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EGG 101.6422-Kanal Vakuum Entgaser Modell 2003, BioStück2312.30
EGG 101.6444-Kanal Vakuum Entgaser Modell 2003, BioStück2798.50
RH 1006-999Rhebuild Kit for EV/RV100-106Pckg356.90
UP 1238NanoTight Kit .007in (180µm)Pckg48.60
UP 1239NanoTight Kit .0085in (215µm)Pckg48.60
UP 1240NanoTight Kit .011inPckg72.30
UP 1241NanoTight Kit .013inPckg67.60
UP 1242NanoTight Kit .015inPckg48.60
UP 1243NanoTight Kit .018inPckg72.30
UP 1244NanoTight Kit .021inPckg72.30
UP 1246NanoTight Kit .027inPckg72.30
UP 1247NanoTight Kit .033inPckg96.00
UP 1250NanoTight Fittings KitPckg383.00
UP 1252NanoTight Kit .042in (1mm)Pckg72.30
UP 1320Upchurch SS Tubing KitPckg311.90
UP 1321Upchurch SS Tubing Kit .010 IDPckg119.80
UP 1322Upchurch SS Tubing Kit .007 IDPckg175.50
UP 1323Upchurch SS Tubing Kit .005 IDPckg124.50
UP 1324Upchurch SS Tubing Kit .020 IDPckg111.50
UP 1325Tefzel Tubing KitPckg209.90
UP 1326PEEK Tubing KitPckg179.10
UP 1328MicroTight PEEK Sleeve KitPckg161.30
UP 1356MicroTight Connector Kit - PEEKPckg355.70
UP 1400Upchurch Fittings Kit für BeckmanPckg442.30
UP 1404Upchurch Fittings Kit / Hewlett-Packard TypePckg447.00
UP 1412Upchurch Fittings Kit / Varian TypePckg662.90
UP 1413Upchurch Fittings Kit / Waters TypePckg447.00
UP 1415Upchurch Fittings Kit / Gilson TypePckg761.30
UP 1418Upchurch Fittings Kit / Bio-Rad TypePckg442.30
UP 1420Upchurch Fittings Kit / Hitachi LICHROGRAPH TypePckg662.90
UP 1421Upchurch Fittings Kit / Shimadzu TypePckg662.90
UP 1451Flangeless Fittings KitPckg366.40
UP 1452FingerTight II Fittings KitPckg202.80
UP 1453Flanged Fittings KitPckg451.80
UP 1454Tefzel Fittings KitPckg297.60
UP 1456PEEK Fittings Kit - Low PressPckg569.20
UP 1457PEEK Fittings Kit - Hi PressPckg652.20
UP 1458FIA KitPckg662.90
UP 1500TubingStück27.30
UP 1502TubingStück27.30
UP 1503TubingStück27.30
UP 1507LTubingStück164.80
UP 1509LSchlauch (Tubing), durchsichtigStück278.70
UP 1512LTubingStück164.80
UP 1514LTubingStück164.80
UP 1516TubingStück29.60
UP 1516LTubingStück175.50
UP 1516XLTubingStück297.60
UP 1517TubingStück29.60
UP 1517LTubingStück175.50
UP 1517XLTubingStück297.60
UP 1520LTubingStück147.00
UP 1520XLTubingStück249.00
UP 1521LTubingStück220.60
UP 1521XLTubingStück375.90
UP 1524LTubingStück270.40
UP 1524XLTubingStück455.30
UP 1527LTubingStück169.60
UP 1527XLTubingStück269.20
UP 1528TubingStück29.60
UP 1528LTubingStück175.50
UP 1528XLTubingStück297.60
UP 1529TubingStück29.60
UP 1529LTubingStück175.50
UP 1529XLTubingStück297.60
UP 1530TubingStück45.10
UP 1530LTubingStück269.20
UP 1530XLTubingStück455.30
UP 1531TubingStück41.50
UP 1531BTubingStück41.50
UP 1531BLTubingStück247.80
UP 1531BXLTubingStück422.10
UP 1531LTubingStück247.80
UP 1531XLTubingStück422.10
UP 1532TubingStück41.50
UP 1532LTubingStück247.80
UP 1532XLTubingStück422.10
UP 1533TubingStück41.50
UP 1533LTubingStück247.80
UP 1533XLTubingStück422.10
UP 1534TubingStück86.60
UP 1535TubingStück59.30
UP 1535LTubingStück360.50
UP 1535XLTubingStück608.30
UP 1536TubingStück41.50
UP 1536LTubingStück247.80
UP 1536XLTubingStück422.10
UP 1538TubingStück41.50
UP 1538LTubingStück247.80
UP 1538XLTubingStück422.10
UP 1544TubingStück86.60
UP 1548LTubingStück147.00
UP 1548XLTubingStück249.00
UP 1559TubingStück64.00
UP 1560TubingStück59.30
UP 1560LTubingStück366.40
UP 1560XLTubingStück621.40
UP 1561TubingStück59.30
UP 1561LTubingStück360.50
UP 1561XLTubingStück608.30
UP 1568Capillary TubingStück70.00
UP 1568LCapillary TubingStück431.60
UP 1568XLCapillary TubingStück736.40
UP 1569Capillary TubingStück70.00
UP 1569LCapillary TubingStück642.70
UP 1569XLCapillary TubingStück736.40
UP 1570Capillary TubingStück70.00
UP 1571Capillary TubingStück70.00
UP 1572Capillary TubingStück70.00
UP 1574Capillary TubingStück70.00
UP 1576Capillary TubingStück70.00
UP 1576LCapillary TubingStück431.60
UP 1576XLCapillary TubingStück1096.90
UP 1577Capillary TubingStück70.00
UP 1577LCapillary TubingStück642.70
UP 1577XLCapillary TubingStück1450.20
UP 1581Capillary TubingStück70.00
UP 1581LCapillary TubingStück431.60
UP 1581XLCapillary TubingStück736.40
UP 1582AdapterStück36.80
UP 1583AdapterStück43.90
UP 1583-01Adapt Body 1583Stück39.10
UP 1586AdapterVE (5)990.10
UP 1587AdapterStück55.70
UP 1588Adapter für Waters-SchraubenStück99.60
UP 1591Adapter - 10-32 Fem x 1/4-28 MaleStück40.30
UP 1591-01Adapter Body 1591Stück19.40
UP 1592AdapterStück85.40
UP 1593Union Assembly PrepStück143.50
UP 1593-01Kupplung PräparativStück90.10
UP 1622LTubingStück209.90
UP 1632LTubingStück204.00
UP 1641LTubingStück323.70
UP 1642LTubingStück359.30
UP 1642XLTubingStück613.10
UP 1645LTubing Hi PurStück453.00
UP 1645XLTubing Hi PurStück772.00
UP 1648TubingStück45.10
UP 1648LTubingStück269.20
UP 1648XLTubingStück455.30
UP 1650LTubingStück425.70
UP 1650XLTubingStück723.30
UP 1671LTubingStück218.20
UP 1673LTubingStück218.20
UP 1677LTubingStück218.20
UP 1800Sample Loop PEEK 2µL AssyStück40.30
UP 1805-1Sample Loop PEEK 50µL TubeStück106.70
UP 1810Sample Loop PEEK 100µL AssyStück52.20
UP 1826Sample Loop PEEK 20mL AssyStück371.20
UP 1876Sample Loop SS 10mL AssyStück273.90
UP 1902LTubing HPFA+Stück246.60
UP 1907LTubing HPFA+Stück246.60
UP 1912LTubing HPFA+Stück246.60
UP 1921LTubing HPFA+Stück388.90
UP 2100HPLC Starter KitPckg132.80
RH 30002/6 Prep. Switching Valve, PKStück1862.90
RH 3055-018Sample LoopStück187.40
RH 3055-019Sample LoopStück317.80
RH 3055-023Prep Sample LoopStück330.80
RH 3055-02520mL Prep Sample Loop PEEKStück448.20
RH 3065-0182mL Prep Sample Loop SSStück195.70
RH 3065-0195mL Prep Sample Loop SSStück326.10
RH 3065-02310mL Prep Sample Loop SSStück448.20
RH 3065-02520mL Prep Sample Loop SSStück659.30
UP 310010TubingVE (2)45.10
UP 310015TubingVE (2)67.60
UP 310020TubingVE (2)60.50
UP 31005TubingVE (2)49.80
UP 310050TubingVE (2)94.90
UP 315010TubingVE (2)54.50
UP 315015TubingVE (2)67.60
UP 315020TubingVE (2)88.90
UP 31505TubingVE (2)49.80
UP 315050TubingVE (2)94.90
UP 32510TubingVE (2)45.10
UP 32515TubingVE (2)55.70
UP 32520TubingVE (2)164.80
UP 3255TubingVE (2)34.40
UP 32550TubingVE (2)94.90
UP 35010TubingVE (2)45.10
UP 35015TubingVE (2)45.10
UP 35020TubingVE (2)60.50
UP 3505TubingVE (2)34.40
UP 35050TubingVE (2)94.90
RH 3725-006Stator für 3000, 3000-038, 3030, 3710, 3725Stück721.00
RH 3725-018PK Rotor Seal for 3725/3725iStück195.70
RH 3725-0382/6 Front Load Prep. Inj.Stück2206.80
RH 3725-086HPLC Needle, EdelstahlStück37.90
RH 3725-999RheBuild Kit for 3725/3725-038Pckg260.90
RH 3725i2/6 Prep. Inj., PK w/SwitchStück2031.30
RH 3725i-0382/6 Prep. Inj.Stück2134.40
UP 37510TubingVE (2)36.80
UP 37515TubingVE (2)67.60
UP 37520TubingVE (2)60.50
UP 3755TubingVE (2)49.80
UP 37550TubingVE (2)94.90
RH 5001-999Rhebuild Kit For RV5X0-101Pckg332.00
RH 5100-999Rhebuild Kit for RV5x0-100Pckg321.40
RH 5104-999Rhebuild Kit for RV5x0-104Pckg303.60
RH 6000-055Short Fittings SetVE (5)39.10
RH 6000-066Fittings Set X-LongStück35.60
RH 6000-066BLFittings Set X-LongStück33.20
RH 6000-066GNFittings Set X-LongStück33.20
RH 6000-076Port AdapterStück59.30
RH 6000-078Fitting SetStück36.80
RH 6000-079FerrulesVE (5)75.90
RH 6000-082Fittings SetStück26.10
RH 6000-083Stainless Steel FerrulesVE (5)54.50
RH 6000-209Fittings,Set,SS,1/16",10/PKVE (10)104.40
RH 6000-210FerruleVE (10)39.10
RH 6000-211RheFlex SST Long Nuts and Ferrules SetVE (10)111.50
RH 6000-251PEEK FerruleVE (10)56.90
RH 6000-254PEEK Fitting SetVE (10)107.90
RH 6000-254BLPEEK Fitting Set BluVE (10)72.30
RH 6000-254GNPEEK Fitting Set GrnVE (10)90.10
RH 6000-254GYPEEK Fitting Set GryVE (10)104.40
RH 6000-254MCPEEK Fitting Set MultiVE (10)90.10
RH 6000-254RDPEEK Fitting Set RedVE (10)83.00
RH 6000-254WHPEEK Fitting Set WhtVE (10)118.60
RH 6000-254YLPEEK Fitting Set YelVE (10)72.30
RH 6000-255PK Short Ftng SetVE (10)77.10
RH 6000-262SS X-L Ftng SetVE (10)150.60
RH 6000-2821-Piece FittingVE (10)64.00
RH 6000-282BLPEEK 1-Piece Fitting Blu/10PkVE (10)64.00
RH 6000-282GNPEEK 1-Piece Fitting Grn/10PkVE (10)80.60
RH 6000-282GYPEEK 1-Piece Fitting Gry/10PkVE (10)92.50
RH 6000-282MCPEEK 1-Piece Fitting Multi/10PkVE (10)71.10
RH 6000-282RDPEEK 1-Piece Fitting Red/10PkVE (10)74.70
RH 6000-282YLPEEK 1-Piece Fitting Yel/10PkVE (10)64.00
RH 6000-283Fittings ChromTRAC ID Kit/20PkVE (20)59.30
RH 6000-360Fittings KitVE (10)78.30
UP 610010TubingVE (5)96.00
UP 610015TubingVE (5)112.70
UP 610020TubingVE (5)134.00
UP 61005TubingVE (5)113.80
UP 610050TubingVE (2)94.90
UP 615010TubingVE (5)139.90
UP 615015TubingVE (5)112.70
UP 615020TubingVE (5)196.80
UP 61505TubingVE (5)113.80
UP 615050TubingVE (2)94.90
UP 617510TubingVE (5)93.70
UP 617520TubingVE (5)196.80
UP 617550TubingVE (2)139.90
UP 620010TubingVE (5)93.70
UP 620015TubingVE (5)112.70
UP 620020TubingVE (5)271.50
UP 62005TubingVE (5)94.90
UP 620050TubingVE (2)94.90
UP 62510TubingVE (5)117.40
UP 62515TubingVE (5)112.70
UP 62520TubingVE (5)134.00
UP 6255TubingVE (5)113.80
UP 62550TubingVE (2)94.90
UP 630010TubingVE (5)234.80
UP 630015TubingVE (5)166.00
UP 630020TubingVE (5)131.60
UP 63005TubingVE (5)129.30
UP 630050TubingVE (2)91.30
UP 65010TubingVE (5)94.90
UP 65015TubingVE (5)112.70
UP 65020TubingVE (5)134.00
UP 6505TubingVE (5)77.10
UP 65050TubingVE (2)94.90
UP 67510TubingVE (5)94.90
UP 67515TubingVE (5)112.70
UP 67520TubingVE (5)134.00
UP 6755TubingVE (5)113.80
UP 67550TubingVE (2)94.90
RH 6810RheoWrench 1/4" x 5/16"Stück61.70
RH 70002/6 Man. Switiching ValveStück902.40
RH 7000L2/6 Man. Semi-Prep ValveStück967.60
RH 7004-999Rhebuild Kit for RV7x0-104Pckg336.80
RH 70102/6 Manual Inj Valve SS-Rear LoadingStück1010.30
RH 7010-006Bearing RingStück13.60
RH 7010-010SS FerruleStück6.50
RH 7010-015Isolation Seal weißStück24.90
RH 7010-039VS Rotor Seal for 7010Stück141.10
RH 7010-040SS Stator for 7010/7125Stück397.20
RH 7010-066Ti Stator for 7125Stück903.60
RH 7010-071TZ Rotor Seal for 7010Stück136.40
RH 7010-997RheBuild Kit with Stator for 7010Pckg394.90
RH 7010-999RheBuild Kit for 7010/7000Pckg143.50
RH 7012Loop Filler Port SSStück253.80
RH 70205µL SS Loop for 7010/7125Stück70.00
RH 702110µL SS Loop for 7010/7125Stück67.60
RH 702220µL SS Loop for 7010/7125Stück60.50
RH 702350µL SS Loop for 7010/7125Stück70.00
RH 7024100µL SS Loop for 7010/7125Stück68.80
RH 7025200µL SS Loop for 7010/7125Stück72.30
RH 7026500µL SS Loop for 7010/7125Stück81.80
RH 70271mL SS Loop for 7010/7125Stück93.70
RH 70282mL SS Loop for 7010/7125Stück137.60
RH 70295mL SS Loop for 7010/7125Stück237.20
RH 70302/6 Man. 3-Way ValveStück934.40
RH 7030-003VS Rotor Seal for 7030Stück139.90
RH 7030-015TZ Rotor Seal for 7030Stück160.10
RH 7030L2/6 Man. 3-WayStück1064.80
RH 70606/7 Man. SelectorStück1051.80
RH 7060-039SS Stator for 7060Stück488.50
RH 7060-070VS Rotor Seal for 7060 / 7066 / 9060Stück151.80
RH 7060-074TZ Rotor Seal for 7060 / 7066 / 9060Stück139.90
RH 7112-999Rhebuild Kit for RV7x0-112Pckg348.60
RH 7123-047SS Stator for RV500-100Stück703.20
RH 7123-128SS Stator for RV700-107Stück1554.60
RH 7123-142SS Stator for RV500-104Stück1383.80
RH 7123-180SS Stator for RV703-100Stück703.20
RH 7123-223SS Stator for RV753-100Stück551.40
RH 7123-2271µL Loop SFA for 7750/RVStück301.20
RH 7123-493Rotor seal, MXT715-000 / RPC-10, 3 groove, VHPStück409.10
RH 71252/6 Manual Inj Valve Front LoadingStück1732.50
RH 7125-044Stator Ring for 7125Stück162.50
RH 7125-047VS Rotor Seal für manuellen InjektorStück150.60
RH 7125-054Needle Port CleanerStück27.30
RH 7125-079TZ Rotor Seal für manuellen InjektorStück147.00
RH 7125-132Needle Port Tube AssyStück47.40
RH 7125-999RheBuild Kit for 7125Pckg243.10
RH 7160Mounting Plate for Manual ValveStück34.40
RH 7160-010Angle Mounting PlateStück46.20
RH 7160-029Ring Stand Valve BracketStück64.00
RH 7215Needle, Luer TipStück32.00
RH 7315-010Filter Cartridge for 7315VE (5)185.00
RH 7335-010Filter Cartridge for 7335VE (5)176.70
RH 7410-038Rotor Seal for 7410Stück141.10
RH 7410-041Stator for 7410/7413Stück739.90
RH 7410-999RheBuild Kit for 7410Pckg193.30
RH 7413-013Vespel Rotor Seal for 7413Stück221.70
RH 7501-999Rhebuild Kit for RV7x0-100Pckg336.80
RH 7502-999Rhebuild Kit for RV7x0-102Pckg348.60
RH 7507-999Rhebuild Kit for RV7x0-107Pckg348.60
RH 7520-999RheBuild Kit for 7520Pckg883.40
RH 7531-999Rhebuild Kit for RV7x3-100Pckg332.00
RH 7610-011PK Rotor Seal for 7610-400/600Stück166.00
RH 7610-017Stator Face Seal (SFS) 7610Stück218.20
RH 7650-002SS Stator for 7650EStück725.70
RH 77252/6 Syr Load InjStück1385.00
RH 7725-010Stator for 7725Stück649.80
RH 7725-999RheBuild Kit for 7725(I)Pckg231.20
RH 7725i2/6 Syringe Load InjectorStück1485.80
RH 7739-999RheBuild Kit für 7739Pckg150.60
RH 7750-016Rotor Seal for 7750 3 GroovesStück144.70
RH 7750-038Stator für 7739, 7750, EV/IV/RV700-100, HP 1100/1200Stück442.30
RH 7750E062 Position 6 port motorized valveStück1592.50
RH 7755-015Stator Face Assembly (SFA) 2µl für 7750/RV700-100Stück182.60
RH 7755-020Probenschleife 5µLStück70.00
RH 7755-021Probenschleife 10µLStück66.40
RH 7755-022Probenschleife 20µLStück60.50
RH 7755-023Probenschleife 50µLStück66.40
RH 7755-024Probenschleife 100µLStück68.80
RH 7755-025Probenschleife 200µLStück72.30
RH 7755-026Probenschleife 500µLStück81.80
RH 7755-027Probenschleife 1mLStück92.50
RH 7755-028Probenschleife 2mLStück137.60
RH 7755-0295mL SS Loop, 30 Deg.Stück234.80
RH 7755-300Sample Loop SS for Titan HT, 5µLStück171.90
RH 7770-044TitanEX Ferrule 1/16in-25pkVE (25)131.60
RH 7900-107Stator for MX7900-000, 7900-500-1Stück589.30
RH 7900-146Stator for MX9900-000Stück468.40
RH 7900-999RheBuild Kit for MXP9900-000, PD9900, MX7900-000, MX7920-000Pckg332.00
RH 7960-999RheBuild Kit for 7960-x00Pckg556.10
RH 7980-004DuraLife II Stator for 7980Stück1712.30
RH 7980-999Rhebuild Kit 7980Pckg320.20
RH 7986-004Stator, 10P, 95/4, MV, TI, PO, .99Stück2218.60
RH 7986-999Rhebuild Kit for MX7986-000Pckg415.00
RH 80205µL SS Loop for 8125/8126Stück112.70
RH 802110µL SS Loop for 8125/8126Stück112.70
RH 802220µL SS Loop for 8125/8126Stück168.40
RH 802350µL SS Loop for 8125/8126Stück234.80
RH 81252/6 Syringe Load Micro InjectorStück1988.60
RH 8125-038VS Rotor Seal for 8125/8126Stück164.80
RH 8125-094Stator Face Assembly (SFA) für 9010, 9030, 9125Stück201.60
RH 8125-097TZ Rotor Seal for 8125/8126Stück164.80
RH 8125-098SS Stator for 8125/8126Stück843.10
RH 8125-999RheBuild Kit for 8125/8126Pckg285.80
RH 90102/6 Manual Switching ValveStück1366.00
RH 9010-018Position Sensor for 7725i/9725i/9010Stück70.00
RH 9010-051TZ Rotor Seal für 9010Stück136.40
RH 9010-999RheBuild Kit for 9010/9040Pckg231.20
RH 9012Loop Filler Port PEEKStück247.80
RH 9013Needle Port PEEKStück49.80
RH 9055-020Sample Loop PEEK 5µLStück49.80
RH 9055-021Sample Loop PEEK 10µLStück60.50
RH 9055-022Sample Loop PEEK 20µLStück54.50
RH 9055-023Sample Loop PEEK 50µLStück54.50
RH 9055-024Sample Loop PEEK 100µLStück60.50
RH 9055-025Sample Loop PEEK 200µLStück84.20
RH 9055-026Sample Loop PEEK 500µLStück87.70
RH 9055-027Sample Loop PEEK 1mLStück117.40
RH 9055-028Sample Loop PEEK 2mLStück162.50
RH 9055-029Sample Loop PEEK 5mLStück296.50
RH 9055-033Sample Loop PEEK 10mLStück527.70
RH 9125-043Stator für 9010, 9125, 9030, 9725Stück511.10
RH 9125-076Suction Needle Adapter for 9125/9126Stück79.40
RH 9125-082TZ Rotor Seal für manuellen InjektorStück147.00
RH 9125-999RheBuildKit for 9125/9126Pckg231.20
RH 9650-009PEEK Stator for 9650EStück725.70
RH 9650-999RheBuild Kit for 7650/9650Pckg366.40
RH 97252/6 Syr Load Inj, w/MBB, PKStück1385.00
RH 9725-999RheBuild Kit for 9725/9725IPckg231.20
RH 9725i2/6 Syr Load Inj w/Pos SensorStück1485.80
RH 9750-021PEEK Stator analytisch für 9750/9740 und 750-100Stück430.40
RH 9750-999RheBuild Kit for 9750/9740Pckg354.60
UP A-100Frit SS Nat 2µm Ø.094 x .065 x Ø.2485Stück5.20
UP A-101Frit SS Nat 2µm Ø.062 x .065 x Ø.2485Stück5.20
UP A-102Frit SS Blk 0.5µm Ø.062 x .065 x Ø.2485Stück5.20
UP A-103Frit SS Blk 0.5µm Ø.094 x .065 x Ø.250Stück5.20
UP A-105Frit SS Nat 10µm Ø.062 x .065 x Ø.250Stück9.20
UP A-106Frit SS Nat 10µm Ø.094 x .065 x Ø.250Stück9.20
UP A-107Frit Ø.189 x .074 x Ø.254Stück9.20
UP A-112Frit UHMW Nat 2µm Ø.065 x .065 x Ø.250Stück10.80
UP A-113Frit UHMW Nat 2µm Ø.094 x .065 x Ø.250Stück11.30
UP A-115Frit UHMW Nat 2µm Ø.190 x .074 x Ø.254Stück7.70
UP A-116Frit UHMW Nat 10µm Ø.062 x .065 x Ø.250Stück27.30
UP A-119Frit UHMW Nat 10µm Ø.188 x .074 x Ø.254Stück9.40
UP A-120Frit SS Nat 20µm Ø.125 x .065 x Ø.250Stück5.90
UP A-122Frit SS Nat 20µm Ø.188 x .074 x Ø.254Stück5.90
UP A-200Solvent Filter Inlet KitPckg215.80
UP A-201Solvent Filter Inlet KitPckg144.70
UP A-210Tubing Teflon KitStück23.20
UP A-220Solvent Filter InletStück23.40
UP A-221Solvent Filter InletVE (5)119.80
UP A-222Solvent Filter InletStück22.30
UP A-223Solvent Filter InletVE (5)110.30
UP A-224Frit SS PTFE 20µm Ø.188 x .074 x Ø.254Stück6.20
UP A-225Solvent Filter InletStück33.20
UP A-225ASolvent Filter InletStück48.60
UP A-226ASolvent Filter InletStück294.10
UP A-227ASolvent Filter InletStück100.80
UP A-228Solvent Filter InletStück86.60
UP A-230ASolvent Filter InletStück105.50
UP A-231ASol Filter Inlet, Gewinde: 5/16-24Stück48.60
UP A-302Solvent Filter Inlet GeneralStück27.30
UP A-302ASolvent Filter Inlet GeneralStück34.40
UP A-304Wrench Open End 1/4\" x 5/16\"Stück19.00
UP A-305Wrench Open End 1/2" x 9/16"Stück28.50
UP A-309BOB Solvent Filter AssyStück35.60
UP A-310Solvent Filter InletStück34.40
UP A-311Solvent Filter Inlet PrepStück84.20
UP A-311ASolvent Filter Inlet, Gewinde: 1/4-28Stück93.70
UP A-313Filter - Inline SS w/20µm FritStück84.20
UP A-314Solvent Filter - InlineStück84.20
UP A-314-01Solvent Filter - Inline-Female EndStück43.90
UP A-314-02Solvent Filter - Inline-Male EndStück36.80
UP A-315Precolumn Filter Assy 2µmStück84.20
UP A-315-01Precolumn Filter Female EndStück43.90
UP A-315-02Precolumn Filter Male EndStück55.70
UP A-316Precolumn Filter 0.5µmStück85.40
UP A-318Precolumn Filter 0.5µmStück109.10
UP A-320Wrench Open End 3/8\" x 7/16\"Stück28.50
UP A-327Plastic Tubing CutterStück33.20
UP A-328Tub Cutter Blade 5pkVE (5)8.70
UP A-329Polymer Tubing Cutter Lg BoreStück33.20
UP A-330Semi-Prep Filter AssyStück131.60
UP A-331Frit SS Nat 10µmStück19.00
UP A-332Semi-Prep Nat Frit Assy 2µmStück19.00
UP A-337Frit SS Nat 20µm Ø.750 x .070 x Ø.881Stück19.00
UP A-343Frit SS Grn 2µm .625 x .750Stück20.30
UP A-345Frit SS Nat 20µm .625 x .750Stück16.20
UP A-346Frit PEEK Grn 2µm Ø.624 x .070 x Ø.750Stück17.10
UP A-350Tubing Cutter Capillary PolymerStück171.90
UP A-355Filter PreColumn PEEK 2µmStück87.70
UP A-355-01Filter Body PreColumn BiocompStück37.90
UP A-355-02Filter Cap PreColumn BiocompStück37.90
UP A-356Filter PreColumn PEEK 0.5µmStück87.70
UP A-360Semi-Prep Filter Assy - 5/16-24 ThreadsStück195.70
UP A-410Semi-Prep Filter 2µmStück155.30
UP A-411Semi-Prep Filter 10µmStück155.30
UP A-415Filter Low Pressure - für 1/16" KapillarenStück36.80
UP A-416Filter Low Pressure - für 1/8\" SchläucheStück36.80
UP A-417Frit SS Grn 2µm Ø.062 x .065 x Ø.200Stück13.40
UP A-418Frit SS Blu 0.5µm Ø.062 x .065 x Ø.200Stück26.10
UP A-420Frit SSStück9.00
UP A-422Frit UHMW Nat 2µm Ø.065 x .065 x Ø.200Stück21.70
UP A-423Frit UHMW Nat 10µm Ø.062 x .065 x Ø.200Stück9.40
UP A-424Low Pressure Filter Inline Metal FreeStück28.50
UP A-425Low Pressure Filter Inline Metal FreeStück28.50
UP A-426Solvent FilterStück24.90
UP A-427Solvent Filter BodyVE (5)35.60
UP A-428XFilter End Fitting 0.5µm PEEK/10pkVE (10)91.30
UP A-429XFilter End Fitting 2µm PEEKVE (10)91.30
UP A-430In-Line Filter, BiokompatibelStück43.90
UP A-431Filter 0.5µm, BiokompatibelStück37.90
UP A-435BOB Filter AssyStück37.90
UP A-436BOB Filter Assy PEEK 3/16Stück37.90
UP A-437BOB Filter Assy PEEK 1/8 2µm (for small neck bottles)Stück37.90
UP A-438BOB Filter Assy PEEK (small)Stück37.90
UP A-440BOB Filter AssyStück37.90
UP A-441BOB Filter AssyStück37.90
UP A-445Solvent FilterStück28.50
UP A-446Solvent FilterStück28.50
UP A-450BOB Filter AssyStück52.20
UP A-451BOB Filter AssyStück34.40
UP A-452BOB Filter Assy (Small)Stück52.20
UP A-453BOB Filter Assy (Small)Stück34.40
UP A-510Semi-Prep Filter 5µm 3/16Stück156.50
UP A-511Semi-Prep Filter 5µm 1/4Stück231.20
UP A-520XReplacement Filter CupVE (10)41.50
UP A-522XReplacement Filter CupVE (10)42.70
UP A-550Replacement Filter AssemblyStück97.20
UP A-551Repl Fltr AssyStück97.20
UP A-610Bottle Cap Assy 3/16Stück34.40
UP A-620Bottle Cap Assy for 1/8" TubingStück34.40
UP A-622Bottle Cap Assy 1/8-Small NeckStück34.40
UP A-626Bottle Cap PlugStück6.60
UP A-627Plug Bttle Cap SS Fltr 20µm-Taper HoleStück12.10
UP A-628Bottle Cap Plug 1/8Stück6.60
UP A-629Plug Bttle Cap SS Fltr 20µm-1/8 HoleStück17.00
UP A-630Bottle Cap Assy for 1/16 TubingStück34.40
UP A-632Bottle Cap Assy 1/16 Small NeckStück52.20
UP A-700Frit PEEK Grn 2µm Ø.062 x .065 x Ø.250Stück12.50
UP A-701Frit PEEK Blu 0.5µm Ø.062 x .065 x Ø.250Stück12.50
UP A-702Frit PEEK Grn 2µm Ø.091 x .065 x Ø.250Stück12.50
UP A-703Frit PEEK Blu 0.5µm Ø.094 x .065 x Ø.250Stück12.50
UP A-704Frit PEEK Grn 2µm Ø.125 x .065 x Ø.250Stück12.50
UP A-706Frit PEEK Grn 2µm Ø.188 x .065 x Ø.250Stück12.50
UP A-707Frit PEEK BlueStück12.50
UP A-708Frit PEEK Grn 2µm Ø.062 x .065 x Ø.200Stück12.60
UP A-710Frit PEEK Grn 2µm Ø.125 x .065 x Ø.200Stück12.50
UP A-720Frit PEEK Nat 10µm Ø.125 x .077 x Ø.250Stück12.50
UP A-722Frit PEEK Nat 10µm Ø.197 x .074 x Ø.247Stück12.50
UP A-735Fritte, MicroFilterStück18.60
UP A-735XFritte, MicroFilterVE (10)121.00
UP B-300Bottle 1L Wide Mouth Safety-CoatedStück60.50
UP B-310Einwegspritze mit Luer (m)Stück1.50
UP C-1000Semi-Prep Guard Column HolderStück358.10
UP C-1030Threaded Repl Cap SS 2µmStück37.90
UP C-1033Dry Packing Funnel 10mmStück81.80
UP C-1035Semi-Prep Guard Assy 10mm x 1cmStück80.60
UP C-1100-01Col Holder - PEEKStück215.80
UP C-1210Col Coupler Sample TrapStück128.10
UP C-128MicroBore Guard ColumnStück213.40
UP C-128-31Frit SS Blk 0.5µmStück8.10
UP C-128-40Slurry Packing AdapterStück237.20
UP C-1300Col Assy Sample Trap TiStück1264.10
UP C-130-40Slurry Packing Adapter & SealStück77.10
UP C-130BGrd Col 2mm x 2cmStück175.50
UP C-1326Col Holder Assy TiStück1211.90
UP C-140-30FritteStück5.30
UP C-160Cartridge Holder AssyStück187.40
UP C-1600Col Assy Sample Trap Ti 25mmStück540.70
UP C-161Cartridge AssyStück66.40
UP C-161-02Cartridge Sleeve InnerStück9.50
UP C-168Cartridge Assy 2mm x 1cmStück52.20
UP C-168-01Cartridge Sleeve Inner 2mmStück13.40
UP C-169Cartridge Assy 4mm x 1cmStück52.20
UP C-235Male Nut 1/8Stück14.00
UP C-235XMale Nut 1/8 10pkVE (10)131.60
UP C-236Standard-Ferrule 1/8"Stück8.20
UP C-236XFerrule 1/8" 10pkVE (10)77.10
UP C-270Cartridge Holder with FingerTights Bio High PressureStück215.80
UP C-281Col 2mm x 1cm w/C-270 6pkVE (6)1005.60
UP C-282Col 2mm x 1cm - ODS 10pkVE (10)1292.50
UP C-290-01Col End Fitting Tefzel w/Flangeless NutStück17.70
UP C-401Fritte Ø.125 x .065 x Ø.2485Stück5.20
UP C-402Fritte Ø.187" x .074" x Ø.254"Stück5.30
UP C-407Fritte Ø.038 x .030 x Ø.062Stück8.90
UP C-407-02Filterscheibe (Disc)Stück2.10
UP C-408Fritte Ø.038 x .030 x Ø.125Stück8.90
UP C-409Fritte Ø.038 x .030 x Ø.062Stück8.90
UP C-420Fritte Ø.038 x .031 x Ø.192Stück10.70
UP C-425Fritte MicroFilter Ø.038 x .031 x Ø.192Stück10.60
UP C-610Grd Col Assy 2µm 4.6mm x 1cmStück36.80
UP C-710Col Cartridge 4.3mm x 1cmStück43.90
UP C-710-01Cartridge Body 4.3mm x 1cmStück32.00
UP C-751Col 4.3mm x 1cm w/C-270 6pkVE (6)849.00
UP C-752Col 4.3mm x 1cm - ODS 10pkVE (10)1047.10
UP CV-3000CV Inline AssyStück132.80
UP CV-3000NFCV Inline Assy w/o FittingsStück124.50
UP CV-3001CV Inline CartridgeStück175.50
UP CV-3010CV Inline Assy 3 psi 1/8inStück132.80
UP CV-3011CV Inline Cartridge 3 psiStück260.90
UP CV-3301CV Inlet 1/4-28 (Perfluor)Stück92.50
UP CV-3302CV Outlet Assy 1/4-28 (Perfluor)Stück92.50
UP CV-3310CV Inline Assy 3 psi 1/4-28Stück147.00
UP CV-3315CV Inlet Assy 3 psi 1/4-28 w/.020 thruStück147.00
UP CV-3316CV Outlet Assy 3 psi 1/4-28 w/.020 thruStück147.00
UP CV-3320CV Inlet Non-MetallicStück145.90
UP CV-3321CV Outlet Non-MetallicStück145.90
UP CV-3322CV Inlet Non-Metallic - .040in thruStück148.20
UP CV-3323CV Outlet Non-Metallic - .040in thruStück147.00
UP CV-3324CV Inlet Non-Metallic - .060in thruStück145.90
UP CV-3325CV Outlet Non-Metallic - .060in thruStück147.00
UP CV-3330CV Inline Non-Metallic 1/4-28Stück145.90
UP CV-3335CV Inlet Non-Metallic 1/4-28I 10-32EStück147.00
UP CV-3336CV Outlet Non-Metallic 1/4-28I 10-32EStück288.10
UP CV-3340Check valve inline Non-MetallicStück145.90
UP CV-3345CV Inline OutletStück147.00
UP CV-3500Micro-Volume Check ValveStück219.40
RH EV700-105Electric Valve, 6/7, Selector, SSStück3016.70
RH EV750-102Electric Valve, 2/10, PEEKStück2728.50
UP F-100FingerTight I Male Nut-RedStück27.30
UP F-100XFingerTight I Male Nut-Red/10pkVE (10)269.20
UP F-110FingerTight Male Nut 1/4-28Stück27.30
UP F-112MicroFerrule 1/32inStück11.00
UP F-113FingerTight MicroFerrule 1/32"Stück13.20
UP F-120FingerTight I PEEKStück9.10
UP F-120BFingerTight I PEEK BlueStück17.40
UP F-120BLKFingerTight I PEEK BlackStück9.10
UP F-120GFingerTight I PEEK GreenStück17.40
UP F-120RFingerTight I PEEK RedStück17.40
UP F-120XFingerTight I PEEK/10pkVE (10)87.70
UP F-120YFingerTight I PEEK YellowStück26.10
UP F-123HHeadless Nut 6-32 Flat Bottom 360/510µm & 1/32inStück10.90
UP F-123S6-32 Flat Bottom Nut 360/510µm & 1/32inStück42.70
UP F-124HHeadless Nut 6-32 Coned 360µmStück10.90
UP F-124HXHeadless Nut 6-32 Coned 360µm/10pkVE (10)103.20
UP F-124SStandard Nut 6-32 Coned 360µmStück10.90
UP F-124SXStandard Nut 6-32 Coned 360µm/10pkVE (10)103.20
UP F-125Micro FingerTight PEEK 6-32Stück10.90
UP F-125HHeadless Nut 6-32 Coned .025inStück16.20
UP F-125HXHeadless Nut 6-32 Coned .025in/10pkVE (10)103.20
UP F-125XMicro FingerTight PEEK 6-32/10pkVE (10)105.50
UP F-1266-32 Coned Nut 1/32in NaturalStück10.90
UP F-126HHeadless Nut 6-32 Coned 1/32inStück10.90
UP F-126HXHeadless Nut 6-32 Coned 1/32in/10pkVE (10)103.20
UP F-126SStandard Nut 6-32 Coned 1/32inStück10.90
UP F-126SXStandard Nut 6-32 Coned 1/32in/10pkVE (10)105.50
UP F-130Long FingerTight IStück9.10
UP F-130XLong FingerTight IVE (10)87.70
UP F-132MicroFerrule 1/16inStück21.70
UP F-142Ferrule High Pressure für FingerTight IIStück6.30
UP F-142NRepl 1/16 FerruleStück6.30
UP F-142NXRepl 1/16 FerruleVE (10)59.30
UP F-142XRepl Ferr Hi Press FingerTight IIVE (10)59.30
UP F-148Micro FingerTight Ferrule .009in IDStück20.00
UP F-151Micro FingerTight Ferrule .015in IDStück20.00
UP F-152Mini MicroFilter Ferrule .015inStück11.00
UP F-152BLKMini MicroFilter Ferrule .015in PEEK BlkStück21.00
UP F-156Female Nut PEEK Black 1/4-28 - 1/8Stück9.70
UP F-156XFemale Nut PEEK Black 1/4-28 - 1/8 10pkVE (10)92.50
UP F-160FingerTight II 1/4-28 Hi PressStück26.10
UP F-160XFingerTight II 1/4-28 Hi Press 10pkVE (10)170.80
UP F-162FingerTight Ferrule 1/4-28 Hi PressStück6.30
UP F-172MicroFerrule PEEK BlackStück11.00
UP F-180MicroTight SleeveStück3.60
UP F-181MicroTight SleeveStück3.60
UP F-182MicroTight SleeveStück5.30
UP F-183MicroTight SleeveStück5.30
UP F-184MicroTight SleeveStück3.60
UP F-185MicroTight SleeveStück3.60
UP F-185XMicroTight SleeveVE (10)34.40
UP F-186MicroTight SleeveStück5.30
UP F-187MicroTight SleeveStück5.30
UP F-188MicroTight SleeveStück3.60
UP F-192SealTight FerruleStück6.20
UP F-192XSealTight Ferrule/10pkVE (10)61.70
UP F-193SealTight Short Hex-headStück9.10
UP F-193XSealTightVE (10)85.40
UP F-195Short SealTight Fitting 10-32Stück9.10
UP F-195XShort SealTight Fitting 10-32/10pkVE (10)87.70
UP F-196Long SealTight Fitting 10-32Stück9.10
UP F-196XLong SealTight Fitting 10-32/10pkVE (10)85.40
UP F-197M6 SealTight AssyStück16.60
UP F-200FingerTight II 10-32 RedStück8.20
UP F-225Tubing SleeveStück9.40
UP F-226Tubing SleeveStück6.30
UP F-227Tubing SleeveStück6.30
UP F-228Tubing SleeveStück9.40
UP F-229Tubing SleeveStück6.30
UP F-230Tubing SleeveStück6.30
UP F-231Tubing SleeveStück9.40
UP F-232Tubing SleeveStück6.30
UP F-233Tubing SleeveStück6.30
UP F-234Tubing SleeveStück6.30
UP F-237NanoTight SleeveStück3.60
UP F-238NanoTight SleeveStück3.60
UP F-239NanoTight SleeveStück3.60
UP F-240NanoTight SleeveStück3.60
UP F-241NanoTight SleeveStück3.60
UP F-241NNanoTight SleeveStück20.60
UP F-242NanoTight SleeveStück3.60
UP F-242XNanoTight SleeveVE (10)34.40
UP F-243NanoTight SleeveStück3.60
UP F-244NanoTight SleeveStück3.60
UP F-245NanoTight SleeveStück3.60
UP F-246NanoTight SleeveStück3.60
UP F-247NanoTight SleeveStück3.60
UP F-252NanoTight SleeveStück3.60
UP F-252XNanoTight SleeveVE (10)34.40
UP F-262SleeveStück7.50
UP F-264SleeveStück5.80
UP F-267BSleeveStück3.90
UP F-287SealTight PEEK Fat-HeadStück9.10
UP F-287XSealTight PEEK Fat-Head/10pkVE (10)85.40
UP F-290Flangeless SealTight FerruleStück7.60
UP F-292SealTight Flangeless Nut DelrinStück3.00
UP F-294SealTight Flangeless Nut PEEKStück4.50
UP F-298Short SealTight Flnglss NutStück4.50
UP F-300FingerTight III 10-32Stück9.10
UP F-300XFingerTight III 10-32/10pkVE (10)87.70
UP F-301FingerTight III 1/4-28Stück9.10
UP F-301-01FingerTight III 1/4-28 BodyStück6.90
UP F-330Long FingerTight 2pc PEEKStück9.10
UP F-330XLong FingerTight 2pc PEEK/10pkVE (10)87.70
UP F-331Short Fingertight 2pc PEEKStück9.10
UP F-331XShort Fingertight 2pc PEEK/10pkVE (10)85.40
UP F-333NFttg NT PEEK Headless Short 1/16Stück9.10
UP F-333NXFttg NT PEEK Headless Short 1/16-10pkVE (10)87.70
UP F-345Flush Nut WrenchStück116.20
UP F-346Flush Nut WrenchStück112.70
UP F-350Flush Nut 1/16 SealTight TypeStück16.80
UP F-350XFlush Nut 1/16 SealTight Type/10pkVE (10)157.70
UP F-354Flush Nut 1/16 LiteTouch TypeStück16.70
UP F-354XFlush Nut 1/16 LiteTouch Type/10pkVE (10)157.70
UP F-356SS FlushNut 1/4-28 ThreadStück16.70
UP F-356XSS FlushNut 1/4-28 Thread/10pkVE (10)157.70
UP F-358Flush Nut 1/16 Flangeless TypeStück16.70
UP F-364Flush Nut 1/8 LiteTouch TypeStück16.80
UP F-364XFlush Nut 1/8 LiteTouch Type/10pkVE (10)157.70
UP F-368Flush Nut 1/8 Flangeless TypeStück16.70
UP F-370SleeveStück3.60
UP F-372SleeveStück3.60
UP F-373SleeveStück3.60
UP F-374SleeveStück5.30
UP F-375SleeveStück5.30
UP F-376SleeveStück3.60
UP F-380SleeveStück5.30
UP F-381SleeveStück5.30
UP F-382SleeveStück5.30
UP F-383SleeveStück3.60
UP F-384SleeveStück3.60
UP F-385SleeveStück3.60
UP F-385XSleeveVE (10)34.40
UP F-386SleeveStück5.30
UP F-387SleeveStück10.40
UP F-388SleeveStück6.00
UP FS-110TubingStück143.50
UP FS-115TubingStück143.50
UP FS-120TubingStück143.50
UP FS-150TubingStück143.50
UP FS-175TubingStück143.50
UP FS-310Fused Silica Cleaving StoneStück14.00
UP FS-311Fused Silica Carbide CutterStück16.40
UP FS-315Fused Silica Tube Cutter ShortixStück587.00
UP FS-315-02Shortix Maintenance KitPckg309.50
UP LT-100LiteTouch Ferrule 1/16inStück8.80
UP LT-100XLiteTouch Ferrule 1/16in - 10pkVE (10)85.40
UP LT-105SuperFlangeless/LiteTouch SS NutStück26.10
UP LT-105XSuperFlangeless/LiteTouch SS Nut/10pkVE (10)175.50
UP LT-110LiteTouch Nut 1/16inStück4.60
UP LT-110XLiteTouch Nut 1/16in 10pkVE (10)45.10
UP LT-111LiteTouch Flangeless Fitting 1/16Stück5.10
UP LT-115Nut SF Short 1/16in PEEK NatStück4.60
UP LT-115BNut SF Short 1/16in PEEK BlueStück8.90
UP LT-115BLKNut SF Short 1/16in PEEK BlackStück4.60
UP LT-115GNut SF Short 1/16in PEEK GreenStück8.90
UP LT-115GYNut SF Short 1/16in PEEK GrayStück4.60
UP LT-115ORNut SF Short 1/16in PEEK OrangeStück26.10
UP LT-115RNut SF Short 1/16in PEEK RedStück6.90
UP LT-115XNut SF Short 1/16in PEEK Nat/10pkVE (10)45.10
UP LT-132LiteTouch Micro Ferrule 1/32inStück13.20
UP LT-132XLiteTouch Micro Ferrule 1/32in 10pkVE (10)124.50
UP LT-135LiteTouch SealTight Ferrule AssyStück8.80
UP LT-135XLiteTouch SealTight Ferrule Assy 10pkVE (10)83.00
UP LT-200LiteTouch Ferrule 1/8inStück9.10
UP LT-200XLiteTouch Ferrule 1/8in 10pkVE (10)85.40
UP LT-210LiteTouch Nut 1/8inStück4.60
UP LT-210XLiteTouch Nut 1/8in 10pkVE (10)43.90
UP LT-215Short 1/8 LT Male Nut PEEK - NatStück4.60
UP LT-215BLKShort 1/8 LT Male Nut PEEK - BlkStück4.60
UP LT-215GShort 1/8 LT Male Nut PEEK - GrnStück13.20
UP LT-215GYShort 1/8 LT Male Nut PEEK - GrayStück7.10
UP LT-215XShort 1/8 LT Male Nut PEEK - Nat/10pkVE (10)43.90
UP LT-300LiteTouch Parting ToolStück48.60
UP LT-300-02LiteTouch BladeStück39.10
UP M-100MiniTight Male NutStück29.60
UP M-110Micro MiniTight Kel-FStück29.60
UP M-120Filter End FittingStück20.80
UP M-120XFilter End FittingVE (10)189.70
UP M-121Filter Cap Assy 1µm Green/2pkVE (2)78.30
UP M-123Filter Cap Assy 1µm Blue use w/M-533Stück60.50
UP M-124Filter Cap Assy 2µm Red/Grn use w/M-532Stück65.20
UP M-124NFPEEK Capsule Union-No FilterStück43.90
UP M-125Nanofilter (Capsule)VE (2)88.90
UP M-126Nanofilter Cap 1µm Ti/2pkVE (2)109.10
UP M-128Conductive Capsule 1µm SS 2pkVE (2)193.30
UP M-128NFConductive Union - SSStück84.20
UP M-131Mini MicroFilter (Capsule)VE (2)116.20
UP M-133Fltr Capsule Assy 1µm SS Disc Blk/Tn 2pkVE (2)87.70
UP M-134Fltr Capsule Assy 1µm Ti Disc Tn/Blk 2pkVE (2)162.50
UP M-135-1Inline MicroFilter Assy 1µm SSStück135.20
UP M-138NFMicroUnion Capsule 1/32inStück262.10
UP M-150Swaging Tool, TinyTight 6-40 GewindeStück59.30
UP M-200PEEK Spacer for 1/16in TubingStück24.90
UP M-215MicroFerrule Conductive 360µmStück85.40
UP M-400Valve AdapterStück129.30
UP M-405SMicro-Splitter ValveStück273.90
UP M-410Micro-Volume BPR mit PEEK TubingStück386.60
UP M-412Micro-Volume BPRStück386.60
UP M-420Micro-Volume BPR 10µm, für hohe FlussratenStück569.20
UP M-432MIV Injection Port Adapt AssyStück134.00
UP M-432-03Repl Tubing/Fitting AssyStück54.50
UP M-433Injection Port Adapt Assy 1/32Stück109.10
UP M-447Insulating Mounting Bracket AssyStück74.70
UP M-472Micro-Splitter ValveStück600.00
UP M-500Precolumn MicroFilter Assy for Fused SilicaStück161.30
UP M-500-04MicroFilter Tube & Ferrule AssyStück21.20
UP M-510Precolumn MicroFilter Assy for Fused SilicaStück161.30
UP M-520Inline MicroFilter AssyStück144.70
UP M-520-01Inline MicroFilter Body .006in thruStück48.60
UP M-533Mini MicroFilter Assy 1µmStück253.80
UP M-540Micro Static Mixing Tee AssemblyStück265.60
UP M-540AMicro Static Mixing Tee Assembly - No FritStück212.30
UP M-542MicroFilter Assy 1/32 Tub 2µm ScreenStück373.50
UP M-543MicroFilter Assy 1/32 Tub 1µm ScreenStück443.50
UP M-547MicroFilter Assy 1/32in 1µm SS DiscStück319.00
UP M-548MicroFilter Assy 1/32in 1µm Ti DiscStück360.50
UP M-550Precolumn MicroFilter Assy for 1/16", SS FritStück161.30
UP M-555-1MicroFilter 1/16 Tubing 2µmStück121.00
UP M-560Precolumn MicroFilter Assy for 1/16", PEEK FritStück161.30
UP M-560-1MicroFilter 1/16 Tubing 0.5µm PEEKStück356.90
UP M-572Conductive MicroUnion AssemblyStück126.90
UP M-615-1Manual Valve Mounting Bracket Kit 100Pckg78.30
UP M-615-2Manual Valve Mounting Bracket Kit 200Pckg93.70
UP M-644-03SuperFlangeless TinyTight PEEK NutStück6.00
UP M-644-03XSuperFlangeless TinyTight PEEK Nut/10pkVE (10)56.90
UP M-645Fttg FT Valco Comp 1/32in 6-40Stück18.50
UP M-645XFttg FT Valco Comp 1/32in 6-40 10pkVE (10)175.50
UP M-646SuperFlnglss TinyTight Fttg .030in thruStück28.50
UP M-647TT Ministac Compatible Ferrule 0,020" BohrungStück22.10
UP M-650Flat Bottom Ferrule Assembly 1/16 with SSt RingStück22.10
UP M-650XFlat Bottom Ferrule Assembly 1/16 with SST RingVE (10)213.40
UP M-652Nut SF Short Hex Head 1/16in PEEK GrnStück5.90
UP M-652XNut SF Short Hex Head 1/16 PEEK Grn/10pkVE (10)56.90
UP M-653Nut SF Short Knurl Head 1/16in PEEK GrnStück5.90
UP M-653XNut SF Short Knurl Head PEEK Grn/10pkVE (10)56.90
UP M-654Nut SF Knurl-Hex Head 1/16in PEEK GrnStück5.90
UP M-655Nut SF Long Hex Head 1/16 PEEK GrnStück5.90
UP M-655XNut SF Long Hex Head 1/16 PEEK Grn/10pkVE (10)56.90
UP M-657TT Minstac Compatible Ferrule 0,030" BohrungStück22.10
UP M-660SuperFlangless Nut-PEEK Nat 6-32Stück5.90
RH MXP7900-000Motorventil 2/6 Injection DuraLifeStück2064.50
RH MXP7920-000Motorventil mit Vertikalem InjektionsportStück3577.60
RH MXP7960-000Motorventil 2/10 Switching DuraLifeStück2619.40
RH MXP7970-000Motor-Auswahlventil 6/7 Selector DuraLife II, TitanHP#8482;Stück2529.30
RH MXP7980-0002/6 Nano Injection Valve DuraLife MX II, TitanHP#8482;Stück3539.60
RH MXP7986-000Motorventil 2/10 Nano Switching DuraLife II, TitanHP#8482;Stück4265.30
RH MXP9900-000Motorventil 2/6 Injection PEEKStück1931.70
RH MXP9960-000Motorventil 2/10 Switching PEEKStück2619.40
RH MXT715-000MotorventilStück2500.90
RH MXT715-105MotorventilStück2704.80
RH MXX777-601MotorventilStück1893.70
RH MXX777-6032/6 Double 3-Way 125 psiStück1857.00
RH MXX777-605Motor-Auswahlventil 6/7 Selector DuraLife IIStück1949.50
RH MXX777-612Motorventil 2/6 Large Bore SwitchingStück1949.50
RH MXX777-616Motor-Auswahlventil 6/7 Large Bore SelectorStück1949.50
RH MXX778-605Motor-Auswahlventil 10/11 SelectorStück2109.50
UP N-123-02NanoPort Gasket Flat Bottom PortStück34.40
UP N-123-03NanoPort Ferrule Flat BottomStück135.20
UP N-123-03XNanoPort Ferrule 10pkVE (10)1335.20
UP N-290Extender Tool-NanoPort Headless NutStück40.30
UP N-333NanoPort Assy HeadlessStück33.20
UP N-333-01NanoPort 10-32 Coned for 1/16in TubingStück30.80
UP OC-416PEEK Omega Frit w/Ring (2µm) GreenStück24.90
UP OC-419Omega End Fitting/Natural - HexStück19.80
UP OC-419BLKOmega End Fitting/Black - HexStück19.80
UP OC-802Mega Frit w/Ring 2µm PCTFE GreenStück24.90
UP OC-803Frit PEEK Nat 10µm Ø.457 x .077 x Ø.560Stück24.90
UP OC-805Frit PEEK Nat 5um Ø.455 x .058 x Ø.560Stück17.10
UP OC-815Frit PEEK Nat 5µm Ø.294 x .062 x Ø.375Stück20.40
UP P-100Male Nut PlasticTight 1/8inStück15.10
UP P-1100SuperFlangeless Ferrule Assy 1mm ODStück13.50
UP P-116Plug Micro FerruleStück11.90
UP P-120Plug PlasticTight 1/16inStück35.60
UP P-123Plug Tefzel 1/4-28 Hex HeadStück3.10
UP P-130Nut PEEK 5/16-24 for 1/8 FlangelessStück6.90
UP P-131Nut PEEK 5/16-24 for 1/8 LiteTouchStück6.90
UP P-132Nut PEEK 5/16-24 for 3/16 FlangelessStück6.90
UP P-133Flangeless Ferrule 3/16in Tefzel BlueStück1.90
UP P-133NFlangeless Ferrule 3/16in Tefzel NaturalStück1.90
UP P-134Union BodyStück21.90
UP P-135AdapterStück22.80
UP P-1365/16-24 Nut 1/16 Flangeless FittingStück6.90
UP P-136BLK5/16-24 Nut 1/16 Flangeless Fitting BlkStück24.90
UP P-137Nut SF PEEK Black 5/16-24 for 3/16" TubingStück6.90
UP P-138Flangeless Nut 5/16-24 for 3/16 & 4mmStück6.40
UP P-139PCTFE Flangless Ferrule 4mm ODStück5.20
UP P-140SF Ferrule Assy Tefzel 3/16inStück5.20
UP P-140XSF Ferrule Assy Tefzel 3/16in/10pkVE (10)48.60
UP P-150VerteilerStück143.50
UP P-150-01VerteilerStück129.30
UP P-151VerteilerStück141.10
UP P-151-01VerteilerStück130.40
UP P-152VerteilerStück135.20
UP P-152-01VerteilerStück257.30
UP P-153VerteilerStück131.60
UP P-153-01VerteilerStück149.40
UP P-154VerteilerStück153.00
UP P-154-01VerteilerStück182.60
UP P-155VerteilerStück122.10
UP P-155-01VerteilerStück150.60
UP P-170VerteilerStück142.30
UP P-170-01VerteilerStück136.40
UP P-190VerteilerStück188.50
UP P-190-01VerteilerStück115.00
UP P-191VerteilerStück187.40
UP P-191-01VerteilerStück118.60
UP P-200Flangeless Ferrule 1/16in Blue/10pkStück1.90
UP P-200NFlangeless Ferrule 1/16in NaturalStück1.90
UP P-200NXFlangeless Ferrule 1/16in Natural/10pkVE (10)18.50
UP P-200RFlangeless Ferrule 1/16in RedStück2.10
UP P-200XFlangeless Ferrule 1/16in Blue/10pkVE (10)18.50
UP P-201Flangeless Male Nut 1/16in BlackStück1.90
UP P-202Flangeless Male Nut 1/16in RedStück1.90
UP P-202XMale Nut 1/16in Red/10pkVE (10)18.50
UP P-203Flangeless Male Nut 1/16in WhiteStück1.90
UP P-204Flangeless Male Nut 1/16in CreamStück1.90
UP P-205Flangeless Male Nut 1/16in GreenStück1.90
UP P-206Flangeless Male Nut 1/16in BlueStück1.90
UP P-207Flangeless Metric Male Nut 1/16 BlackStück1.90
UP P-207SMale Nut M6 - 1/16in ShortStück1.90
UP P-207XMale Nut Metric 1/16in Black/10pkVE (10)17.90
UP P-208Flangeless Nut 1/16in Black ShortStück1.90
UP P-208WFlangeless Nut 1/16in White ShortStück1.90
UP P-210Male Nut Extra LongStück4.30
UP P-210NFlangeless Nut Extra Long NaturalStück4.30
UP P-213Headless M6 Nut 1/16in ShortStück4.50
UP P-215Flangeless Nut 1/16 TefzelStück2.80
UP P-215BFlangeless Nut 1/16 Tefzel BlueStück4.30
UP P-215BLKFlangeless Nut 1/16 Tefzel BlackStück2.80
UP P-215GFlangeless Nut 1/16 Tefzel GreenStück2.80
UP P-215RFlangeless Nut 1/16 Tefzel RedStück2.80
UP P-215YFlangeless Nut 1/16 Tefzel YellowStück2.80
UP P-217SuperFlangeless Nut 1/16in PPS M6Stück3.90
UP P-218Short Flangeless Nut 1/16Stück2.80
UP P-218BShort Tefzel NutStück10.30
UP P-218BLKShort Tefzel NutStück3.60
UP P-218RShort Tefzel NutStück5.20
UP P-219LT Male NutStück4.50
UP P-220Flangeless Male Nut 1/16in PP NatStück1.90
UP P-220BFlangeless Male Nut 1/16in PP BluStück2.40
UP P-220BLKFlangeless Male Nut 1/16in PP BlkStück2.40
UP P-220GFlangeless Male Nut 1/16in PP GrnStück2.40
UP P-220ORFlangeless Male Nut 1/16in PP OraStück2.40
UP P-220RFlangeless Male Nut 1/16in PP RedStück2.40
UP P-220YFlangeless Male Nut 1/16in PP YelStück2.80
UP P-221Flangeless Ferrule 1/16 PolypropStück1.90
UP P-225M6 Flangeless Nut 1/16in TefzelStück4.30
UP P-226Flangeless Nut 1/16 Tub PFA Black M6x1Stück5.70
UP P-230Flangeless Nut PEEK 1/16inStück4.50
UP P-230BLKFlangeless Nut PEEK 1/16in BlackStück4.50
UP P-232Headless NutStück4.60
UP P-235Flangeless NutStück4.50
UP P-235BFlangeless NutStück5.60
UP P-235XFlangeless NutVE (10)43.90
UP P-238Flangeless Male Nut 1/16in PurpleStück3.80
UP P-240Flangeless FerruleStück1.90
UP P-240XFlangeless FerruleVE (10)17.90
UP P-245Flangeless Nut 1/16in PFAStück2.80
UP P-245BFlangeless Nut 1/16in PFA BlueStück5.70
UP P-246SuperFlangeless Nut 1/16in PFA NatStück3.00
UP P-246XSuperFlangeless Nut 1/16in PFA Nat/10pkStück27.30
UP P-247Flangeless Nut Short M6 PEEK BlkStück4.50
UP P-247XFlangeless Nut Short M6 PEEK Blk/10pkStück42.70
UP P-248SuperFlangeless Ferrule Assy 1/32in GrnStück4.50
UP P-248XSuperFlnglss Ferr Assy 1/32in Grn 10pkVE (10)42.70
UP P-250SF Ferrule w/SS Ring 1/16in PEEKStück4.90
UP P-250XSF Ferrule w/SS Ring 1/16in PEEK/10pkVE (10)47.40
UP P-251SuperFlangeless Fitting Nut 1/16inStück4.60
UP P-252SuperFlangeless Fitting Nut 1/16inStück2.00
UP P-252XSuperFlangeless Nut 1/16in Delrin 10pkStück18.40
UP P-255SuperFlangeless Fitting Nut 1/16in PEEKStück4.60
UP P-255BSuperFlangeless Nut 1/16in PEEK BlueStück10.90
UP P-255RSuperFlangeless Nut 1/16in PEEK RedStück8.90
UP P-255XSuperFlangeless Fitting Nut PEEK/10pkVE (10)45.10
UP P-258-01SuperFlangeless Ferrule Tefzel YellowStück6.20
UP P-259SF Ferrule w/SS Ring 1/16in TefzelStück4.50
UP P-259XSF Ferrule w/SS Ring 1/16in Tefzel/10pkVE (10)42.70
UP P-260SuperFlangeless Ferrule PEEKStück7.20
UP P-260XSuperFlangeless Ferrule PEEK/10pkVE (10)68.80
UP P-270Frit in Ferrule 2µm SF PEEK with SS RingStück12.70
UP P-272Frit in Ferrule 2µm SS/PCTFEStück10.40
UP P-273Frit in Ferr 0.5µm SS/PCTFE, BlueStück10.40
UP P-274Frit in Ferr 2µm SF PEEK Nat w/SS RingStück14.90
UP P-275Frit in Ferr 0.5µm SF PEEK Blk w/SS RingStück14.80
UP P-277Extender Tool-MicroNutStück77.10
UP P-281SuperFlangeless Nut 1/16in PPSStück3.90
UP P-283Headless NutStück4.60
UP P-286Flangeless NutStück3.90
UP P-287SuperFlangeless NutStück3.90
UP P-288Flangeless Nut 1/16in PPS Headless M6Stück3.90
UP P-289SuperFlangeless NutStück5.90
UP P-290Injection Port for Injection ValvesStück27.30
UP P-291Extender Tool, Standard Head Hex DriveStück72.30
UP P-295Adj Injection Port AdapterStück39.10
UP P-296Tubing/Ferrule Assy for Adj. Inj. PortStück11.40
UP P-297Extender Tool-Headless NutStück16.60
UP P-298Extender Tool - Delrin-Flangeless NutStück11.00
UP P-299Extender Tool-Flangeless NutStück22.10
UP P-300Flangeless Ferrule 1/8in YellowStück1.90
UP P-300NFlangeless Ferrule 1/8in NaturalStück1.90
UP P-300NXFlangeless Ferrule NaturalVE (10)18.50
UP P-300XFlangeless Ferrule YellowVE (10)18.50
UP P-301Flangeless Male Nut 1/8in - BlackStück1.90
UP P-301XFlangeless Male Nut 1/8in - Black/10pkVE (10)18.50
UP P-302Flangeless Male Nut 1/8in - RedStück1.90
UP P-303Flangeless Male Nut 1/8in - WhiteStück1.90
UP P-304Flangeless Male Nut 1/8in - CreamStück1.90
UP P-305Flangeless Male Nut 1/8in - GreenStück1.90
UP P-305XFlangeless Male Nut 1/8in - Green 10pkVE (10)18.50
UP P-306Flangeless Male Nut 1/8in - BlueStück1.90
UP P-307Flnglss Metric Male Nut 1/8in-BlackStück1.90
UP P-307SMale NutStück1.90
UP P-307XFlnglss Metric Male Nut 1/8in-Black/10pkVE (10)17.90
UP P-308Flangeless Short NutStück1.90
UP P-308WFlangeless Short NutStück2.80
UP P-309Flange Type Fitting Plug - BlackStück1.90
UP P-310NMale Nut Extra LongStück2.80
UP P-311Plug Tefzel - 1/4-28Stück2.80
UP P-312Lock Nut - Flangeless FittingStück3.90
UP P-312XLock Nut - Flangeless Fitting /10pkStück36.80
UP P-314Plug Tefzel - M6 x1Stück2.80
UP P-314NPlug Tefzel Natural - M6 x1Stück2.80
UP P-315Flangeless Nut Tefzel 1/8inStück2.80
UP P-315BFlangeless Nut Tefzel 1/8in BlueStück5.20
UP P-315BLKFlangeless Nut Tefzel 1/8in BlackStück5.20
UP P-315GFlangeless Nut Tefzel 1/8in GreenStück4.30
UP P-315RFlangeless Nut Tefzel 1/8in RedStück4.30
UP P-315YFlangeless Nut Tefzel 1/8in YellowStück5.20
UP P-316Plug Teflon - 1/4-28 Flat BottomStück3.00
UP P-317SuperFlangeless Nut 1/8in PPS M6Stück3.90
UP P-318Flangeless NutStück2.80
UP P-318BFlangeless NutStück8.70
UP P-318BLKFlangeless NutStück3.60
UP P-318GFlangeless NutStück2.80
UP P-318RFlangeless NutStück2.80
UP P-318YFlangeless NutStück6.40
UP P-319SuperFlangeless NutStück4.60
UP P-320Flangeless Nut Polyprop 1/8inStück1.90
UP P-320BFlangeless Nut Polyprop 1/8in - BlueStück1.90
UP P-320BLKFlangeless Nut Polyprop 1/8in - BlackStück2.40
UP P-320ORFlangeless Nut Polyprop 1/8in - OrangeStück3.40
UP P-320RFlangeless Nut Polyprop 1/8in - RedStück3.40
UP P-320YFlangeless Nut Polyprop 1/8in - YellowStück4.30
UP P-321Plug PEEK Nat 1/4-28Stück17.50
UP P-325Flangeless Nut Tefzel 1/8in - M6Stück4.30
UP P-326Flangeless Nut PFA 1/8in Black M6Stück3.00
UP P-330Nut Flangeless 1/8in PEEKStück4.50
UP P-330BNut Flangeless 1/8in PEEK BlueStück4.50
UP P-330BLKNut Flangeless 1/8in PEEK BlackStück4.50
UP P-330GNut Flangeless 1/8in PEEK GreenStück4.50
UP P-330ORNut Flangeless 1/8in PEEK OrangeStück5.60
UP P-330RNut Flangeless 1/8in PEEK RedStück8.30
UP P-330XNut Flangeless 1/8in PEEK/10pkVE (10)43.90
UP P-330YNut Flangeless 1/8in PEEK YellowStück4.50
UP P-331SuperFlangeless Nut 1/8in PEEK NaturalStück4.60
UP P-331BSuperFlangeless Nut 1/8in PEEK BlueStück8.90
UP P-331YSuperFlangeless Nut 1/8in PEEK YellowStück4.60
UP P-332SuperFlangeless Nut 1/8in Delrin BlackStück2.00
UP P-332XSuperFlangeless Nut 1/8in Delrin/10pkStück18.40
UP P-335Nut FlangelessStück4.50
UP P-335BNut FlangelessStück4.50
UP P-335GNut FlangelessStück5.60
UP P-335ORNut FlangelessStück5.60
UP P-335RNut FlangelessStück5.60
UP P-335XNut FlangelessVE (10)43.90
UP P-335YNut FlangelessStück5.60
UP P-336SuperFlangeless NutStück4.60
UP P-337XNut FlangelessVE (10)37.90
UP P-338Nut Flangeless 1/8in Delrin PurpleStück1.90
UP P-340Small Flangeless FerruleStück1.90
UP P-340XSmall Flangeless FerruleVE (10)17.90
UP P-342Flangeless Ferrule 1.8mmStück1.90
UP P-342XFlangeless Ferrule 1.8mm/10pkVE (10)18.50
UP P-343Flangeless Ferrule 3mmStück1.90
UP P-343XFlangeless Ferrule 3mm/10pkVE (10)18.50
UP P-345Flangeless Nut Teflon 1/8inStück3.00
UP P-345XFlangeless Nut Teflon 1/8in 10pkVE (10)27.30
UP P-347Nut FlangelessStück4.50
UP P-347BNut FlangelessStück4.50
UP P-347BXNut FlangelessVE (10)53.40
UP P-347XNut FlangelessVE (10)43.90
UP P-348Headless NutStück4.50
UP P-350Ferrule with SST Ring 1/8in PEEKStück4.90
UP P-350XSuperFlangeless Ferrule PEEK 1/8in 10pkVE (10)47.40
UP P-352SuperFlangeless Ferrule M6Stück5.00
UP P-352XSuperFlangeless Ferrule M6/10pkStück47.40
UP P-353Flangeless Ferrule 2.5mm TubingStück1.90
UP P-353XFlangeless Ferrule 2.5mm Tubing/10pkVE (10)17.90
UP P-355SF Ferrule 1.8mmStück7.40
UP P-355XSF Ferrule 1.8mm x 2mm/10pkStück46.20
UP P-359SuperFlangeless Ferrule Assy Tfzl 1/8inStück4.50
UP P-359-01SF Ferrule Tefzel (Yellow)Stück4.60
UP P-359XSuperFlangless Ferr Assy Tfzl 1/8in 10pkVE (10)42.70
UP P-360SuperFlangeless Ferrule 1/8inStück7.90
UP P-360XSuperFlangeless Ferrule 1/8in 10pkVE (10)77.10
UP P-362Short Headless M6 Nut 2.5mm TubeStück4.60
UP P-370Frit in Ferr 2µm SF PEEK Nat w/SS RingStück12.80
UP P-371XFrit in Ferr 0.5µm SF PEEK Blk/10pkVE (10)183.80
UP P-372Frit in Ferr 2µm SS/PCTFE, GrnStück10.40
UP P-373Frit in Ferr 0.5µm SS/PCTFE, BlueStück10.40
UP P-374Frit in Ferr 2µm SF PEEK Nat w/SS RingStück14.80
UP P-381SuperFlangeless Nut 1/8in PPSStück3.90
UP P-387SuperFlangeless NutStück3.90
UP P-399Extender Tool - Short-Flangeless NutStück22.10
UP P-400SuperFlangeless Nut 1/8in PFAStück4.40
UP P-401Flanged Nut/Washer 1/16in - BlackStück3.80
UP P-401-01Flanged Nut 1/16in - BlackStück1.70
UP P-401XFlanged Nut/Washer 1/16in - Black 10pkStück23.70
UP P-402Flanged Nut/Washer 1/16in - RedStück3.80
UP P-403Flanged Nut/Washer 1/16in - WhiteStück2.60
UP P-405Flanged Nut/Washer 1/16in - GreenStück2.60
UP P-406Flanged Nut/Washer 1/16in - BlueStück3.80
UP P-407-01Washer SS 1/16inStück1.70
UP P-407XWasher SS 1/16in 10pkVE (10)10.10
UP P-408Flanged Fitting Plug - 1/4-28Stück3.00
UP P-411Plug PEEK Blk ZDV 6-32 PortStück9.60
UP P-416Female Nut (Micro Fittings) internal threadsStück9.70
UP P-416BLKFemale Nut 5/16-24 PEEK Black internal threadsStück9.70
UP P-416GFemale Nut 5/16-24 PEEK Green internal threadsStück28.50
UP P-420Female Nut PEEK Nat for 1/16in TubingStück9.70
UP P-430L-VerbinderStück70.00
UP P-430-01L-VerbinderStück65.20
UP P-432L-VerbinderStück72.30
UP P-432-01L-VerbinderStück96.00
UP P-440Befestigungsschraube mit VerbinderStück22.40
UP P-440-01Befestigungsschraube mit VerbinderStück19.70
UP P-441Befestigungsschraube mit VerbinderStück22.40
UP P-441-01Befestigungsschraube mit VerbinderStück29.60
UP P-441-01BLKBefestigungsschraube mit VerbinderStück29.60
UP P-441-01NBefestigungsschraube mit VerbinderStück19.70
UP P-441BBefestigungsschraube mit VerbinderStück22.40
UP P-441BLKBefestigungsschraube mit VerbinderStück22.40
UP P-441GBefestigungsschraube mit VerbinderStück22.40
UP P-441NBefestigungsschraube mit VerbinderStück22.40
UP P-442Befestigungsschraube mit VerbinderStück27.30
UP P-445Micro Metering Valve AssemblyStück86.60
UP P-445NFMicro Metering Valve - No FittingsStück73.50
UP P-446Micro Metering Valve AssyStück86.60
UP P-447Micro Metering Valve AssyStück86.60
UP P-450Micro-Splitter Valve AssyStück105.50
UP P-451Micro-Splitter Valve AssemblyStück97.20
UP P-452Micro-Splitter Valve AssyStück156.50
UP P-455BPR Assembly - BiocompStück143.50
UP P-460SMicro-Splitter ValveStück236.00
UP P-460TStream Splitter TitaniumStück323.70
UP P-465BPR Holder Assy - BiocompatibleStück142.30
UP P-470Micro-Splitter ValveStück582.20
UP P-482BFlanged Fttg Knurl 1/16in - BlueStück3.30
UP P-482BLKFlanged Fttg Knurl 1/16in - BlackStück3.80
UP P-482CFlanged Fttg Knurl 1/16in - CreamStück5.00
UP P-482GFlanged Fttg Knurl 1/16in - GreenStück3.30
UP P-482RFlanged Fttg Knurl 1/16in - RedStück4.90
UP P-482TFlanged Fttg Knurl 1/16in - TefzelStück2.70
UP P-482T-01Flanged Nut Knurl 1/16in - TefzelStück2.80
UP P-501Flanged Nut/Washer 1/8in - Black SquareStück2.60
UP P-501-01Flanged Nut 1/8in - Black SquareStück3.30
UP P-501XFlanged Nut/Washer 1/8in - Black 10pk SquareStück23.70
UP P-502Flanged Nut/Washer 1/8in - Red SquareStück3.20
UP P-503Flanged Nut/Washer 1/8in - White SquareStück2.60
UP P-503-01Flanged Nut 1/8in - White SquareStück19.60
UP P-504Flanged Nut/Washer 1/8in - Cream SquareStück2.60
UP P-505Flanged Nut/Washer 1/8in - Green SquareStück3.20
UP P-506Flanged Nut/Washer 1/8in - Blue SquareStück2.60
UP P-507-01Washer SS 1/8inStück1.10
UP P-507XWasher SS 1/8in 10pkVE (10)10.10
UP P-508Flanged Nut/Washer 1/8in - Gray SquareStück2.60
UP P-512Y-VerbinderStück46.20
UP P-512-01Y-VerbinderStück30.80
UP P-513Y-VerbinderStück46.20
UP P-513-01Y-VerbinderStück30.80
UP P-514Y-VerbinderStück46.20
UP P-514-01Y-VerbinderStück30.80
UP P-515Y-VerbinderStück46.20
UP P-515-01Y-VerbinderStück30.80
UP P-520Plug SS 10-32 ConedStück18.90
UP P-550Col Plug PEEK Nat 10-32 - Extra LongStück3.90
UP P-550BLKCol Plug PEEK Black 10-32 - Extra LongStück3.90
UP P-551Col Plug PEEK Natural 10-32Stück3.90
UP P-551BLKCol Plug PEEK Black 10-32Stück4.70
UP P-552Fttg Plug for Valco Compatible PortStück48.60
UP P-553MicroTight Gauge Plug 6-32Stück9.20
UP P-554MicroTight Gauge Plug 10-32Stück9.20
UP P-555MicroTight Plug 6-32 PEEKStück9.80
UP P-556Plug PEEK 5/16-24Stück27.30
UP P-557Plug Delrin White - 5/16-24Stück18.50
UP P-582BFlanged Fttg Knurl 1/8in BlueStück4.70
UP P-582CFlanged Fttg Knurl 1/8in CreamStück4.70
UP P-582TFlanged Fttg Knurl 1/8in TefzelStück4.90
UP P-600Adapt Body PEEK Nat - Bottle Cap x 6-32Stück35.60
UP P-602Verbinder metrischStück6.50
UP P-603Verbinder zölligStück4.20
UP P-604AdapterStück4.30
UP P-605AdapterStück4.60
UP P-612Überdruckventil (Pressure Relief Valve Tee Assy)Stück96.00
UP P-612-01Überdruckventil (Pressure Relief Valve Tee Body)Stück179.10
UP P-612SÜberdruckventil (Pressure Relief Valve Assy 5/16-24)Stück142.30
UP P-615Verbinder zölligStück212.30
UP P-618AdapterStück4.30
UP P-618LAdapterStück4.30
UP P-619AdapterStück4.30
UP P-620Verbinder zölligStück4.20
UP P-621Adapter BodyStück7.50
UP P-622Verbinder metrischStück16.40
UP P-623Verbinder zölligStück6.50
UP P-624AdapterStück5.60
UP P-625AdapterStück5.60
UP P-626AdapterStück37.90
UP P-626-01AdapterStück52.20
UP P-627AdapterStück37.90
UP P-627-01AdapterStück34.40
UP P-628Adapter Female Luer - Female Union 1/8Stück5.70
UP P-628PAdapter Female Luer - Female Union 1/8Stück6.80
UP P-628SAdapterStück24.90
UP P-629AdapterStück5.70
UP P-629BLKAdapterStück8.40
UP P-630Verbinder zölligStück14.90
UP P-631Verbinder zölligStück14.90
UP P-632T-StückStück43.90
UP P-632-01T-StückStück33.20
UP P-633T-StückStück43.90
UP P-633-01T-StückStück33.20
UP P-634KreuzStück47.40
UP P-634-01KreuzStück34.40
UP P-635KreuzStück46.20
UP P-635-01KreuzStück34.40
UP P-640AdapterStück56.90
UP P-640-01AdapterStück86.60
UP P-642AdapterStück5.70
UP P-642BLKAdapterStück5.70
UP P-643Adapter für HochdruckStück46.20
UP P-645Verbinder zölligStück18.40
UP P-646VerbinderStück5.60
UP P-647VerbinderStück5.60
UP P-648VerbinderStück5.60
UP P-649AdapterStück41.50
UP P-650AdapterStück21.50
UP P-651Adapter M6 w auf 10-32 Waters Schrauben-TypStück21.80
UP P-652AdapterStück21.30
UP P-653Adapter Extra LangStück70.00
UP P-654Adapter Extra LangStück23.70
UP P-655VerbinderStück19.90
UP P-655-01VerbinderStück16.40
UP P-656VerbinderStück19.90
UP P-656-01VerbinderStück16.40
UP P-657VerbinderStück20.00
UP P-658AdapterStück18.70
UP P-659AdapterStück18.70
UP P-660AdapterStück18.70
UP P-661AdapterStück6.30
UP P-662Adapter Female Luer to MicroTight AssyStück66.40
UP P-662-01Adapter Female Luer to MicroTight BodyStück62.80
UP P-663AdapterStück5.70
UP P-664AdapterStück5.60
UP P-665AdapterStück5.60
UP P-668AdapterStück13.50
UP P-669AdapterStück37.90
UP P-669-01AdapterStück32.00
UP P-670AdapterStück32.00
UP P-671AdapterStück48.60
UP P-672AdapterStück32.00
UP P-673AdapterStück33.20
UP P-674AdapterStück33.20
UP P-675AdapterStück13.60
UP P-675-01AdapterStück10.70
UP P-676AdapterStück17.90
UP P-677AdapterStück13.60
UP P-677-01AdapterStück9.50
UP P-678AdapterStück10.70
UP P-679AdapterStück16.80
UP P-680AdapterStück10.70
UP P-681AdapterStück32.00
UP P-683AdapterStück28.50
UP P-683-01AdapterStück27.30
UP P-684AdapterStück35.60
UP P-686AdapterStück5.60
UP P-689AdapterStück40.30
UP P-690AdapterStück10.30
UP P-691AdapterStück10.30
UP P-692AdapterStück18.10
UP P-693Adapter LangStück39.10
UP P-696Adapter mit Luer-Lock AnschlussStück122.10
UP P-697AdapterStück100.80
UP P-699Bulkhead Quick Stop Luer CVStück110.30
UP P-702Verbinder zölligStück29.60
UP P-702-01Verbinder zölligStück18.30
UP P-703Verbinder zölligStück29.60
UP P-703-01Verbinder zölligStück18.30
UP P-704Verbinder zöllig hochdruckStück46.20
UP P-704-01Verbinder zöllig hochdruckStück30.80
UP P-705Verbinder zöllig hochdruckStück46.20
UP P-706Verbinder zöllig hochdruckStück46.20
UP P-706-01Verbinder zöllig hochdruckStück61.70
UP P-708-02Luer Lock Hub - PEEK BlackStück5.10
UP P-710Verbinder zölligStück23.50
UP P-710-01Verbinder zölligStück14.80
UP P-712T-StückStück46.20
UP P-712-01T-StückStück29.60
UP P-712-01RT-StückStück32.00
UP P-713T-StückStück46.20
UP P-713-01T-StückStück29.60
UP P-714T-StückStück46.20
UP P-714-01T-StückStück29.60
UP P-715T-StückStück49.80
UP P-716T-Stück HochdruckStück74.70
UP P-718AdapterStück32.00
UP P-720Verbinder MicrotightStück53.40
UP P-720-01Verbinder MicrotightStück45.10
UP P-720-01BLKVerbinder MicrotightStück29.60
UP P-721Shut Off Valve AssyStück61.70
UP P-721AShut Off Valve ohne FittingsStück53.40
UP P-722KreuzStück58.10
UP P-722-01KreuzStück34.40
UP P-723KreuzStück58.10
UP P-723-01KreuzStück35.60
UP P-724AdapterStück98.40
UP P-726Kreuz HochdruckStück103.20
UP P-727T-Stück HochdruckStück51.00
UP P-727-01T-Stück HochdruckStück26.10
UP P-728T-Stück HochdruckStück51.00
UP P-728-01T-Stück HochdruckStück26.10
UP P-729Kreuz HochdruckStück70.00
UP P-729-01Kreuz HochdruckStück36.80
UP P-730Kreuz HochdruckStück70.00
UP P-730-01Kreuz HochdruckStück54.50
UP P-731SPEEK Drain Valve - SS NeedleStück287.00
UP P-7322-Way Valve BiocompatibelStück70.00
UP P-732A2-Way Valve Biocompatibel ohne FittingsStück65.20
UP P-7332-Way valve, biocompatibel, with fittingsStück70.00
UP P-733A2-Way Valve Biocompatibel ohne FittingsStück65.20
UP P-742Verbinder zöllig hochdruckStück46.20
UP P-742-01Verbinder zöllig hochdruckStück30.80
UP P-753Sparging Relief ValveStück227.70
UP P-754Tefzel Cap - 1/16in Male NutStück3.90
UP P-754BLKTefzel Cap - 1/16in Male Nut-BlackStück4.70
UP P-755Tefzel Cap for 1/4-28 NutStück3.90
UP P-756Tefzel Cap for M6 NutStück3.90
UP P-757Adapter SetPckg53.40
UP P-758Small Plastic Tubing Coiler w/ClipStück65.20
UP P-759Large Plastic Tubing Coiler w/ClipStück23.10
UP P-760KupplungStück46.20
UP P-760-01Verbinder zöllig hochdruckStück30.80
UP P-761BPR Cartridge - Gold CoatedStück98.40
UP P-762BPR Cartridge - Gold CoatedStück98.40
UP P-763BPR Cartridge - Gold CoatedStück98.40
UP P-764BPR Cartridge - Gold CoatedStück98.40
UP P-765BPR Cartridge 500 - Gold CoatedStück98.40
UP P-767Adapter SetPckg59.30
UP P-768BPR CartridgeStück93.70
UP P-770AdapterStück53.40
UP P-770-01MicroTight Adapter Body PEEKStück51.00
UP P-771Verbinder MicrotightStück53.40
UP P-771-01Verbinder MicrotightStück29.60
UP P-772Verbinder MicroTight IIStück59.30
UP P-772-01Verbinder MicroTight IIStück29.60
UP P-775T-Stück mikroStück164.80
UP P-775-01T-Stück mikroStück113.80
UP P-777Kreuz mikroStück187.40
UP P-777-01MicroCross Body PEEKStück204.00
UP P-779Verbinder NanotightStück74.70
UP P-779-01Verbinder NanotightStück59.30
UP P-780Tubing Expanding AwlStück21.60
UP P-7822-Way Valve Tefzel mit FittingsStück64.00
UP P-782NF2-Way Valve ohne FittingsStück54.50
UP P-7832-Way Valve mit FittingsStück62.80
UP P-783-012-Way Valve ohne FittingsStück54.50
UP P-785BPR AssemblyStück142.30
UP P-786BPR AssemblyStück142.30
UP P-787BPR AssemblyStück142.30
UP P-788BPR AssemblyStück143.50
UP P-789BPR AssemblyStück143.50
UP P-790BPR Assembly w/CartridgeStück142.30
UP P-791BPR Assembly w/CartridgeStück142.30
UP P-794VerbinderStück28.50
UP P-795BPR CartridgeStück98.40
UP P-796BPR CartridgeStück98.40
UP P-797VerbinderStück20.60
UP P-798VerbinderStück20.60
UP P-799VerbinderStück20.80
UP P-801VerbinderStück0.80
UP P-802VerbinderStück0.80
UP P-803VerbinderStück0.80
UP P-805VerbinderStück0.80
UP P-807AdapterStück1.30
UP P-808AdapterStück0.80
UP P-809AdapterStück0.80
UP P-810AdapterStück0.80
UP P-830AdapterStück5.30
UP P-830-02Luer Ferrule 1/8inStück1.80
UP P-830TEinsetzhilfe für SchneidringeStück16.00
UP P-831AdapterStück5.30
UP P-835AdapterStück5.30
UP P-836AdapterStück5.30
UP P-836-02Schneidring für P-836Stück3.10
UP P-837LuerTight System 1/16inStück20.80
UP P-838LuerTight System 1/8inStück20.90
UP P-840VacuTight FerruleStück1.90
UP P-842VacuTight FttgStück7.20
UP P-842-01VacuTight FttgStück5.60
UP P-842XVacuTight FttgVE (10)68.80
UP P-844VacuTight FttgStück7.20
UP P-844-01VacuTight NutStück6.90
UP P-844XVacuTightVE (10)68.80
UP P-845-01Verbinder VacuTightStück18.30
UP P-846VacuTight Headless LongStück7.20
UP P-846-01VacuTight Nut - Headless LongStück5.60
UP P-846XVacuTightVE (10)68.80
UP P-849Plug Delrin - 10-32 Flat BottomStück11.00
UP P-850AdapterStück1.30
UP P-851AdapterStück1.30
UP P-852AdapterStück1.30
UP P-853AdapterStück1.90
UP P-854AdapterStück1.30
UP P-855AdapterStück1.30
UP P-856AdapterStück1.90
UP P-857AdapterStück1.30
UP P-858AdapterStück1.30
UP P-859AdapterStück1.30
UP P-860Y-VerbinderStück2.30
UP P-861Y-VerbinderStück3.30
UP P-862Y-VerbinderStück2.30
UP P-863Y-VerbinderStück2.30
UP P-864Y-VerbinderStück4.30
UP P-870AdapterStück5.50
UP P-871AdapterStück8.20
UP P-872AdapterStück5.50
UP P-874L-Verbinder mikroStück164.80
UP P-875T-Stück mikroStück166.00
UP P-875-01T-Stück mikroStück93.70
UP P-880Adjustable Back Pressure Regulator (BPR)Stück222.90
UP P-881AdapterStück53.40
UP P-881-01AdapterStück34.40
UP P-882AdapterStück53.40
UP P-882-01AdapterStück34.40
UP P-885T-Stück mikroStück167.20
UP P-885-01T-Stück mikroStück135.20
UP P-887Kreuz mikroStück190.90
UP P-887-01Kreuz mikroStück342.70
UP P-888T-Stück mikroStück164.80
UP P-888-01T-Stück mikroStück115.00
UP P-889T-Stück mikroStück188.50
UP P-889-01T-Stück mikroStück176.70
UP P-890T-Stück mikroStück164.80
UP P-890-01T-Stück mikroStück113.80
UP P-891Kreuz mikroStück188.50
UP P-920-01AdapterStück32.00
UP P-930VacuTight FttgStück7.50
UP P-930-01VacuTight NutStück5.60
UP P-930XVacuTight Fttg 1/4-28 - 1/16 10pkVE (10)70.00
UP P-931VacuTight Fttg M6Stück49.80
UP P-931XVacuTight Fttg M6VE (10)198.00
UP P-932VacuTight FttgStück7.40
UP P-933XVacuTight Fttg M6 - 1/16 ShortVE (10)209.90
UP P-934VacuTight FttgStück22.20
UP P-938VacuTight FttgStück12.60
UP P-938XVacuTight FttgVE (10)117.40
UP P-940VacuTight Ferrule 1/8inStück2.00
UP P-940XVacuTight Ferrule 1/8in/10pkStück18.40
UP P-942VacuTight Fttg 1/4-28 - 1/8Stück7.20
UP P-942XVacuTight Fttg 1/4-28 - 1/8 10pkStück70.00
UP P-943-01VacuTight Nut M6 - 1/8Stück5.60
UP P-944VacuTight FttgStück7.20
UP P-945VacuTight FittingStück18.30
UP P-945XVacuTight FttgVE (10)119.80
UP P-946VacuTight FttgStück10.80
UP P-946XVacuTight HeadlessVE (10)68.80
UP P-947XVacuTight Headless M6VE (10)209.90
UP P-948VacuTight Fttg 1/4-28 - 1/8in PEEKStück7.50
UP P-948XVacuTight Fttg 1/4-28 - 1/8in PEEK 10pkVE (10)70.00
UP PK-100XLiteTouch Ferrule Assy 1/16in - PK/10pkVE (10)103.20
UP PK-110XLiteTouch Nut 1/16in - Polyketone/10pkVE (10)54.50
UP PK-112UHP MicroFerrule, 1/32inStück13.30
UP PK-120BLKFingerTight I - PEEKStück11.00
UP PK-120BLKXFingerTight I - Polyketone/10pkVE (10)106.70
UP PK-132LiteTouch Micro Ferrule Assy 1/32in - PKStück15.90
UP PK-132XLiteTouch Micro Ferrule 1/32in - PK-10pkVE (10)150.60
UP PK-152UHP MicroFerrule, 360µmStück13.30
UP PK-250-01SuperFlangeless FerruleStück7.50
UP PK-250XSF Ferrule 1/16inVE (10)56.90
UP U-101TubingStück5.20
UP U-102TubingStück6.50
UP U-103TubingStück9.10
UP U-104TubingStück11.70
UP U-105TubingStück43.90
UP U-106TubingStück51.00
UP U-107TubingStück51.00
UP U-108TubingStück51.00
UP U-111TubingStück5.50
UP U-1113TubingStück18.50
UP U-1114TubingStück18.00
UP U-1115TubingStück47.40
UP U-1116TubingStück36.80
UP U-1117TubingStück41.50
UP U-112TubingStück7.10
UP U-1120TubingStück18.00
UP U-1122TubingStück36.80
UP U-1123TubingStück33.20
UP U-1125TubingStück17.40
UP U-1126TubingStück16.20
UP U-1128TubingStück33.20
UP U-113TubingStück10.10
UP U-1130TubingStück15.10
UP U-1131TubingStück23.70
UP U-1132TubingStück36.80
UP U-1133TubingStück49.80
UP U-114TubingStück13.00
UP U-1140TubingStück16.80
UP U-1141TubingStück23.70
UP U-1142TubingStück36.80
UP U-1143TubingStück49.80
UP U-1145TubingStück12.20
UP U-1146TubingStück23.70
UP U-1148TubingStück49.80
UP U-115TubingStück5.50
UP U-116TubingStück8.70
UP U-117TubingStück10.10
UP U-118TubingStück13.20
UP U-126TubingStück5.50
UP U-127TubingStück7.00
UP U-128TubingStück10.10
UP U-129TubingStück39.10
UP U-130TubingStück19.30
UP U-131TubingStück34.40
UP U-132TubingStück19.20
UP U-133TubingStück34.40
UP U-134TubingStück17.20
UP U-135TubingStück29.60
UP U-136TubingStück19.30
UP U-137TubingStück34.40
UP U-138TubingStück7.80
UP U-139TubingStück11.70
UP U-140TubingStück19.40
UP U-141TubingStück27.30
UP U-142TubingStück42.70
UP U-143TubingStück81.80
UP U-144TubingStück123.30
UP U-145TubingStück8.20
UP U-146TubingStück12.50
UP U-147TubingStück32.00
UP U-148TubingStück29.60
UP U-149TubingStück70.00
UP U-150TubingStück91.30
UP U-151TubingStück136.40
UP U-152TubingStück5.70
UP U-153TubingStück7.50
UP U-154TubingStück10.90
UP U-155TubingStück14.30
UP U-156TubingStück21.50
UP U-157TubingStück39.10
UP U-158TubingStück56.90
UP U-160TubingStück271.50
UP U-161TubingStück237.20
UP U-162TubingStück236.00
UP U-163TubingStück205.10
UP U-164TubingStück236.00
UP U-165TubingStück421.00
UP U-281Kupplung Vorsäule / SäuleStück92.50
UP U-283Kupplung Vorsäule / SäuleStück49.80
UP U-284Kupplung Vorsäule / SäuleStück24.90
UP U-287Kupplung Vorsäule / SäuleStück30.80
UP U-288Kupplung Vorsäule / SäuleStück70.00
UP U-310Male Nut - Rheodyne Type ShortStück6.20
UP U-313Male Nut - Rheodyne Type Extra LongStück10.20
UP U-320Male Nut - Valco Compatible 316 S.S.Stück6.00
UP U-320XMale Nut - Valco Compatible 10pkVE (10)59.30
UP U-321Ferrule - Valco Compatible 316SSStück4.20
UP U-321XFerrule - Valco Compatible 10pkVE (10)40.30
UP U-322Verbinder Typ VICI ValcoStück55.70
UP U-322-01Verbinder Typ VICI ValcoStück48.60
UP U-350Male Nut - SSI TypeStück10.00
UP U-352Verbinder Typ SSIStück166.00
UP U-400Upchurch Male NutStück6.20
UP U-400XUpchurch Male Nut 10pkVE (10)59.30
UP U-401Upchurch Ferrule 1/16inStück4.20
UP U-401XUpchurch Ferrule 1/16in 10pkVE (10)40.30
UP U-402Kupplung HochdruckStück40.30
UP U-402-01Kupplung HochdruckStück28.50
UP U-410Male Nut - Waters TypeStück6.30
UP U-410XMale Nut - Waters Type 10pkVE (10)58.10
UP U-411Verbinder NanotightStück65.20
UP U-411-01Verbinder NanotightStück45.10
UP U-412Kupplung Typ WatersStück45.10
UP U-412-01Kupplung Typ WatersStück42.70
UP U-413VerbinderStück88.90
UP U-421DurchführungStück60.50
UP U-428T-StückStück100.80
UP U-428-01T-Stück HochdruckStück105.50
UP U-429T-Stück HochdruckStück94.90
UP U-429-01T-Stück HochdruckStück132.80
UP U-430Kreuz HochdruckStück124.50
UP U-431Kreuz HochdruckStück122.10
UP U-433T-Stück für ManometerStück112.70
UP U-435Verbinder HochdruckStück48.60
UP U-435-01Verbinder HochdruckStück30.80
UP U-437Verbinder HochdruckStück36.80
UP U-437-01Verbinder HochdruckStück32.00
UP U-438Verbinder HochdruckStück36.80
UP U-438-01Verbinder HochdruckStück18.30
UP U-440Union Assy ZDV BulkheadStück80.60
UP U-440-01Union Body BulkheadStück70.00
UP U-441Union Assy BulkheadStück71.10
UP U-450Upchurch M6 Male NutStück16.50
UP U-450XUpchurch M6 Male Nut/10pkVE (10)154.20
UP U-453Union Assy BulkheadStück105.50
UP U-453-02SS Nut 3/8-24 ThreadStück2.60
UP U-455Pressure Relief Valve AssyStück198.00
UP U-456Pressure Relief Valve AssyStück199.20
UP U-459Male Nut 5/16-24 - 1/8 TubingStück24.90
UP U-466High Pressure Mixing Tee PEEKStück162.50
UP U-466-02High Pressure Mixing Tee Body PEEKStück269.20
UP U-466SHigh Pressure Mixing TeeStück162.50
UP U-467BCol Plug Acetal BlueStück1.30
UP U-467BLKCol Plug Acetal BlackStück1.30
UP U-467RCol Plug Acetal RedStück1.30
UP U-467WCol Plug Acetal WhiteStück1.30
UP U-468BCol Plug Tefzel BlueStück2.00
UP U-468BLKCol Plug Tefzel BlackStück2.40
UP U-468GCol Plug Tefzel GrnStück3.20
UP U-468NCol Plug Tefzel NaturalStück1.70
UP U-468RCol Plug Tefzel RedStück3.00
UP U-468YCol Plug Tefzel YellowStück2.40
UP U-469BPR Cartridge HolderStück136.40
UP U-469-02CBPR Holder Body SS 1/16 End - CoatedStück367.60
UP U-500Adapter für RohrgewindeStück23.50
UP U-500-01Adapter für RohrgewindeStück15.30
UP U-501Adapter für RohrgewindeStück22.80
UP U-502Adapter für RohrgewindeStück35.60
UP U-503Adapter für RohrgewindeStück24.90
UP U-503-01Adapter für RohrgewindeStück15.30
UP U-504Adapter für RohrgewindeStück23.50
UP U-504-01Adapter für RohrgewindeStück22.80
UP U-510Adapter für RohrgewindeStück23.50
UP U-510-01Adapter für RohrgewindeStück15.30
UP U-511Adapter für RohrgewindeStück15.30
UP U-512Adapter für RohrgewindeStück35.60
UP U-512-01Adapter für RohrgewindeStück22.80
UP U-513Adapter für RohrgewindeStück23.50
UP U-514Adapter für RohrgewindeStück23.50
UP U-514-01Adapter für RohrgewindeStück15.30
UP U-605BPR AssemblyStück189.70
UP U-606BPR AssemblyStück188.50
UP U-607BPR AssemblyStück188.50
UP U-608BPR AssemblyStück189.70
UP U-609BPR AssemblyStück189.70
UP U-610BPR AssemblyStück189.70
UP U-620PEEK Nut 1/2-20 Coned PortStück12.90
UP U-650Flangeless Ferrule 1/4in TubStück2.70
UP U-650XFlangeless Ferrule 1/4in Tub 10pkVE (10)26.10
UP U-655Flangeless Nut 1/4 TubStück8.70
UP U-658Verbinder präparativStück65.20
UP U-658-01Verbinder präparativStück104.40
UP U-659AdapterStück74.70
UP U-660Flangeless Ferrule 5/16 TubStück5.80
UP U-660XFlangeless Ferrule 5/16 Tub - 10pkVE (10)36.80
UP U-662Male Nut 1/2-20 - 5/16in Tub - BlkStück12.80
UP U-665AdapterStück43.90
UP U-665-01AdapterStück53.40
UP U-800TubingStück126.90
UP U-803TubingStück367.60
UP U-805TubingStück607.10
UP U-825TubingStück37.90
UP UH-196Fitting UltraHigh Press 1/16in x 10-32Stück48.60
UP UH-196XFitting UltraHigh Pressure 1/16in/10pkVE (10)464.80
UP UH-293Ferrule UltraHigh Pressure 1/32inStück12.00
UP UH-293XFerrule UltraHigh Pressure 1/32in/10pkVE (10)115.00
UP UH-296Fitting UltraHigh Press 1/32in x 10-32Stück24.90
UP UH-402Verbinder Ultra-HochdruckStück66.40
UP UH-427T-Stück Ultra-HochdruckStück129.30
UP UH-429Kreuz Ultra-HochdruckStück236.00
UP UH-432Micro-Verbinder Ultra-HochdruckStück141.10
UP UH-436Micro-Verbinder Ultra-HochdruckStück141.10
UP UH-700Micro T-Stück Ultra-HochdruckStück204.00
UP UH-702Micro Kreuz Ultra-HochdruckStück341.50
UP UH-750Micro T-Stück Ultra-HochdruckStück158.90
UP UH-752Micro Kreuz Ultra-HochdruckStück250.20
UP UH-881Adapter für UltrahochdruckStück107.90
UP UH-904Fitting UltraHigh PressureStück16.80
UP V-100D4-Way Valve PEEK Diagonal FlowStück158.90
UP V-100L4-Way Valve PEEK Right Angle FlowStück158.90
UP V-100T4-Way Valve PEEK 3-Port FlowStück158.90
UP V-101D4-Way Valve PEEK Diagonal Flow BulkheadStück168.40
UP V-101L4-Way Valve PEEK Right Angle Flow BulkheadStück167.20
UP V-101T4-Way Valve PEEK 3-Port Flow BulkheadStück167.20
UP V-2406-Port Selection Valve .040 BlackStück402.00
UP V-2416-Port Selection Valve BulkheadStück419.80
UP V-3406-Port Selection Valve .063 RedStück402.00
UP V-3416-Port Selection Valve .063 Red BulkheadStück341.50
UP V-447Inj Port for Actuator MountingStück228.90
UP V-4506-Port Inj Valve - BlackStück402.00
UP V-4516-Port Inj Valve .040 - BulkheadStück342.70
UP V-472-11NanoFerrule, PEEKStück12.20
UP V-5406-Port Inj Valve .063 - RedStück328.50
UP V-5416-Port Inj Valve .063 - BulkheadStück385.40
RH 7335Column Inlet FilterPckg309.50
RH 0441-015Knob Assy for 7000Stück138.70
RH 2710-004Cable, RS232 DB9F-DB9F 3MStück35.60
RH 3725-039Stator Face Seal (SFS) für 3710, 3710-038, 3725, 3725-038Stück188.50
RH 3725-056HPLC Needle, PEEKStück65.20
RH 5123-067Cable, RS232 for EVStück48.60
RH 5123-095Power Cord North AmericaStück30.80
RH 5123-096Power Cord Schucko (Europe)Stück30.80
RH 5123-122Power Supply for EV/LabProStück201.60
RH 5804-601PCB,BCD,LabPro,Switch at 1Stück749.40
RH 6000-051FerrulesVE (5)29.60
RH 6000-054Fittings SetsVE (5)41.50
RH 6000-054GNFittings SetVE (5)52.20
RH 6000-090PlugVE (5)92.50
RH 6000-109Fitting SetVE (5)53.40
RH 6000-110FerruleVE (5)21.00
RH 6000-111Fitting SetVE (5)56.90
RH 6000-116FittingsVE (50)308.30
RH 6000-117FerruleVE (50)192.10
RH 6000-118FittingsVE (50)358.10
RH 6000-119Fittings, ELGVE (50)505.20
RH 6000-162Fittings, ELGVE (5)77.10
RH 6000-263FittingsVE (10)64.00
RH 6000-264FittingsVE (10)71.10
RH 6000-265Fittings,SS,1/16",ELGVE (10)111.50
RH 6000-274BLFittingsVE (10)139.90
RH 6000-275FerruleVE (10)28.50
RH 6000-278Fittings SetVE (10)125.70
RH 6000-278BLRheFlex Fittings SetVE (10)119.80
RH 6000-278GYRheFlex Fittings SetVE (10)158.90
RH 6000-278YLRheFlex Fittings SetVE (10)144.70
RH 6000-280RDRheFlex FittingsVE (10)168.40
RH 6000-280YLRheFlex FittingsVE (10)168.40
RH 6000-363Knob,Chromtrc,Black,50/PKGVE (50)85.40
RH 7000-005Fittings for 7000/7030 SeriesPckg138.70
RH 7000-016VS Rotor Seal for 7000L and 7040LStück162.50
RH 7005-999RheBuild Kit for EV7x0-105Pckg332.00
RH 7010-009SS Nut, BulkStück4.60
RH 7010-032Hex Key, 9/64Stück5.70
RH 7010-041Stator Ring for 7010Stück160.10
RH 7010-047Fittings for 7010/7125Pckg71.10
RH 7010-069SS Stator for 7000L SeriesStück789.70
RH 7010-144Stator Screw, 7010/7125,10/pkgVE (10)15.30
RH 7010-1603/32 Hex KeyStück6.40
RH 7012-009Needle Port FittingStück47.40
RH 7030-014VS Rotor Seal for 7030LStück156.50
RH 7060-052Fittings for 7060Pckg137.60
RH 7060-064VS Rotor Seal for 7060LStück234.80
RH 7060-065SS Stator for 7060LStück540.70
RH 7120-035VS Rotor Seal for 7120Stück322.50
RH 7123-269SS Stator for RV700-116Stück769.60
RH 7123-270PK Stator for RV750-116Stück1223.70
RH 7123-499Stator Face Seal (SFS) for Injector with PurgeStück121.00
RH 7123-526RPC10,Rotor Seal for VHPStück429.30
RH 7123-548Stator mit MBBStück945.10
RH 7123-550SPC3, Stator, 7 Port 6 Position for VHPStück1198.80
RH 7123-559SPC-1,Stator,6 Port,0.040\"Stück639.10
RH 7125-008Needle GuideStück12.10
RH 7125-041Shaft Assy for 7125Stück573.90
RH 7125-042Thrust Bearing for 7125Stück99.60
RH 7125-067Stator Face Assembly (SFA) für 7125Stück283.40
RH 7150-999RheBuild Kit for HT/MXT715-000Pckg735.20
RH 7155-999RheBuild Kit for Ht715-105Pckg772.00
RH 7302-005Replacement Filter Set, 2 µmVE (5)139.90
RH 7410-070Loop Disc, 0.5uL for 7410Stück281.00
RH 7410-0711 µl Loop Disc (Standard bei Ventil 7410)Stück187.40
RH 7410-0722 µl Loop Disc for 7410Stück294.10
RH 7413-0410.5-1-2uL Loop Disc for 7413Stück322.50
RH 7413-0420,5-1-5µL Loop Disc for 7413Stück215.80
RH 7520-0110.2uL,Rotor,VS for 7520Stück527.70
RH 7520-0120.5uL,Rotor, VS for 7520Stück501.60
RH 7520-0131uL,Rotor,VS for 7520Stück527.70
RH 7520-035Stator,Outlet for 7520Stück579.90
RH 7725-009Handle for 7725Stück194.50
RH 7725-026Stator Face Assembly (SFA) für 7710, 7716, 7725, 7726, 9725, 9726Stück245.50
RH 7750-012Isolation Seal schwarzStück42.70
RH 7750-027Stator Face Seal für 7750/XX7XStück301.20
RH 7750-050TZ Rotor Seal, für 7739, 7750 EV/IV700-100Stück134.00
RH 7750-055Rotor Seal, 3 GroovesStück161.30
RH 7750-057PK Rotor Seal, 7750, 2 GrooveStück144.70
RH 7750-070SS Stator,7750,W/90deg StampStück422.10
RH 7750-999RheBuild Kit for 7750 SeriesPckg349.80
RH 7755-14220uL,SS,Sample Loop,30D,StdNutStück58.10
RH 7755-2005uL,SS,Sample Loop,VHPStück131.60
RH 7755-20110uL,SS,Sample Loop,VHPStück138.70
RH 7755-20220uL,SS,Sample Loop,VHPStück156.50
RH 7755-20350uL,SS,Sample Loop,VHPStück156.50
RH 7755-204100uL,SS,Sample Loop,VHPStück163.60
RH 7755-21725uL,SS Sample Loop,VHPStück131.60
RH 7770-003Spanner for TitanHP 7-PORTStück46.20
RH 7770-039TitanEX Ferrule, 1/8"VE (25)166.00
RH 7770-040TitanEX Ferrule, 1/8"VE (50)409.10
RH 7770-124Grüne O-RingeVE (25)201.60
RH 7770-229DuraLife Stator for MHP/MXP7920-000 and PODStück1283.00
RH 777205-999CAM for MLP777-205/605Stück572.70
RH 777206-999CAM for MLP777-206/606Stück572.70
RH 778206-999CAM for MLP778-206/606Stück734.00
RH 7900-179Stator, Plated for MHP7900 / MXP7900 / PD7900Stück520.60
RH 7900-183Stator, Plated for MHP7970-000Stück1355.40
RH 7900-187VS Rotor Seal for MHP7970Stück305.90
RH 7920-999RheBuild Kit MHP7900-000, PD7900-000, PD792XPckg277.50
RH 7960-014SPC1 Stator for MHP7960-XXX-XStück959.30
RH 7961-999RheBuild Kit, MHP7960-XXX-XPckg359.30
RH 7970-999RheBuild Kit,MHP7970/PD7970Pckg329.70
RH 79801-999RheBuild Kit for MHP/PD/MXP7980Pckg407.90
RH 79861-999RheBuild Kit for MHP/PD/MXP7986Pckg501.60
RH 8010-016SS Stator for 8010Stück590.50
RH 8125/20UL2/6 Syr. Load Inj, SS w/20uLStück1885.40
RH 8125-035Shaft for 8125/8126Stück296.50
RH 8125-059Pos. Sensor for 8125Stück79.40
RH 8125-074Stator Face Assembly (SFA) für 8125Stück209.90
RH 8125-108Pos. Sensor CordStück28.50
RH 8125-119PEEK Rotor Seal for 8125Stück181.40
RH 9010-040Fittings for 9010/9125VE (4)73.50
RH 9010-061Tefzel RS for 9010, .015\" GrvStück164.80
RH 9010-065PEEK Rotor Seal for 9010Stück161.30
RH 9055-004TubingStück78.30
RH 9125-095PEEK Rotor Seal for 9125Stück161.30
RH 9650-015PK Rotor Seal for 7650, 9650, IV/RV750-102, IV/RV7x0-102Stück175.50
RH 9710-035VS Rotor Seal for 9710-050Stück168.40
RH 9960-002PK Stator for MV,MHP,PDStück849.00
RH EV100-106Electric Valve, 6/7, Low Pressure, 1/8\"Stück2864.90
RH EV500-101Electric Valve, 2 Channel Selector, SSStück3191.00
RH EV501-100Electric Valve, Low Pro, 3-Column Selector, SSStück6019.10
RH EV551-104Electric Valve, 6 Column Selector, Low Pro, PEEKStück6530.20
RH EV700-104Electric Valve, 2/6, 3Way, SSStück2743.90
RH EV750-100Electric Valve, 2/6, Injection, PEEKStück2703.60
RH EV750-105Electric Valve, 6/7 Selection Valve, PEEKStück3167.30
RH EV750-112Electric Valve, 2/6, Large Bore, PEEKStück3370.00
RH PD715-000Wechselkopf (Rapid Replacement Pod)Stück1451.40
RH PD715-105Wechselkopf (Rapid Replacement Pod)Stück1528.50
RH PD7900Wechselkopf (Rapid Replacement Pod)Stück671.20
RH PD7920Wechselkopf (Rapid Replacement Pod)Stück1494.10
RH PD79602/10,TitanHP Pod,SEL,DLStück1136.00
RH PD79706/7,TitanHP,Pod,SEL,CP,DL2Stück1300.80
RH PD79802/6,TitanHP,Nano,PodStück2277.90
RH PD79862/10,TitanHP,Nano,PodStück2965.70
RH PD99002/6,TitanHP,Pod,PeekStück665.20
RH PD99602/10 TitanHP,Pod,PeekStück1061.30
UP TF-234Tub FEP Orange vorgeschnittenStück0.90
RH 777216-999CAM for MLP777-216/616Pckg591.70
UP 9000-1471Entgaser-Vakuumpumpe komplettStück671.20
RH PD715-1022/10,TitanHT,PD,SV,ULStück2359.70
RH 7152-999RheBuild Kit for HT/MXT715-102Pckg756.50
RH 7153-999RheBuild Kit for HT715-202Pckg775.50
RH 7123-568µL Stator for HT715-102 + MXT715-102Stück1953.00
RH MXT715-102MotorventilStück3633.30
UP XP-315XFlangeless Nut Tefzel 1/8in + SchneidringVE (10)46.20
EGT 101.876Entgaser-Kammer semi-präp. 925µl, bioStück587.00
EGT 101.877Steuerplatine / Controller für EntgaserStück589.30
EGT 101.879Entgaser-Kammer analytisch 480µlStück403.20
UP XP-302XFlngls Sys Red Delr 1/8 10pkVE (10)33.20
UP XP-305XFlngls Sys Grn Delr 1/8 10pkVE (10)33.20
UP XP-130Flangeless Sys Natural PEEK 1/8inStück8.20
UP PM-1945RTubing PEEK Red .062 x 125µmm53.40
RH 7991-999Rotor SealPckg394.90
RH 7990-005Stator, Titan platedStück1184.60
UP XP-204Flngls Sys Cream Delr 1/16Pckg5.30
UP XF-358Flngls Sys FlushNut 1/16inStück17.20
UP XF-358XFlngls Sys FlushNut 1/16 10pkVE (10)161.30
UP XF-368Flngls Sys FlushNut 1/8inStück17.10
UP XF-368XFlngls Sys FlushNut 1/8 10pkVE (10)161.30
UP XLT-111Flngls Sys PEEK 10-32 for 1/16Stück6.40
UP XLT-111XFlngl Sys PEEK 10-32 1/16 10pkVE (10)60.50
UP XP-130XFlngls Sys Nat PEEK 1/8 10pkVE (10)77.10
UP XP-131Super Flngls Sys Nat PEEK 1/8Stück10.70
UP XP-131XSF Sys Nat PEEK 1/8 10pkVE (10)100.80
UP XP-132Flngls Sys Nat PEEK 3/16" und 4,0 mmStück8.20
UP XP-132XFlngls Sys Nat PEEK 3/16 10pkVE (10)77.10
UP XP-136Flngls Sys Nat PEEK 1/16inStück8.20
UP XP-136XFlngls Sys Nat PEEK 1/16 10pkVE (10)77.10
UP XP-137Super Flngls Sys Blk PEEK 3/16Stück11.30
UP P-137XNutSFPEEKBlk5/16-24-3/16/10PkVE (10)66.40
UP XP-137XSF Sys Blk PEEK 3/16 10pkVE (10)105.50
UP XP-138Flngls Sys Nat Delrin 4.0mmStück10.90
UP P-141Nut PEEK SF 5/16-24 for 1/16Stück34.40
UP XP-141XPEEK Nut 1/16 SF 5/16-24VE (10)321.40
UP XP-201Flngls Sys Blk Delrin 1/16inStück3.60
UP XP-201XFlngls Sys Blk Delr 1/16 10pkVE (10)33.20
UP XP-202Flngls Sys Red Delrin 1/16inStück3.60
UP XP-202XFlngls Sys Red Delr 1/16 10pkVE (10)33.20
UP XP-203Flngls Sys Wht Delrin 1/16inStück5.30
UP XP-205Flngls Sys Grn Delrin 1/16inStück5.30
UP XP-206Flngls Sys Blue Delr 1/16Stück3.60
UP XP-208Flngls Sys Short Blk Delr 1/16Stück4.40
UP XP-210Flngls Sys XL Blue ETFE 1/16Stück6.60
UP XP-218Flngls Sys Short Nat ETFE 1/16Stück4.50
UP XP-218BLKXFlngls Sys Blk ETFE 1/16 10pkVE (10)42.70
UP XP-218XFlngls Sys Short Nat ETFE 1/16VE (10)41.50
UP XP-220Flngls Sys Nat PP 1/16inStück3.60
UP XP-230Flangeless System PEEK 1/16inStück6.00
UP XP-230XFlngls Sys PEEK 1/16in 10pkVE (10)56.90
UP XP-235Flngls Sys Short PEEK 1/16inStück6.00
UP XP-235XFlngls Sys Shrt PEEK 1/16 10pkVE (10)58.10
UP XP-238Flngls Sys Purple Delr 1/16Stück5.30
UP XP-238XFlngls Sys Purp Del 1/16 10pkVE (10)33.20
UP XP-245Flngls Sys PFA 1/16inStück4.50
UP XP-245BFlngls Sys Blue PFA 1/16inStück4.50
UP XP-245XFlngls Sys PFA 1/16in 10pkVE (10)41.50
UP XP-283Flngls Sys Hdls PEEK 1/16Stück6.00
UP XP-286Flngls Sys Hdls PPS 1/16inStück5.30
UP XP-286XFlngls Sys Hdls PPS 1/16 10pkVE (10)51.00
UP XP-301Flngls Sys Blk Delrin 1/8inStück3.60
UP XP-301XFlngls Sys Blk Delr 1/8 10pkVE (10)33.20
UP XP-302Flngls Sys Red Delrin 1/8inStück3.60
UP XP-303Flngls Sys Wht Delrin 1/8inStück3.60
UP XP-304Flngls Sys Cream Delr 1/8Stück5.30
UP XP-305Flngls Sys Green Delrin 1/8nStück3.60
UP XP-306Flngls Sys Blue Delrin 1/8inStück3.60
UP XP-308Flngls Sys Short Blk Delr 1/8Stück3.60
UP XP-308XFlngls Sys Blk Delr 1/8 10pkVE (10)33.20
UP XP-315Flngls Sys Nat ETFE 1/8inStück4.50
UP XP-320Flngls Sys Nat PP 1/8inStück3.60
UP XP-330Flngls Sys PEEK 1/8inStück6.00
UP XP-330XFlngls Sys PEEK 1/8in 10pkVE (10)56.90
UP XP-335Flngls Sys Short PEEK 1/8inStück6.00
UP XP-335XFlngls Sys Short PEEK 1/8 10pkVE (10)58.10
UP XP-338Flngls Sys Purple Delr 1/8Stück3.60
UP XP-345Flngls Sys PFA 1/8inStück4.50
UP XP-348Flngls Sys Short Hdls PEEK 1/8Stück10.40
UP XU-620XLP Coned Sys Red PEEK 1/4 10pkVE (10)99.60
UP XU-655Flngls Sys Blk PEEK 1/4inStück10.70
UP XU-655XFlngls Sys Blk PEEK 1/4 10pkVE (10)99.60
UP XU-662Flngls Sys Blk PEEK 5/16inStück11.60
UP XU-662XFlngls Sys Blk PEEK 5/16 10pkVE (10)109.10
UP TS-171Tub SS 1/16 x .030 x 40cmStück32.00
UP D-646Swivel Barb Adapter, 1/16\" ID TubingStück6.40
UP D-648Swivel Barb Adapter, 1/8" (3,20 mm) ID TubingStück6.40
UP D-647Swivel Barb Adapter, 3/32" (2,40 mm) ID TubingStück6.40
UP VHP-200XVHP Ftg SS 10-32 for 1/16 10pkVE (10)230.00
UP UH-904XFitting UltraHigh PressureVE (10)163.60
UP P-357-2XSuperflangels Ferr 2mm/10pkVE (10)70.00
UP P-357XSF Ftg PEEK 2mm OD/10pkVE (10)107.90
UP P-1087XWasher SS M6 1/8in 10pkVE (10)26.10
UP P-1082BLKXFlanged Ftg Knurl M6 1/8 10pkVE (10)23.70
UP PM-1000Tub FEP Nat .062 x .030m22.10
UP PM-1014Tub FEP Nat .062 x .035m22.10
UP PM-1022Tub FEP Nat .062 x .022m28.50
UP PM-1043Tub PFA Nat .062 x .042 (PM-1043-F)m24.90
UP PM-1044Tub PFA Nat .062 x .040m24.90
UP PM-1045Tub FEP Nat .125 x .045m33.20
UP PM-1110Tub FEP Nat .125 x .062m36.80
UP PM-1138RTub FEP Red .062 x 125µmm47.40
UP PM-1144YTub FEP Yel .062 x 180µmm53.40
UP PM-1148Tub FEP Nat .062 x .004m48.60
UP PM-1148BLKTub FEP Blk .062 x .004m53.40
UP PM-1200Tub FEP Nat .181 x .125m39.10
UP PM-1215Tub FEP Nat .062 x .0155m22.10
UP PM-1238Tub FEP Nat .312 x .250m65.20
UP PM-1240Tubing FEP Natural AD 3/16", ID 1/8"m34.40
UP PM-1300Tub FEP Nat .062 x .010m23.70
UP P-363RFlangeless Ferrule 2.0mmStück1.90
UP P-363RXFlangeless Ferrule 2.0mm 10pkStück17.90
UP VHP-205VHP Ftg SS 10-32 1/16in LongStück28.50
UP VHP-1000VHP Wrench 1/4in Hex 10inlbsStück489.70
UP VHP-2000VHP Wrench 1/4in Hex 13inlbsStück489.70
UP VHP-4000Adjust Torque Driver 2-12inlbsStück449.40
UP VHP-9000Wrench 4mm hexStück56.90
UP VHP-200VHP Ftg SS 10-32 for 1/16inStück24.90
UP VHP-200-01VHP200 Series Ferr for 1/16inStück12.20
UP VHP-200-01XVHP200 Ferr for 1/16 10pkVE (10)115.00
UP VHP-320VHP Ftg 1/16in 1-pieceStück54.50
UP VHP-320XVHP Ftg 1/16in 1-piece 10pkVE (10)527.70
UP VHP-321VHP Ftg 1/16in 1pc 8mm hexStück54.50
UP VHP-325VHP Ftg 1/16in 1-piece LongStück54.50
UP VHP-325XVHP Ftg 1/16in 1-pc Long 10pkVE (10)555.00
UP VHP-326VHP Ftg 1/16in 1pc 8mm Hex LgStück56.90
UP VHP-500Inline VHP Filter 0.5umStück441.10
RH MHP9900-500-1"PEEKSwitching / Injector w/PCB"Stück915.00
UP VHP-505VHP Inline Filter 0.2µmStück432.80
UP VHP-550VHP Precolumn Filter 0.5µmStück634.40
UP VHP-555VHP Precolumn Filter 0.2µmStück761.30
UP VHP-900VHP Fitting M4 1/32inStück42.70
UP VHP-900-01XVHP900 Ferrule 1/32 10pkVE (10)212.30
UP VHP-900XVHP Fitting M4 1/32in 10 pkVE (10)836.00
UP VHP-920VHP Ftg 1/32in 1-pieceStück96.00
UP VHP-920XVHP Ftg 1/32in 1-piece 10 pkVE (10)1087.40
UP VHP-920X3VHP Ftg 1/32in 1-piece 3pkVE (3)285.80
EGG 102.1052-Kanal Vakuum Entgaser Modell 2003, GPCStück2383.50
EGG 102.1074-Kanal Vakuum Entgaser Modell 2003, GPCStück2881.50
UP 102.116IDEX Health & Science Katalog 2014Stückauf Anfrage
EGT 102.119Systec vacuum degassing chamber mikro 100µlStück272.70
UP 9000-1472Systec Vacuum Pump Assy ZHCRStück652.20
EGT 102.181Entgaser-Kammer analytisch 480µl, THF-beständigStück384.20
UP VHP-3200Ftg AsyStück58.10
UP M-250Super Flangeless FerruleStück22.10
UP P-357Two-Piece SF Ftg PEEK 2mm ODStück17.00
UP P-357-1SF Nut 2mm PEEK M6 ShortStück5.70
UP P-357-2SF Ferrule w/SS Ring 2mm PEEKStück9.20
UP TS-936Tub SS 1/16 x .005 x 20.5in (52,07 cm)Stück51.00
UP D-223BLKFlgls Nut Short 1/16 Blk PPStück2.00
UP D-301Flangeless Nut 1/8 Blk DelrStück1.20
UP D-323BLKFlgls Nut Short 1/8 Blk PPStück3.00
UP D-324BLKFlat Bottom Plug 1/4-28 Blk PPStück1.20
UP TP-423Tub PEEK .062 x 65µm x 10ftStück94.90
UP TP-424Tub PEEK Blk .062x100µmx10ftStück94.90
UP TP-425Tub PEEK Red .062x125µmx10ftStück94.90
UP TP-426Tub PEEK Pur .062x150µmx10ftStück94.90
UP TP-427Tub PEEK Yel .062x180µmx10ftStück67.60
UP TP-429Tub PEEK Blu .062x.010x10ftStück67.60
UP TP-431Tub PEEK Ora .062x.020x10ftStück67.60
UP TP-432Tubing PEEK Green 0.062 x 0.030 x 10ftStück103.20
UP TP-433Tub PEEK Nat .062x.040x10ftStück58.10
UP TP-438Tub PEEK Red 1/16 x 0.005 x 26inStück16.20
UP TP-444Tub PEEK Orange 0.062 x 0.020 x 650mmStück10.70
UP TP-451Tub PEEK Yellow 1/32 x 180µm x 31mmStück1.70
UP TS-813Tub SS 1/16 x .010 x 630mmStück72.30
UP TS-868Tub SS 1/16 x .005 x 60cmStück48.60
UP TS-873Tub SS 1/16 X .005 X 2.42in (6,1468 cm)Stück40.30
UP U-179Tubing SS 1/16 x 0.005 x 50ftStück466.00
UP U-180Tubing SS 1/16 x 0.007 x 50ftStück468.40
UP U-181Tubing SS 1/16 x 0.010 x 50ftStück690.10
UP U-182Tubing SS 1/16 x 0.020 x 50ftStück466.00
UP U-183Tubing SS 1/16 x 0.030 x 50ftStück275.10
UP U-184Tubing SS 1/16 x 0.040 x 50ftStück648.60
UP U-186Tubing SS 1/16 x 0.005" x 100ftStück1287.80
UP U-188Tubing SS 1/16 x 0.010 x 100ftStück869.20
UP U-189Tubing SS 1/16 x 0.020 x 100ftStück869.20
UP U-190Tubing SS 1/16 x 0.030 x 100ftStück547.80
UP U-191Tubing SS 1/16 x 0.040 x 100ftStück1930.50
UP 1958-01VHP MicroTight AdapterStück43.90
UP 1959-01M4 Union Body, SS, 1/32" TubStück72.30
RH 6000-050Fittings,PK,Short Nut, BulkStück8.40
UP UH-632VHP MicroTight® Union 6-32 ZDVStück85.40
UP UPFP-6025150MarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel Connection SystemPckg208.70
UP UPFP-6100150MarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel Connection SystemPckg208.70
UP PK-126VHP One-Piece FittingStück16.00
UP UPFP-6025350MarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel Connection SystemPckg212.30
RH 7123-403SS Stator for MRA100-000Stück1057.70
UP UPFP-6100350MarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel Connection SystemPckg212.30
UP 9000-1540Debubbler, ePTFE, No TailStück278.70
UP 9000-1541Debubbler, ePTFE, No TailStück340.30
UP 9000-1544Debubler, ePTFE, with Degassing TailStück558.50
UP 9000-1545Debubler, ePTFE, with Degassing TailStück630.80
UP 9000-1549Transfer Line Debubbler/DegasserStück342.70
UP A-225A-1Filter inlet 20µmStück72.30
UP F-287-01SealTight PEEK Fat-Head NutStück4.00
UP LT-215BShort 1/8 LT Male Nut PEEK BluStück8.90
UP M-152Swaging Tool 6-32Stück47.40
UP M-646-01SF TyTight Ferr PEEK BlkStück12.50
RH MRA100-000Steuerbarer elektrischer Splitter für die LC-MSStück8957.50
UP N-291EXTENDER Torque Wrench HeadlessStück102.00
UP P-1000Stnd Knurl TQ Tool 4in-lbsStück760.10
UP P-207SXMale Nut M6-1/16in Short/10PKVE (10)17.90
UP P-229One Piece FB 1/16 M6 AssyStück40.30
UP P-249One Piece FB 1/16 AssyStück12.70
UP P-252BLKSprflangels Ftg Nut 1/16in BlkStück1.90
UP P-255BLKSprflangels Nut 1/16 PEEK BlkStück4.60
UP P-258-01BSprflangels Ferr Tefzel BlueStück10.90
UP P-268Extender Tool for 1/4in hexStück181.40
UP P-279Extender Tool-MicroNutStück77.10
UP P-329One Piece FB 1/8 M6 AssyStück52.20
UP P-331BLKSprflangels Nut 1/8 PEEK BlkStück4.60
UP P-331GSprflangels Nut 1/8 PEEK GrStück4.60
UP P-331ORSprflangels Nut 1/8 PEEK OrStück8.90
UP P-344Flangeless Ferrule 4mm OD TefzelStück5.30
UP P-344XFlangeless Ferrule 4mm OD TefzelStück62.80
UP P-349One Piece FB 1/8 AssyStück10.30
UP P-366SF Ferr 2.5mm PEEK Nat M6Stück5.10
UP P-366XSF Ferr 2.5mm PEEK Nat M6 10pkVE (10)47.40
UP P-398Extender Tool 8mm HexStück39.10
UP P-446NFMicro Vlv Assy No FittingsStück73.50
UP P-558Plug PEEK Green 6-40 flat bottomStück5.90
UP P-559Plug PEEK Nat 6-32 flat bottomStück6.00
UP P-606VerbinderStück6.50
UP P-636Adapt - 10-32M x 10-32F - PEEKStück33.20
UP P-719Female Luer to 10-32 Male PEEKStück41.50
UP P-834-01Adapt Body PEEK 1/4-28 / 6-40 FBStück42.70
UP P-982BLKXFlanged Ftg Knurl M6 1/16 10pkVE (10)24.90
UP PK-124MicTgt Ftg UHP 6/32 360µmStück23.00
UP TPS-315016.5Tub PEEKsil 1/32x150µmx16.5cmStück103.20
UP TPS-32525Tub PEEKsil 1/32x25µmx25cmStück117.40
UP TPS-350100Tub PEEKsil 1/32 x 50µm x100cmStück381.80
UP TPS-6757875-1Tub PEEKsil 1/16x75µmx78.74cmStück287.00
UP UH-435XMicroUnion UHPress Non-C 360µmStück1683.80
UP UH-631-01Adapt Body UH 10-32/6-40 conedStück106.70
UP UH-634Adapter SS 1/16x360µm FittingsStück90.10
UP UH-753VHP MicroTee Assy SS 360µmStück298.80
UP VHP-1001VHP Fingertight 1/4 Hex ToolStück52.20
UP VHP-3200XVHP Ftg 1/16in FngrTt 10pkVE (10)560.90
UP VHP-551VHP Replacement Fltr 0.5µmStück88.90
UP VHP-556VHP Replacement Filter 0.2µmStück151.80
UP VHP-600VHP PlugStück148.20
UP VHP-700XVHP Fitting 6-40 1/32inVE (10)388.90
UP XP-141PEEK Nut 1/16 SF 5/16-24Stück30.80
UP XP-143XSF Sys 3.0 PEEK N 5/16-24 10pkVE (10)84.20
UP XP-215Flangeless SysStück4.50
UP XP-318Flngls Sys Short Nat ETFE 1/8Stück17.20
UP 102.261IDEX - alles über FittingsStückauf Anfrage
UP PM-1970-FTub PEEK Nat .062 x .02098m32.00
RH 6000-338PK M4 Micro Plug, Bulk, 1 pieceStück13.90
UP PM-1960B-FTubingm32.00
UP UH-630Adapter UH Press 10-32/6-32Stück80.60
RH MRA1-999RheBuild Kit for MRA100-000Pckg1029.30
RH 7913-999RheBuild Kit,MHP7913/PD7913Pckg326.10
RH 777203-999CAM for MLP777-x03/613Stück645.10
RH 7755-060Sample Loop KitPckg88.90
RH 7725I-1882/6,MAN,INJ,SEL,SS,PK,RPStück1604.40
RH 7116-999RheBuild Kit for RV7X0-116Pckg327.30
RH 3725I-1192/6,SYR,INJ,SS,No SLStück1899.70
RH 3505-999RheBuild Kit for RV350-105Pckg439.90
UP UH-906VHP MicroTight® Adapter MicroCross SS 360µmStück221.70
UP P-332BSprflangels Nut 1/8 Delr BluEStück2.00
UP P-278Extender Tool for Micro Female NutStück72.30
UP P-292Torque Wrench, Extender Tool for Headless NutsStück75.90
UP PM-1073-FTub FEP Nat .0305 x 400µmm21.60
RH MLP777-6012/6,TitanEX,SV,RPC7,1/16",PCBStück1261.70
RH MLP778-6072/10,TitanEX,SV,RPC7,1/16",PCBStück1279.50
UP PM-1065-FTub FEP Nat .0305 x 205µmm47.40
UP PM-2330-FTub FEP Nat 3mm x 2mmm29.60
UP PM-1945-FTubingm47.40
UP A-240Solvent Filter Inlet 10µm 1/8Stück56.90
UP A-241Solvent Filter Inlet 10µm/5pkVE (5)192.10
UP A-242SolventFilter Inlet 2µm 1/8TubStück36.80
UP A-243Solvent Filter Inlet 2µm/5pkVE (5)251.40
UP P-769BPR Cartridge 20 psiStück138.70
UP PM-1430-FTub PFA Nat .062 x .030m21.60
UP UPFP-6025150TMarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel TubeStück186.20
UP UPFP-6025350TMarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel TubeStück190.90
UP UPFP-6100150TMarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel TubeStück186.20
UP UPFP-6100350TMarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel TubeStück190.90
UP UPFS-6125150MarvelX#8482; SS 125μm x 150mm KitPckg158.90
UP UPFS-6125150TMarvelX SS 125μm x 150mm TubeStück143.50
UP UPFS-6125350MarvelX#8482; SS 125μm x 350mm KitPckg166.00
UP UPFS-6125350TMarvelX SS 125μm x 350mm TubeStück150.60
UP UPFS-6254150MarvelX#8482; SS 254μm x 150mm KitPckg150.60
UP UPFS-6254150TMarvelX SS 254μm x 150mm TubeStück136.40
UP UPFS-6254350MarvelX#8482; SS 254µm x 350mm KitPckg156.50
UP UPFS-6254350TMarvelX SS 254μm x 350mm TubeStück142.30
UP 102.622IDEX - All about FittingsStückauf Anfrage
RH MLP778-60610/11,TitanEX SEL,RPC7,1/8"PCBStück1398.10
UP 0001-6484Vakuum Entgaser semi-präparativStück7719.60
UP PM-1960-FTubing / Kapillarem32.00
RH 7788-999RheBuild Kit for 7725i-188Pckg332.00
RH 7154-999RheBuild Kit for HT715-221Pckg790.90
RH 7123-754SPC3,Stator for PD718-313Stück1157.30
RH 7123-759RPC13,Rotor Seal for PD718-313Stück470.80
UP 1509-5Schlauch (Tubing), durchsichtigStück40.30
UP 1520-5Schlauch (Tubing)Stück35.60
UP 1527-5Schlauch (Tubing) durchsichtigStück27.30
UP 1622-5Schlauch (Tubing), durchsichtigStück34.40
UP 1632-5Schlauch (Tubing), durchsichtigStück34.40
UP 1641-5Schlauch (Tubing), durchsichtigStück53.40
UP 1902-5Tubing HPFA+Stück41.50
UP 1907-5Tubing HPFA+Stück41.50
UP 1912-5Tubing HPFA+Stück41.50
UP 1921-5Tubing HPFA+Stück64.00
UP A-302SSolvent Filter Inlet, SelectStück39.10
UP P-739-01Cross Body PEEKStück34.40
UP VHP-501Ersatzfilter VHP (Ultrahochdruck)Stück49.80
UP VHP-506Ersatzfilter VHP (Ultrahochdruck)Stück34.40
UP P-694Adpt 1/4-28 Female to M6 MaleStück33.20
UP PM-1210-FTubingm18.70
UP PM-1930-FTubingm66.40
UP M-140Filter End Fitting PEEK-1/32Stück28.50
UP M-525Micro Filter Kit 0.5µm PEEKPckg153.00
UP P-639Adapter 1/16 Barbed x 10-32 Flat BottomStück22.20
UP P-800Tee Assy 1/8in PEEK .062 thruStück91.30
UP P-800-01Tee Body PEEK w/.062in HoleStück36.80
UP P-276Frit in a Ferrule ETFE SS RgStück12.80
EGT 102.857Standard 670 µl Systec AF degassing chamber (Mini Vac Deg Chamber)Stück600.00
UP PM-2606Y-F-m84.20
UP UPFP-6025070MarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel Connection SystemPckg205.10
UP UPFP-6025070TMarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel TubeStück183.80
UP UPFP-6025250MarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel Connection SystemPckg209.90
UP UPFP-6025250TMarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel TubeStück188.50
UP UPFP-6025500MarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel Connection SystemPckg214.60
UP UPFP-6025500TMarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel TubeStück192.10
UP UPFP-6025600MarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel Connection SystemPckg217.00
UP UPFP-6025600TMarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel TubeStück195.70
UP UPFP-6050070MarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel Connection SystemPckg205.10
UP UPFP-6050070TMarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel TubeStück183.80
UP UPFP-6050150MarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel Connection SystemPckg208.70
UP UPFP-6050150TMarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel TubeStück186.20
UP UPFP-6050250MarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel Connection SystemPckg209.90
UP UPFP-6050250TMarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel TubeStück188.50
UP UPFP-6050350MarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel Connection SystemPckg212.30
UP UPFP-6050350TMarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel TubeStück190.90
UP UPFP-6050500MarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel Connection SystemPckg214.60
UP UPFP-6050500TMarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel TubeStück192.10
UP UPFP-6050600MarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel Connection SystemPckg217.00
UP UPFP-6050600TMarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel TubeStück195.70
UP UPFP-6075070MarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel Connection SystemPckg205.10
UP UPFP-6075070TMarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel TubeStück183.80
UP UPFP-6075150MarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel Connection SystemPckg208.70
UP UPFP-6075150TMarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel TubeStück186.20
UP UPFP-6075250MarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel Connection SystemPckg209.90
UP UPFP-6075250TMarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel TubeStück188.50
UP UPFP-6075350MarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel Connection SystemPckg212.30
UP UPFP-6075350TMarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel TubeStück190.90
UP UPFP-6075500MarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel Connection SystemPckg214.60
UP UPFP-6075500TMarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel TubeStück192.10
UP UPFP-6075600MarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel Connection SystemPckg217.00
UP UPFP-6075600TMarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel Connection TubeStück195.70
UP UPFP-6100070MarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel Connection SystemPckg205.10
UP UPFP-6100070TMarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel Connection TubeStück183.80
UP UPFP-6100250MarvelX PLS 100µmx250mm KitPckg209.90
UP UPFP-6100250TMarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel TubeStück188.50
UP UPFP-6100500MarvelX PLS 100µmx500mm KitPckg214.60
UP UPFP-6100600MarvelX PLS 100µmx600mm KitPckg217.00
UP UPFP-6100600TMarvelX#8482; PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel TubeStück195.70
UP UPFS-6100070MarvelX#8482; SS 100µmx70mm KitPckg186.20
UP UPFS-6100070TMarvelX#8482; SS 100µmx70mm TubeStück164.80
UP UPFS-6100150MarvelX#8482; SS 100µmx150mm KitPckg189.70
UP UPFS-6100150TMarvelX#8482; SS 100µmx150mm TubeStück168.40
UP UPFS-6100250MarvelX#8482; SS 100µmx250mm KitPckg192.10
UP UPFS-6100250TMarvelX#8482; SS 100µmx250mm TubeStück170.80
UP UPFS-6100350MarvelX#8482; SS 100µmx350mm KitPckg195.70
UP UPFS-6100350TMarvelX#8482; SS 100µmx350mm TubeStück173.10
UP UPFS-6100500MarvelX#8482; SS 100µmx500mm KitPckg198.00
UP UPFS-6100500TMarvelX#8482; SS 100µmx500mm TubeStück176.70
UP UPFS-6100600MarvelX#8482; SS 100µmx600mm KitPckg201.60
UP UPFS-6100600TMarvelX#8482; SS 100µmx600mm TubeStück179.10
UP UPFS-6125070MarvelX#8482; SS 125µmx70mm KitPckg156.50
UP UPFS-6125070TMarvelX#8482; SS 125µmx70mm TubeStück139.90
UP UPFS-6125250MarvelX#8482; SS 125µmx250mm KitPckg162.50
UP UPFS-6125250TMarvelX#8482; SS 125µmx250mm TubeStück145.90
UP UPFS-6125500MarvelX#8482; SS 125µmx500mm KitPckg169.60
UP UPFS-6125500TMarvelX#8482; SS 125µmx500mm TubeStück153.00
UP UPFS-6125600MarvelX#8482; SS 125µmx600mm KitPckg171.90
UP UPFS-6125600TMarvelX#8482; SS 125µmx600mm TubeStück156.50
UP UPFS-6254070MarvelX#8482; SS 254µmx70mm KitPckg145.90
UP UPFS-6254070TMarvelX#8482; SS 254µmx70mm TubeStück131.60
UP UPFS-6254250MarvelX#8482; SS 254µmx250mm KitPckg153.00
UP UPFS-6254250TMarvelX#8482; SS 254µmx250mm TubeStück138.70
UP UPFS-6254500MarvelX#8482; SS 254µmx500mm KitPckg158.90
UP UPFS-6254500TMarvelX#8482; SS 254µmx500mm TubeStück144.70
UP UPFS-6254600MarvelX#8482; SS 254µmx600mm KitPckg163.60
UP UPFS-6254600TMarvelX#8482; SS 254µmx600mm TubeStück149.40
UP V-101L-604-Way Vlv PEEK L Blkhd .060Stück175.50
RH 5123-111Driver PCB for EVStück623.70
RH 5123-176PCB, Driver, Assy, MRAStück555.00
RH 6000-047Ferrule, PK, 1/16", RheFlex,BulkStück5.00
RH 6000-048RheFlex,PK,Short Nut, BulkStück9.20
RH 6000-291Fittings Set, PK,1/16",1/PKPckg10.20
RH 6000-312Fittings,PK,1/16",OP,BulkPckg8.20
RH 6000-312RDFittings,PK,1/16",OP,RD,BulkPckg10.30
RH 6000-337PK M4 Micro Fitting, BulkStück10.80
RH 6000-339Fittings Kit,PEEK,M4 MicroPckg58.10
RH 7010-011SS Long Nut, BulkStück7.20
RH MLP778-20510/11 TitanEX SELECTOR ,RPC7, 1/16", without PCBStück1024.50
RH MLP778-60510/11, TitanEX,SEL,RPC7,1/16", with PCBStück1468.00
RH 7124-055Rotor Seal, 1GRV, RPC13Stück396.10
RH 7124-056RPC13 Seal, 3GRV, for TitanHTStück405.50
UP 9501-01007-010Sure-Fit#8482; Connector Double End FittingStück175.50
UP 9501-01005-010Sure-Fit#8482; Connector Double End FittingStück187.40
RH 7770-067TitanEX Driver PCBStück322.50
RH 7770-239PCB, Driver, MHP7900/9900-500-1Stück355.70
RH 7770-261Actuator,THT,36/60 degStück750.60
RH 8382-102PCB for TitanHT 10 PositionStück495.70
RH 8382-104PCB For TitanHT 2 Pos 10 PortStück314.20
RH 8382-105PCB for TitanHT 2 Pos 6 PortStück330.80
RH 8382-103PCB for TitanHT 6 PositionStück314.20
RH 8382-107PCB for TitanHT 8 PositionStück495.70
RH PD700-10710/11,TitanHT,Pod,SEL,SSStück1764.50
RH PD715-1212/6,TitanHT,PD,INJ,VP,ULStück2183.10
RH PD715-2212/6,TitanHT,POD,VP,SPC3,RPC13Stück2183.10
RH PD718-1056/7,TitanHT,PD,SEL,SULStück1591.30
RH PD725-0002/6,TITANHT,POD,UHP25Stück2346.70
RH PD750-10710/11,TitanHT, Pod,SEL,PKStück1325.70
UP 9501-01010-020Sure-Fit Connector Double End Fitting 0,010"ID x 20 cmStück175.50
UP PK-126XVHP One-Piece FittingVE (10)151.80
UP PK-126HMicTgt Hdls Ftg UHP 6/32 1/32Stück19.70
UP PK-126HXMicTgt Hdls Ftg UHP 6/32 1/32VE (10)124.50
UP PK-124XMicTgt Ftg UHP 6/32 360µmVE (10)145.90
UP P-387XSuperFlangeless NutVE (10)36.80
UP P-381XSuperFlangeless Nut 1/8in PPSVE (10)37.90
UP P-357-2-01SF Ferrule 2mm PEEKStück5.90
UP P-349XOne Piece FB 1/8 AssyVE (10)97.20
UP P-336XSuperFlangeless NutVE (10)43.90
UP P-331XSuperFlangeless Nut 1/8in PEEK NaturalVE (10)43.90
UP P-329XOne Piece FB 1/8 M6 AssyStück333.20
UP P-317XSuperFlangeless Nut 1/8in PPS M6VE (10)45.10
UP P-307SXMale NutVE (10)17.90
UP P-287XSuperFlangeless NutVE (10)36.80
UP P-281XSuperFlangeless Nut 1/16in PPSVE (10)36.80
UP P-249XOne Piece FB 1/16 AssyVE (10)116.20
UP P-232XHeadless NutVE (10)43.90
UP P-229XOne Piece FB 1/16 M6 AssyVE (10)271.50
UP P-219XLT Male NutVE (10)42.70
UP P-217XSuperFlangeless Nut 1/16in PPS M6VE (10)36.80
UP P-213XHeadless M6 Nut 1/16in ShortVE (10)42.70
UP P-133XFlangeless Ferrule 3/16in Tefzel BlueVE (10)17.90
UP P-133NXFlangeless Ferrule 3/16in Tefzel NaturalVE (10)17.90
UP M-660XSuperFlangless Nut-PEEK Nat 6-32Stück56.90
RH MHP7900-000Injektionsventil TitanHPStück987.80
RH MHP9960-0002/10,TitanHP,PEEKStück1400.40