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Discount per agreement/commission value, Prices are negotiable (if you find a lower price for example)
Misprints reserved, Prices may be lower or higher (please call)

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0001-6500Vac DG 2003,2 Ch,480uL2420.00
0001-6501Vac DG 2003,4 Ch,480uL2933.00
0241-071TZ Rotor Seal for 7010-083103.00
0341-043PEEK Stator for 9010-060447.00
0341-117SS Stator for 7010 with MBB®412.00
0441-015Knob Assy for 7000111.00
0441-117VS Rotor Seal for 7010 w/TFE112.00
1001-999RheBuild Kit for EV/RV100-101274.00
1005-999RheBuild Kit for EV/RV100-105274.00
1006-999RheBuild Kit for EV/RV100-106274.00
2710-004Cable,, RS232 DB9F-DB9F 3M28.00
3000-0382/6 P,SV,SS1286.00
3030-005PK Rotor Seal for 3030144.00
3055-010PK Tubing, .125" x .062" x 10'118.00
3055-011PK Tubing, .125" x .080" x 10'90.00
3055-0182mL,Peek, Sample Loop, 1/8"137.00
3055-0195mL,PK,Sample Loop,1/8"233.00
3055-02310mL,PK,Sample Loop,1/8"243.00
3055-02520mL,PK,Sample Loop, 1/8"328.00
3065-0182mL,SS,Sample Loop, 1/8"143.00
3065-0195mL,SS,Sample Loop, 1/8"239.00
3065-02310mL,SS,Sample Loop,1/8"328.00
3065-02520mL,SS,Sample Loop,1/8"483.00
3506-999RheBuild Kit for RV350-106310.00
3710-008PK Rotor Seal for 3000, 3710144.00
37252/6,Manual,SYR P,Peek1487.00
3725-006PK Stator for 3000, 3725515.00
3725-018PK Rotor Seal for 3725/3725i144.00
3725-039PK Stator Face Seal for 3725148.00
3725-085SS Stator for 3725575.00
3725-999RheBuild Kit for 3725/3725-038205.00
3725I2/6,MAN,SYR P,PK,w/Switch1597.00
3725I-0382/6,MAN,SYR P,SS,w/Switch1762.00
4000-545Parts for 7739-00532.00
4000-926Bypass Loop,SS,30Deg68.00
5001-999RheBuild Kit for RV5x10-101274.00
5011-029Kel-F Rotor Seal for 501174.00
5012-033Kel-F Rotor Seal for 501273.00
5041-035Stator for 502066.00
5041-036Kel-F Rotor Seal for 5020/504150.00
5041-042Cap Assy for 5020/5031/5041150.00
5041-066UHMWPE Stator for 504176.00
5042-028Kel-F Rotor Seal for 504257.00
5042-029Stator for 5012/5032/504266.00
5042-031Cap Assy. for 5032/5042162.00
5042-037PTFE Rotor Seal for 504248.00
5042-051UHMWPE Stator for 504288.00
5060-007Bracket,Ring Stand,MX103.00
5100-999RheBuild Kit for RV5x0-100253.00
5104-999RheBuild Kit for RV5x0-104239.00
5123-027Column Selector Control Cable298.00
5123-067Cable,RS232 for EV38.00
5123-095Power Cord North America24.00
5123-096Power Cord Schucko (Europe)24.00
5123-122Power Supply for EV/LabPro158.00
5123-148Control Panel for EV Col Sel249.00
5123-179Column Clips, 6/Pkg260.00
5123-192Grommet for EV Col Sel, 10/Pk / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus213.00
5802-001Motor for 5802 Act.308.00
5802-015Actuator Kit for 7725E066608.00
5804-601PCB,BCD,LabPro,Switch at 1332.00
6000-064Tubing,PTFE,.062OD,10Ft / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus32.00
6000-076Adapter,PK,1/8" to 1/16"44.00
6000-251Ferrule,PK,1/16",10 Pieces44.00
6000-274MC"Fittings,PK,1/8",TF,MC,10/PK / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus"75.00
6000-274RD"Fittings,PK,1/8",TF,RD,10/PK / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus"75.00
6000-274YL"Fittings,PK,1/8",TF,YL,10/PK / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus"75.00
6000-276"Fittings,PK,1/16",TF,10/PK / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus"75.00
6000-276"Fittings,PK,1/16",TF,10/PK / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus"75.00
6000-276BL"Fittings,PK,1/16",TF,BL,10/PK / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus"75.00
6000-276GN"Fittings,PK,1/16",TF,GN,10/PK / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus"75.00
6000-276GY"Fittings,PK,1/16",TF,GY,10/PK / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus"75.00
6000-276MC"Fittings,PK,1/16",TF,MC,10/PK / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus"75.00
6000-276RD"Fittings,PK,1/16",TF,RD,10/PK / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus"75.00
6000-276WH"Fittings,PK,1/16",TF,WH,10/PK / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus"75.00
6000-276YL"Fittings,PK,1/16",TF,YL,10/PK / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus"75.00
6000-277"Ferrule,PK,1/16",TF,10/PK / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus"35.00
6000-279"Ferrule,PK,1/8",FL,10/PK / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus"14.00
6000-279"Ferrule,PK,1/8",FL,10/PK / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus"14.00
6000-280"Fittings,PK,1/16",FL,10/Pkg / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus"51.00
6000-280"Fittings,PK,1/16",FL,10/Pkg / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus"51.00
6000-280BL"Fittings,PK,1/16",FL,BL,10/PK / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus"51.00
6000-280GN"Fittings,PK,1/16",FL,GN,10/PK / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus"51.00
6000-280GY"Fittings,PK,1/16",FL,GY,10/PK / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus"51.00
6000-280MC"Fittings,PK,1/16",FL,MC,10/PK / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus"51.00
6000-280MC"Fittings,PK,1/16",FL,MC,10/PK / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus"51.00
6000-280RD"Fittings,PK,1/16",FL,RD,10/PK / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus"51.00
6000-280WH"Fittings,PK,1/16",FL,WH10/PK / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus"51.00
6000-280YL"Fittings,PK,1/16",FL,YL,10/PK / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus"51.00
6000-281"Ferrule,PK,1/16",FL,10/Pkg / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus"14.00
6000-281"Ferrule,PK,1/16",FL,10/Pkg / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus"14.00
6000-283Knob,Chromtrac ID Kit, 20/PK32.00
6000-328Chromtrac Kit for 6-Col Sel / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus82.00
6000-330Chromtrac Kit for 2/10 / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus63.00
6000-331Chromtrac Kit for 2/6 / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus43.00
6000-360Fittings,RheFlex M4,10Pkg60.00
6000-361Fittings,RheFlex M4,Plug,10Pkg98.00
61101/4-28 Coupling, 100Pkg156.00
61111/4-28 Fl Ftng,1/16" BK,100Pkg147.00
61121/4-28 Fl Ftng,1/16" RD 100Pkg147.00
61131/4-28 Fl Ftng,1/16" WH 100Pkg147.00
61141/4-28 Fl Ftng,1/16" YL 100Pkg147.00
6115"1/4-28 Fl Ftng,1/16" GN 100Pkg / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus"147.00
61161/4-28 Fl Ftng,1/16" BL 100Pkg147.00
61171/4-28 Fl Ftng,1/16" NA 100Pkg147.00
61181/4-28 Plug,100/Pkg154.00
6119Female Luer Adapter,100/Pkg447.00
61211/4-28 Fl Ftng,1/8" Blk 100Pkg147.00
61221/4-28 Fl Ftng,1/8" Red,100Pkg147.00
61231/4-28 Fl Ftng,1/8" WH,100/Pkg147.00
6124"1/4-28 Fl Ftng,1/8" YL 100Pkg / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus"147.00
61251/4-28 Fl Ftng,1/8" GN 100Pkg147.00
61261/4-28 Fl Ftng,1/8",Blu,100/Pk147.00
61271/4-28 Fl Ftng,1/8",NA,100/Pkg147.00
70002/6 Manual,SV, SS734.00
7000-005Fittings for 7000 Series107.00
7000-012Parts for 7000 Series115.00
7000-016VS Rotor Seal for 7000L122.00
7000-017TZ Rotor Seal for 7000L Series140.00
7000-026PK Stator for 7000 Series507.00
7000L2/6 Manual,P,SS750.00
7004-999RheBuild Kit for RV7x0-104278.00
7005-999RheBuild Kit for EV7x0-105274.00
70102/6 MAN,INJ,SS783.00
7010-006Bearing Ring11.00
7010-009SS Nut, Bulk3.60
7010-015Isolation Seal19.00
7010-032Hex Key, 9/642.40
7010-038Shaft Assy for 7010163.00
7010-039VS Rotor Seal for 7010111.00
7010-040SS Stator for 7010/7125328.00
7010-041Stator Ring for 7010135.00
7010-047SS Fittings for 7010/712554.00
7010-066Ti Stator for 7125746.00
7010-069SS Stator for 7000 Series354.00
7010-071TZ Rotor Seal for 7010101.00
7010-077SS Bearing Race for 701016.00
7010-144Stator Screw,7010/7125,10/pkg12.00
7010-154Bearing Kit for 701017.00
7010-1603/32 Hex Key2.60
7010-996SFA Conversion Kit for 7010205.00
7010-997RheBuild Kit w/Stator for 7010310.00
7010-998pH Upgrade Kit for 7000 Series85.00
7010-999RheBuild Kit for 7010/7000118.00
7012Loop Filler Port, SS113.00
7012-009Needle Port Fitting32.00
7012-019Connecting Tube for 701234.00
70205uL,SS,Sample Loop,20°51.00
7020-00625uL,SS, Sample Loop,20°69.00
702110uL,SS,Sample Loop,20 Deg50.00
702220uL,SS,Sample Loop,20°45.00
702350uL,SS,Sample Loop,20°49.00
7024100uL,SS,Sample Loop,20°50.00
7025200uL,SS,Sample Loop,20°53.00
7026500uL,SS,Sample Loop,20°60.00
70271mL,SS,Sample Loop,20Deg69.00
70282mL,SS,Sample Loop,20 Deg101.00
70295mL,SS,Sample Loop,20°174.00
7030-003Vespel Rotor Seal for 7030104.00
7030-014VS Rotor Seal for 7030L123.00
7030-015TZ Rotor Seal for 7030120.00
7060-039SS Stator for 7060384.00
7060-052Fittings for 7060111.00
7060-064VS Rotor Seal for 7060L123.00
7060-065SS Stator for 7060L406.00
7060-067TZ Rotor Seal for 7060L123.00
7060-070VS Rotor Seal for 7060113.00
7060-074TZ Rotor Seal for 7060104.00
7060-0876/7,MAN,SEL,SS,w/oKnob &Detent722.00
7112-999RheBuild Kit, RV/EV/HT 7x0-112274.00
7113-999RheBuild Kit for HT700-113587.00
7120-035VS Rotor Seal for 7120 / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus140.00
7120-035VS Rotor Seal for 7120 / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus140.00
7123-047SS,Stator for RV/EV500-100581.00
7123-127PK Stator for RV/EV/HT750-X07571.00
7123-128SS Stator for RV/EV/HT700-X07587.00
7123-142SS Stator for RV/EV500-1041088.00
7123-145PK Stator for RV/EV550-1041078.00
7123-147PK Stator for RV/EV/HT550-X00352.00
7123-148SS Stator for RV/EV500-101 / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus581.00
7123-149PK Stator for RV/EV500-101 / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus571.00
7123-180SS Stator for RV/EV/HT703-X00581.00
7123-221PK Stator for RV/EV/HT753-X05571.00
7123-223SS Stator455.00
7123-2271uL Loop SFA for 7750/RV249.00
7123-269SS Stator for RV700-116604.00
7123-270PK Stator for RV750-116 / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus594.00
7123-313SS Stator for RV/EV700-112451.00
7123-493RPC10 Rotor Seal,3 GRV, VHP346.00
7123-499PK SFS for Injector with Purge99.00
7123-526RPC10,Rotor Seal for VHP505.00
7123-550SPC3,Stator,7 Port for VHP1296.00
7123-559SPC-1,Stator,6 Port,0.040"528.00
71252/6 Manual Injector, SS1362.00
7125-008Needle Guide9.50
7125-041Shaft Assy for 7125243.00
7125-042Thrust Bearing for 712578.00
7125-043Handle Assy for 7125180.00
7125-044Stator Ring for 7125138.00
7125-047Vespel Rotor Seal for 7125119.00
7125-054Needle Port Cleaner21.00
7125-055Parts for 7125161.00
7125-067Stator Face Assy for 7125223.00
7125-079TZ Rotor Seal for 7125109.00
7125-132Needle Port Tube Assy37.00
7125-998pH Upgrade Kit for 712592.00
7125-999RheBuild Kit for 7125191.00
7125TI-999RheBuild Kit for 7125-081182.00
7150-999RheBuild Kit for HT/MXT715-000606.00
7155-999RheBuild Kit for Ht715-105606.00
7160Mounting Plate24.00
7160-010Angle Mounting Plate33.00
7160-029Ring Stand Valve Bracket50.00
7201Syringe, Fixed Needle, 10uL46.00
7215Needle, 22Ga Luer Tip20.00
7302-0052um Replacement Filter,5/Pkg / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus72.00
7302-0260.5um Repl Filter, 5/Pk / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus71.00
7302-0260.5um Repl Filter, 5/Pk / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus71.00
7315Column Inlet Filter / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus131.00
7315Column Inlet Filter / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus131.00
7315-010Filter Cart. for 7315,5/Pkg / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus68.00
7315-010Filter Cart. for 7315,5/Pkg / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus68.00
7335Column Inlet Filter / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus131.00
7335Column Inlet Filter / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus131.00
7335-010Filter Cart. for 7335, 5Pkg144,00
74102/4 Manual,M Inj,SS,3 Loop1441.00
7410-038Rotor Seal for 7410105.00
7410-041Stator for 7410/7413388.00
7410-070Loop Disc,0.5uL for 7410137.00
7410-0711uL Loop Disc for 7410137.00
7410-0722uL Loop Disc for 7410137.00
7410-075Tefzel Rotor Seal for 7410105.00
7410-999RheBuild Kit for 7410101.00
74132/4,Man,M Inj,SS,3 Loop / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus1441.00
7413-013Vespel Rotor Seal for 7413105.00
7413-0410.5-1-2uL Loop Disc for 7413166.00
7413-0420.5-1-5uL Loop Disc for 7413166.00
7413-0431-2-5uL Loop Disc for 7413166.00
7501-999RheBuild Kit for XX7x0-100278.00
7502-999RheBuild Kit for RV7x0-102274.00
7507-999RheBuild Kit, RV/EV/HT7X0-X07274.00
75202/4,Manual,SYR,SS / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus1441.00
7520-0110.2uL,Rotor,VS for 7520 / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus101.00
7520-0110.2uL,Rotor,VS for 7520 / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus101.00
7520-0120.5uL,Rotor, VS for 7520 / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus101.00
7520-0120.5uL,Rotor, VS for 7520 / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus101.00
7520-0131uL,Rotor,VS for 7520 / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus101.00
7520-0131uL,Rotor,VS for 7520 / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus101.00
7520-030Stator,Inlet for 7520388.00
7520-035Stator,Outlet for 7520467.00
7520-999RheBuild Kit for 7520 / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus280.00
7520-999RheBuild Kit for 7520 / unter Vorbehalt280.00
7531-999RheBuild Kit RV/EV/HT7x3-X00274.00
7610-011PK Rotor Seal for 7610-400/600125.00
7610-017PK Stator Face Seal,7610-XXX145.00
7610-048PK Stator for 7610-600489.00
7650-002SS Stator for 7650E598.00
7725-009Handle for 7725157.00
7725-010Stator for 7725511.00
7725-026CER,Stator Face, Assy for 7725203.00
7725-999RheBuild Kit for 7725(I)191.00
7725I2/6,MAN,SYR,SS,W/Pos Sensor1241.00
7725I-0052/6,MAN,SYR,SS,WTF Rotor Seal1601.00
7725I/100UL2/6,MAN,SYR,SS,W/100uL Loop1249.00
7726-045Sample Loading Adapter62.00
7739-999RheBuild Kit for 7739118.00
7750-012Isolation Seal14.00
7750-016VS Rotor Seal for 7750113.00
7750-027CER Stator Face Seal,7750/XX7X249.00
7750-038SS Stator for 7750/XX700-100348.00
7750-050TZ Rotor Seal,7750/XX700-100104.00
7750-055PK Rotor Seal,7750/XX,7010-100120.00
7750-057PK Rotor Seal,7750,2 Groove116.00
7750-070SS Stator,7750,W/90deg Stamp348.00
7750-079SS Stator for 7750, VP598.00
7750-999RheBuild Kit for 7750 Series288.00
7753-001VS Dbl 3-Way Rotor Seal113.00
7753-002TZ Dbl 3-Way Rotor Seal / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus139.00
7755-0205uL,SS,Sample Loop,30 Degree51.00
7755-02110uL,SS,Sample Loop,30 Degree49.00
7755-02220uL,SS,Sample Loop,30°45.00
7755-02350uL,SS,Sample Loop,30°49.00
7755-024100uL,SS,Sample Loop,30°50.00
7755-025200uL,SS,Sample Loop,30°53.00
7755-026500uL,SS,Sample Loop,30°60.00
7755-0271mL,SS,Sample Loop,30 Degree68.00
7755-0282mL,SS,Sample Loop,30°101.00
7755-0295mL,SS,Sample Loop,30°172.00
7755-14220uL,SS,Sample Loop,30D,StdNut43.00
7755-1495mL,SS,Sample Loop,30 D,StdNut165.00
7755-2005uL,SS,Sample Loop,VHP101.00
7755-20110uL,SS,Sample Loop,VHP101.00
7755-20220uL,SS,Sample Loop,VHP120.00
7755-20350uL,SS,Sample Loop,VHP120.00
7755-204100uL,SS,Sample Loop,VHP120.00
7755-21725uL,SS Sample Loop,VHP101.00
7755-226500uL Sample Loop,VHP128.00
7755-2271mL,SS Sample Sloop, VHP172.00
7770-003Spanner for TitanHP 7-PORT38.00
7770-039TitanEX Ferrule, 1/8", 25/Pkg101.00
7770-040TitanEX Ferrule, 1/8",50/Pkg182.00
7770-041TitanEX Ferrule, 1/8",100/Pkg312.00
7770-044TitanEX Ferrule, 1/16" 25 Pkg101.00
7770-045TitanEX Ferrule, 1/16",50/Pkg182.00
7770-046TitanEX Ferrule, 1/16"100/Pkg312.00
7770-124O-Rings,1/16",MLP,MXX 25Pkg155.00
7770-229DL Stator for VP MHP and POD724.00
777205-999CAM for MLP777-205/605459.00
777206-999CAM for MLP777-206/606459.00
777212-999CAM for MLP777-212/612459.00
777225-999CAM for MLP777-225/625455.00
778205-999CAM for MLP778-205/605589.00
778206-999CAM for MLP778-206/606589.00
7900-107SS Stator for XXX-7900-XXX324.00
7900-146PK Stator for XXX9900-XXX368.00
7900-179Stator,Plated for MHP7900408.00
7900-183Stator,Plated for MHP7970724.00
7900-187VS Rotor Seal for MHP7970253.00
7900-999RheBuild Kit for MV7900-XXX274.00
7910-004PK Needle Port / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus39.00
7920-999RheBuild Kit MHP & PD7900/792X229.00
7960-014SPC1 Stator for MHP7960-XXX-X811.00
7960-999RheBuild Kit for 7960-x00437.00
7961-999RheBuild Kit, MHP7960-XXX-X282.00
7970-999RheBuild Kit,MHP7970/PD7970259.00
7980-004DL Stator for 79801670.00
7980-999RheBuild Kit for 7980264.00
79801-999RheBuild Kit forMHP/PD/MXP7980336.00
7984-005DL,Stator for 7984-0001658.00
7984-999RheBuild Kit for 7984253.00
7986-004DL,Stator for 79861744.00
7986-999RheBuild Kit for 7986326.00
79861-999RheBuild Kit forMHP/PD/MXP7986432.00
8010-016SS Stator for 8010390.00
80205uL SS Loop for 8125/812650.00
802110uL SS Loop for 8125/812650.00
802220uL SS Loop for 8125/812650.00
802350uL SS Loop for 8125/812652.00
81252/6 Syringe Load Micro Inj, SS1553.00
8125-035Shaft for 8125/8126233.00
8125-038VS Rotor Seal for 8125/8126124.00
8125-059Pos. Sensor for 812562.00
8125-074Ceramic SFA for 8125165.00
8125-0840.5mm Ferrule for 812514.00
8125-0860.5mm Ferrule for 8125,4/Pkg55.00
8125-094Ceramic SFA for 9010167.00
8125-0952/6 Syr Load Micro, TZ RS1505.00
8125-097TZ Rotor Seal for 8125/8126124.00
8125-098SS Stator for 8125/8126696.00
8125-108Pos. Sensor Cord22.00
8125-119PEEK Rotor Seal for 8125150.00
8125-999RheBuild Kit for 8125/8126225.00
8125/20UL2/6 Syr. Load Inj, SS w/20uL1402.00
90102/6 Manual Switch,PK1064.00
9010-018Pos Sensor for 7725i /9010/54.00
9010-040Fittings for 9010/912556.00
9010-051Tefzel Rotor Seal for 9010101.00
9010-061Tefzel RS for 9010, .015" Grv133.00
9010-065PEEK Rotor Seal for 9010121.00
9010-999RheBuild Kit for 9010/9040182.00
9012Loop Filler Port, PEEK110.00
9013Needle Port, PEEK39.00
90302/6 Man Dbl 3-Way,PEEK1086.00
9055-001PK Tubing, 1/16" x .007", 10Ft63.00
9055-002PK Tubing, 1/16" x .010", 10Ft63.00
9055-003PK Tubing, 1/16" x .020", 10Ft63.00
9055-004PK Tubing, 1/16" x .030", 10Ft63.00
9055-0205uL PEEK Sample Loop36.00
9055-02110uL PEEK Sample Loop39.00
9055-02220uL PEEK Sample Loop39.00
9055-02350uL PEEK Sample Loop39.00
9055-024100uL PK Sample Loop43.00
9055-025200uL PEEK Sample Loop60.00
9055-026500uL PK Sample Loop63.00
9055-0271mL PK Sample Loop84.00
9055-0282mL PEEK Sample Loop117.00
9055-0295mL PK Sample Loop213.00
9055-03310mL PEEK Sample Loop380.00
90606/7,Manual Selector,PEEK1076.00
9060-016PK Stator for 9060447.00
91252/6 Man Syr Load Inj,PEEK1410.00
9125-043PEEK Stator for 9125402.00
9125-055Parts for 9125188.00
9125-076Needle Adapter for 9125/912662.00
9125-082Tefzel Rotor Seal for 9125109.00
9125-095PEEK Rotor Seal for 9125121.00
9125-123Needle Port Tube Assy62.00
9125-999RheBuild Kit for 9125/9126182.00
9650-009PEEK Stator for 9650E571.00
9650-015PK Rotor Seal for 7650/9650139.00
9650-999RheBuild Kit for 7650/9650288.00
9710-035VS Rotor Seal for 9710-050137.00
97252/6 Syr Load Inj, w/MBB, PK1133.00
9725-015Parts for 9725 and 9725I80.00
9725-999RheBuild Kit for 9725/9725I182.00
9725I2/6 Syr Load Inj w/ Pos Sensor1235.00
9750-021PK Stator for 9750/9740338.00
9750-999RheBuild Kit for 9750/9740292.00
9925-002PEEK Stator for 9925-x00 / Artikel läuft Ende 2010 aus427.00
9960-002PK Stator for MV,MHP,PD684.00
PD79002/6 TitanHP Pod,SV,DL646.00
PD79202/6 TitanHP Pod,DL,VP903.00
PD79602/10,TitanHP Pod,SEL,DL1014.00
PD99602/10 TitanHP,Pod,Peek789.00