JR-SLR-2202Sample Loop, PEEK, Rheodyne, 50 uL32.20
JR-SLR-2204Sample Loop, PEEK, Rheodyne, 100 uL34.80
JR-SLR-2206Sample Loop, PEEK, Rheodyne, 200 uL36.80
JR-SLR-2207Sample Loop, PEEK, Rheodyne, 250 uL38.90
JR-SLR-2210Sample Loop, PEEK, Rheodyne, 500 uL49.60
JR-SLR-2222Sample Loop, PEEK, Rheodyne, 1 ml68.80
JR-SLV-75-10Sample Loop, PEEK, Valco, 10 ul31.30
JR-SLV-75-100Sample Loop, PEEK, Valco, 100 ul33.80
JR-SLV-75-1000Sample Loop, PEEK, Valco, 1 ml64.00
JR-SLV-75-20Sample Loop, PEEK, Valco, 20 ul32.70
JR-SLV-75-250Sample Loop, PEEK, Valco, 250 ul50.10
JR-SLV-75-5Sample Loop, PEEK, Valco, 5 ul31.30
JR-SLV-75-50Sample Loop, PEEK, Valco, 50 ul32.70
JR-SLV-75-500Sample Loop, PEEK, Valco, 500 ul50.10
JR-SLC-86-10Sample Loop, SS, Cheminert, 10 ul37.90
JR-SLC-86-100Sample Loop, SS, Cheminert, 100 ul33.20
JR-SLC-86-1000Sample Loop, SS, Cheminert, 1 ml62.80
JR-SLC-86-20Sample Loop, SS, Cheminert, 20 ul33.20
JR-SLC-86-250Sample Loop, SS, Cheminert, 250 ul37.90
JR-SLC-86-5Sample Loop, SS, Cheminert, 5 ul33.20
JR-SLC-86-50Sample Loop, SS, Cheminert, 50 ul33.20
JR-SLC-86-500Sample Loop, SS, Cheminert, 500 ul37.90
JR-SLV-76-10Sample Loop, SS, Valco, 10 ul28.30
JR-SLV-76-100Sample Loop, SS, Valco, 100 ul28.30
JR-SLV-76-1000Sample Loop, SS, Valco, 1 ml43.20
JR-SLV-76-20Sample Loop, SS, Valco, 20 ul28.30
JR-SLV-76-250Sample Loop, SS, Valco, 250 ul33.90
JR-SLV-76-5Sample Loop, SS, Valco, 5 ul28.30
JR-SLV-76-50Sample Loop, SS, Valco, 50 ul28.30
JR-SLV-76-500Sample Loop, SS, Valco, 500 ul37.10
JR-SLR-111Sample Loop, SS, Rheodyne, 5 uL43.20
JR-SLR-111-77Sample Loop, SS, Rheodyne 7725, 5 uL43.20
JR-SLR-112Sample Loop, SS, Rheodyne, 10 uL39.50
JR-SLR-112-77Sample Loop, SS, Rheodyne 7725, 10 uL39.50
JR-SLR-113Sample Loop, SS, Rheodyne, 20 uL39.50
JR-SLR-113-77Sample Loop, SS, Rheodyne 7725, 20 uL39.50
JR-SLR-114Sample Loop, SS, Rheodyne, 50 uL39.50
JR-SLR-114-77Sample Loop, SS, Rheodyne 7725, 50 uL39.50
JR-SLR-115Sample Loop, SS, Rheodyne, 100 uL39.50
JR-SLR-115-77Sample Loop, SS, Rheodyne 7725, 100 uL39.50
JR-SLR-116Sample Loop, SS, Rheodyne, 200 uL44.10
JR-SLR-116-77Sample Loop, SS, Rheodyne 7725, 200 uL43.60
JR-SLR-117Sample Loop, SS, Rheodyne, 500 uL49.40
JR-SLR-117-77Sample Loop, SS, Rheodyne 7725, 500 uL49.40
JR-SLR-118Sample Loop, SS, Rheodyne, 1 ml55.80
JR-SLR-118-77Sample Loop, SS, Rheodyne 7725, 1ml55.80